Benefits of Beard Oil

What Does Beard Oil Do & How to Use It

Beard oil can nourish the beard and skin underneath it, leave a glossy and shiny finish to the beard, and control frizz to some extent. There are many pros to using beard oil such as providing nourishment and hydration, keeping away skin problems like acne, itching, and dandruff, strengthening the beard, and taming the beard.

This article covers all about Beard oil, it explains how beard oils work and the benefits of using beard oil.

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Does Beard Oil Work?

Beard oils do work and are mainly used to achieve a softer, smoother and shinier beard. Beards often end up getting split ends and thick wiry hair, beard oils help with taming such hair and maintaining a smooth beard. Beard oil mainly functions in place of sebums, sebums are a natural oil produced by the skin, this however sheds away when washed. Beard oils take the place of sebums and help nourish the skin and the beard.

  • Beard oils help moisturise both the skin under the beard and the beard as well. The oil functions to keep the skin hydrated and moisturise and keep away itchiness, dry skin, and flakes.
  • It nourishes the beard and strengthens the hair.
  • Beard oils are also used for aesthetic purposes to add fragrance to the beard.
  • Beard oils function to also give the beard a full appearance and boost hair girth, ingredients present in the oil strengthen hair follicles, which in turn grow strong and healthy hair.

Benefits of Beard Oil

What Does Beard Oil Do & How to Use ItBeard oils are essential oils that usually consist of jojoba oil, Vitamin E, coconut oil and argan oils, these are oils that have antibacterial and nourishing properties. Using beard oil holds several benefits such as:

Help reduce dandruff and itchiness

Beardruff and itchiness are common problems faced by those with beards. During the initial stage of beard growth, one may experience as the hair curls back into the skin, and beard oils help soften up the skin and reduce itchiness.

Beardruff is caused by dry skin under the beard, beard oils help reduce the itchiness caused by dry skin and dandruff and moisturize the skin, keeping dryness at bay.

Smoothens the beard

Growing a beard is undoubtedly a daunting task that requires a lot of effort and time. During the process of growing a beard, one may face dull and dry hair. This will make the beard look shabby and cause it to have a rough texture, applying beard oil and brushing the beard often will help tackle this problem and give a full volume and smooth beard.

Prevents acne and skin irritation

Beard oils consist of several anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. One such property is Vitamin E, it is best known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin E seeps into the skin and helps fight acne-causing bacteria arising due to pollution and dirt and boosts the appearance and helps maintain radiant and healthy skin.

Beard Oil Before and After

Beard Oil Before and AfterHow to Apply Beard Oil?

For beard oil to work effectively, one must properly apply it. Consider the below-listed procedure for best results:

  1. Preparation: Take around 3-4 drops of beard into the palm, begin with smaller amounts and make use of more later if required. Using a lot of beard oil at once may make it look greasy.
  2. Warm the oil: There’s no need to warm the oil over the stove, but instead rub palms together to create warmth. This warmth will remove any formation of clumps in the oil and evenly distribute the oil.
  3. Application: Rub fingers and hands all over the hair and into the cheeks. Apply the oil onto the moustache as well. Comb through the beard with the fingers and ensure the oil has spread out evenly. Go over the beard and moustache all over again.
  4. Grooming: Make use of a beard brush and brush through the beard this will help further spread out the oil evenly. Apply more oil if the beard feels dry and rough. Comb through the beard and groom and shape the beard as desired.


How to make the best use of beard oil as a first-time userHow does beard oil help growth of beard?

Yes, beard oils do help with the growth of a beard. Beard oils strengthen hair follicles causing healthy hair growth besides this, beard oil consists of several antioxidant properties that help with beard growth. Factors hindering the process of beard growth such as dandruff, dry skin, skin irritation and itchiness are all kept away with the usage of beard oil.

How many times a day to apply beard oil?

For best results, beard oil must be utilized two times a day. Once in the morning right before the day begins and once at night, right before going to sleep. It is best advised to take a shower before applying beard oil at night, and adding in a little more beard oil at night can do wonders for beard growth.

What are the possible side effects of using a beard oil?

Beards oil have a fair number of side effects to look out for, if the individual using beard oil has acne-prone and sensitive skin, the fragrance elements present in the oils may cause breakouts, Those with oily skin too can face issues, adding on oil to oily skin causes buildup and results in acne. Apart from this, beard oils make the skin extra sensitive to sun rays, which can result in skin discolouration, appearance of blisters and mild burns.

What to look in a beard oil when buying one?

Look out for key ingredients when buying a beard oil, and make sure that the ingredients used are of high quality. Beard oils leave behind fragrance, so pick a beard oil with a scent that is liked and can be tolerated throughout the day.

Is there any drawback to using beard oil?

No, there is no drawback to using beard oil. It can help with growing a beard and contribute to the overall look of the beard. However, beard oils can cause allergic reactions depending on the individual’s skin type, ingredients, expiry dates, medical conditions, and quality of the oil.

How to make the best use of beard oil as a first-time user?

A first-time user can extract maximum benefits from using beard oil by first, picking out the right kind of beard oil depending on skin type and ingredients.

Second, by using proper means of application. Regular application of beard oil on a daily basis will yield the best results. Using beard oil right after a shower will increase its effectiveness and the pores open after a shower and the oil is absorbed into the skin.


A beard is a must-have grooming product for those with a beard, it is also a part skincare routine that does wonders for both the skin and the beard. By doing proper research on what beard oil is best suitable on the basis of skin type, ingredients, fragrance, and quality one will be able to make the best use of a beard oil.

This article covers all the need to know about beard oils and answers all the questions that arise before one can use a beard oil. After thorough research, it offers suggestions on the benefits beard oils yield and explains how they work wonders.