Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Complete Q&As

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal: Complete Q&As

Upper lip hair removal is worth getting done but there are a lot of insights into this cosmetic process. It’s important to know the costs and process details.

The upper lip laser hair removal targets unwanted hair between the area below the nose and above the upper lip. In some cases, people combine upper lip treatment with chin hair for the sake of money saving and improved feminine appearance. This cosmetic treatment is very famous among British ladies who want to achieve a more feminine and sexy look on their faces.

However, a lady should be aware of the entire process in detail along with the costs associated with this treatment. That is exactly what this article is about.

Table of Contents:

Should I Laser My Upper Lip?

Should I Laser My Upper LipIn order to decide whether or not to laser the upper lip, consider key points:

How Much Is Hair Growth?

A lady should visually check if the hair growth is bothering her. In case the hair growth is noticeable, then getting a treatment should be worth it. A lady should get the treatment if there is visibly dense and/or thick hair or if the hair length is long.

Will It Help With The Professional Setting?

Certain professional settings demand a clean shaved face and getting a laser treatment for the upper lip can be very helpful for such ladies. Moreover, a lady should give it a thought if the upper lip treatment will help with her professional environment.

Will It Feel More Comfortable?

A lot of ladies feel more comfortable, confident, and feminine in themselves after getting a laser treatment for their upper lip hair. If that’s so, one should consider getting it done. Furthermore, consider if getting the treatment will help in more passionate kissing sessions.

Is There A Sufficient Budget?

Upper lip laser hair treatment can be costly, which is why a lady should consider her budget. One shouldn’t overspend in pursuit of getting a better look at their face. If budget is an issue, consider saving money, or opt for budget-friendly plans.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Good Sides

  • Enhances facial features to achieve a more feminine, shiny, and sexy look.
  • It can make kissing more sexy and appealing.
  • Helps save time on frequent shaves and waxing.
  • Laser hair removal for the upper lip is ideally cost-effective in the long run than other types of treatments.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Bad Sides

  • Busy ladies may not get enough time to complete the treatment.
  • Not getting the treatment sessions done on time can degrade the results.
  • There’s a chance of side effects such as skin reactions, discolouration, burns, etc.
  • Those with a low budget may find it difficult to get the treatment.

How to Prepare for Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal?

One should prepare their upper lip for laser hair removal by following these key points:

  • Keep the face out of direct sunlight before getting the treatment. If it’s important to go out in sun, wear a quality sunscreen.
  • The lady must avoid shaving, waxing, or being harsh to the face before and after the treatment sessions.
  • Wash the face well with soap water and pat dry the skin before going to the salon.
  • Always speak to the esthetician about pre-existing skin issues, allergic reactions, and pain tolerance levels, so that she can adjust the lasers accordingly.
  • Ensure checking well in advance what machine the salon uses and whether the esthetician is experienced and the salon is well-reputed.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Upper Lip?

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Upper LipThe estheticians begin by providing eye protection gear. She’ll adjust the laser machine and place the laser gun on the upper lip. The gun will shoot laser light beams that penetrate the skin. The melanin present in the hair roots will absorb these light beams, which will turn into heat energy. The heat is enough to disrupt the hair growth cycle and as the treatment sessions proceed, the hair roots become impotent, resulting in hair shedding, finer hair regrowth, and a delayed hair regrowth cycle.

After the treatment ends, the hair regrowth rate will drop massively, resulting in long-lasting hair-free upper lips.

A Few Concerns

  1. Laser hair removal is generally safe, but some women may feel a stinging sensation as the lasers penetrate their upper lip skin. This happens to women with extremely sensitive skin or those with a very low pain tolerance level.
  2. There’s a myth that laser treatment can cause skin cancer, but there’s no scientific evidence to support the myth.
  3. Laser treatment will not give permanent results, which is why women will have to keep attending sessions.

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Before and AfterFAQs

How Many Sessions of Laser Hair Removal for Upper Lip?

In general, a lady might have to attend at least 2 or at most 8 sessions to complete the treatment. While some women who have coarse and/or long hair with relatively higher hair density on their upper lips may complete the treatment in 8 to 11 sessions. Sometimes the number of sessions increases if the body responds to the treatment slowly.

How Much Is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal?

A single treatment session is expected to cost nearly £35, while a course of 4 treatments can be £115. Upper lip treatment with chin treatment may cost £60 for one session and £220 for 4 sessions. Some well-reputed salons charge up to £80 or more for one treatment session.

How Long Does Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Last?

Each session can be 4 to 5 weeks apart, while one can expect up to 3 months for the upper lip hair removal to last. After completing the treatment, a lady might go through maintenance sessions every 12 to 16 weeks, though.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt Upper Lip?

In general, laser hair removal is not supposed to hurt the upper lip, but those with low pain tolerance levels, hormonal disbalance, and highly sensitive skin, and those getting the treatment for the first time may experience a slight stinging sensation, resembling a snapping rubber band. But don’t consider it as pain and assuming that the upper lip area is sensitive, a lot of women can feel the sensations.

Is Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

No, a lady cannot expect permanent results from laser hair removal. However, the gap between the maintenance sessions will be far apart, stretched over 12 to 14 weeks. Not following up or not getting the maintenance sessions can make the hair start growing healthy again.

What’s A Better Alternative?

Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal HandsetUlike IPL at-home hair removal devices serve as an affordable, user-friendly, highly convenient, and very easy option. A lady can enjoy at-home hair removal solutions by Ulike IPL. Ulike IPL device shoots IPL beams, which are very similar to laser beams. These IPL beams work the same way as laser beams.

Reasons why Ulike IPL becomes the most recommended and favourable solution include:

  • It offers long-lasting results.
  • Effects are visible from the first session onwards.
  • It barely takes 5 minutes to treat the entire upper lip and chin area.
  • It’s very easy to use the device and there’s no need to have prior hand-on experience with the product.
  • The product is safe for use on most of skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • It works well on a combination of fair skin tone and dark hair colour, which is a dominant combination in the United Kingdom. Even brunettes can benefit from the device.


Laser hair removal treatment is a very interesting option to get rid of upper lip hair but it’s costly, time-consuming, and hassling. Ulike IPL device eliminates these issues as it’s an affordable device with nil maintenance.

Moreover, it’s quick and easy to use, letting ladies treat their upper lips whenever and wherever they get some spare time. In general, the results of laser treatment and Ulike IPL device are the same, which is why Ulike IPL device has been dominating laser treatment in the United Kingdom lately.