What to Expect From Brazilian Wax After 2 Weeks

What to Expect From Brazilian Wax After 2 Weeks?

Brazilian wax is a type of waxing method where all parts around the pubic area such as the pubic bone, under the navel, the outer genital area, and the anus are waxed, sometimes leaving behind just a small strip of hair. This process completely removes the hair downright from the root, however, after two weeks new hair growth is noticeable.

Two weeks post a Brazilian wax is a crucial time as it is during this time that one encounters common problems like regrowth of hair, mild irritation or redness, ingrown hair, and dryness of skin. Sometimes, one can notice the appearance of bumps, these bumps are common and are caused due to inflammation.

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Expected Results of Brazilian Wax After 2 Weeks

Expected Results of Brazilian Wax After 2 WeeksReduced Hair Regrowth

Two weeks after Brazilian hair wax, one can see noticeable changes in hair growth. Hair becomes finer and the regrowth rate decreases over time. This is because waxing ultimately damages the hair follicles which results in the thinning of hair. However, how long a Brazilian wax lasts depends on several factors.

Better Smoothness

It is usually hair that makes the skin feel rough and coarse, waxing helps remove this hair from the root, hence resulting in smooth skin. Waxing is a wonder-working skincare method.

Finer & Softer Hair Than Before

One can notice finer and thinner hair two weeks after a Brazilian wax. This is because, as hair is being pulled out from its very roots, the hair follicle gets severely damaged. Since the hair follicle is damaged the possibility of hair growing back thicker diminishes over time.

Better Skin Texture Around The Treatment Area

Waxing is an amazing exfoliant that removes dead skin cells along with the hair. During the process of waxing the skin undergoes exfoliation where dirt and dead skin cells are removed, and pores are unclogged. Often from shaving, one gets bumps and dry skin. However, that is not the case with waxing.

Waxing smoothes skin out, by unclogging pores, waxing removes dirt that can cause infection.

Less Frequent Sessions Required

Frequent waxing sessions not only help with reducing hair growth but will also in turn reduce the number of sessions required for hair growth. Over a period of time, hair gets smoother and finer. The need for frequent waxing sessions is minimised as the hair can be pulled out easily or the growth of the hair has stopped to a great extent. Waxing also reduces hair growth which contributes to minimised sessions.

 What Problems Arise After 2 Weeks of Brazilian Wax?

What Problems Arise After 2 Weeks of Brazilian WaxWaxing, although highly beneficial, has its cons. Most problems occur two weeks after waxing. Read further to understand what these problems are and how to tackle them.

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a painful result of a waxing session. Ingrown hair occurs simply because the hair that had to be pulled out has curled in the wrong direction, into the skin itself. These are presented in the form of small red bumps that look and feel like a pimple.

  • Preventing ingrown hair: Fret not as ingrown hair can be prevented by exfoliating regularly in between wax sessions. It is recommended to exfoliate 72 hours after waxing to prevent ingrown hair. Make use of loose clothes before and after waxing to prevent in-grown hair.
  • Treating ingrown hair: Ingrown hair can be very painful and the individual may feel the need to pick. It is strictly advised against picking up ingrown hair. Instead, apply a hot compress to reduce inflammation.

Hair and stubble Regrowth

The biggest downside to waxing is hair and stubble regrowth. Two weeks after waxing, one may notice the appearance of small stubbles, this is because the hair growth process has begun post-removal. The regrowth cannot be entirely removed, but counterproducts can be used to slow down the process of regrowth. It is best advised to not shave or remove hair or stubble regrowth.

Itching 2 Weeks After Brazilian Wax

It’s possible to be itchy in the pubic region 2 weeks after the Brazilian wax treatment. Many women fear skin issues, but itching indicates a natural healing process after the Brazilian wax.

Skin Irritation & Sensitivity Issues

Skin Irritation or sensitivity issues are most likely caused due to stress inflicted on the skin or due to sensitive skin. Skin Irritation can be prevented by the following means:

  • Make use of an ice cube on the skin before and after waxing, this helps minimise inflammation and rashes.
  • Exfoliate the day before and two days after a waxing session, this reduces the risk of irritation.
  • Use aloe vera gel to help reduce irritation and itching.

Redness On The Skin & Post-waxing Bumps

A common skin condition seen after waxing is folliculitis, which presents itself in the form of rashes or bumps. This is caused due to stress inflicted upon the skin. The primary cause behind bumps and rashes is inflammation.  Redness is also a common sign after waxing, which lasts from a few minutes up to a few weeks.

  • Treatment: These bumps and rashes should go away on their own in a while, if not so, make use of a mild topical cream to get rid of them. Make use of aloe vera gel or cold compress for immediate relief from inflammation.
  • Prevention: Minimise the use of retinoids and fragranced products before and after a waxing session.

Skin Infection & Pustules

Infection is one of the most common problems that arise after a waxing session. This is often the case because the esthetician doesn’t clean their products right or the product use is not suitable for the skin. Infections can be treated at home but, it is strictly advised to go see a doctor if the infection causes any sort of severe pain and results in fever.

  • Prevention: Avoid wearing tight clothes as these increase the risk of worsening the infection. Make use of an antibacterial soap post a wax session to remove any kind of bacteria present.
  • Treatment: Infections can be treated at home with the help of cold or warm compresses and antibacterial topical creams.

 Important Precautions For The Next Brazilian Waxing Sessions

Important Precautions For The Next Brazilian Waxing SessionsCleansing and Exfoliation

One needs to cleanse their genitals before and after waxing. Preferably Cleanse skin with anti-bacterial soap after waxing as this will help minimise the risk of infections. Exfoliate with a body scrub or a loofah a day or two before a waxing session as this will help open up the skin. Exfoliate 48 to 72 hours after waxing. Immediate exfoliation can over-exfoliate the skin and cause dryness and damage.

Personal Hygiene

Clean the area well enough and wash it with warm water an hour or two before the session. Trim hair up to 1⁄4 inch if the hair is any shorter or longer the session won't be as effective and will be more painful.

Tackle pain the right way

To some people, waxing can cause intolerable pain. To reduce the amount of pain, take a pain relief tablet such as Advil before the treatment. This can help minimise the pain and enjoy the waxing session.

Preventive measures to take to avoid problems after Brazilian waxPreventive measures to take to avoid problems after Brazilian wax:

  • Make use of a soothing gel like an aloe vera gel to reduce the chance of inflammation occurring.
  • Apply ice all over the area to help relieve pain and prevent further irritation from occurring.
  • Moisturise and exfoliate to slow down the process of growth and to keep the skin smooth
  • Avoid scratching the itchy area.
  • Avoid hot water baths and shower as this can irritate the skin. Preferably use cold or lukewarm water.
  • Avoid tanning or saunas.


Aftercare is key after a waxing session. Missing out on proper aftercare measures will compromise the effectiveness of the Brazilian waxing session.

  • The waxed area must be exfoliated regularly from time to time frequently and moisturised to have smooth skin.
  • Apply anti-inflammatory products like aloe vera gel, ice cubes, and anti-inflammatory creams.
  • Do not engage in any sexual activities for up to two days post a Brazilian wax session, as the skin in the genital area is still sensitive, doing so will result in microtears.
  • Exfoliate and moisturise two days after the Brazilian wax session. Do so once every 2 or 3 days.


There can be several issues arising 2 weeks after getting a Brazilian waxing treatment, which is why one needs to keep a visual check on any arising skin issues. Furthermore, there are certain temporary issues, which may require minor medical attention to cure. Women new to Brazilian waxing may schedule a checkup appointment with their esthetician or their dermatologist to ensure there are no threats to their pubic region after some weeks of waxing treatment. Furthermore, if possible, keep moisturising the pubic region to avoid the breakout of any potential skin issues.