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Ulike Air 3
IPL Hair Removal Device
Results in 3 Weeks
Noticeable hair reduction within 3 weeks
Nearly Painless
Advanced IPL tech for a cooling sensation on the skin
Long-lasting Results
Smooth skin that’s here to stay
Quick Full-Body Treatment
12 Minutes Full-body Treatment
Colour :
Adapter Plug Type :
UK Plug
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Real Results

In less than 3 weeks of consistent treatments, you'll begin to see visible hair growth reduction. (CSG* Certified)

*3 treatments per week

IPL vs. Salon
Permanent Results
Time Required

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3 Modes for Full Body

21J for more effective hair removal.

* The specific time taken varies from person to person.

Powered by New generation Sapphire Ice-Cooling™.

The most comfortable hair removal yet.

Certified as Skin-Safe Technology

Ulike IPL is backed by over 30+ safety certifications, ensuring your skin is protected from harmful UV light, and delivering you a comfortable and reliable hair removal experience.

Authentic Reviews, Real Results
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I am to merge the most important findings in photomedicine research with Ulike’s robust research and development capabilities to attain industry breakthroughs with advanced beauty products.

-- Professor M.R. Hamblin
Chief Scientific Advisor of Ulike Group

Ulike's products have several international certifications and are safe enough for the skin. You can totally achieve full body hair removal on your own with ease.

-- Dr. Gary Linkov
A board-certified facial plastic surgeon

With Ulike, users have the option of creating their own safe and private personal beauty sanctuary to get rid of unwanted hairs discretely.

-- Dr. Davin Lim
A board-certified dermatologist

With the same technology as laser, Ulike makes it easy for you to do your own IPL hair removal at home without spending thousands of dollars and multiple trips to the skin office.

-- Dr. Anthony Youn
A board-certified plastic surgeon

Going to a professional clinic for hair removal can be time-consuming, which is why I prefer conducting my own sessions at home using an IPL device.

-- Cassandra Bankson
YouTuber, 2.11 million subscribers

The Ulike is designed to be easier to clean than the Braun. Both are great products, but Ulike's auto glide mode is more convenient.

-- Alexandras Girly Talk
YouTuber, 3.72 million subscribers

I've tried various types of hair removal from specialised clinics, and I find IPL to be a far more acceptable and user-friendly option compared to the rest.

-- John Maclean
YouTuber, 732 thousand subscribers

Ulike Air+

  • Noticeable Results in 4 Weeks.
  • Nearly Painless Sapphire Ice-Cooling Tech.
  • 5 Energy Levels for Different Body Areas.
Adapter Plug Type
UK Plug
EU Plug
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose IPL technology for hair removal?

IPL, or intense pulsed light, uses strong pulses of broad-spectrum light to target hair at the root. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle, where it is then converted into heat, resulting in thinner regrowth and eventually stopping hair growth altogether. Ulike IPL devices are FDA/UKCA Approved and offer a cost-effective, convenient solution compared to traditional methods of hair removal.

Does IPL work on all skin tones and hair colours?

It's important to note that IPL is most effective for individuals with lighter skin tones and darker hair colours. This is because the light energy primarily targets the melanin pigment in the hair. In individuals with darker skin tones, excess melanin in the skin can also absorb the light energy, potentially causing skin damage. Similarly, IPL might be less effective for individuals with light hair colours like blonde, gray, or red. This is due to their lower melanin content, which makes it more challenging for the IPL device to effectively target the hair follicles. For ensured effectiveness and safety of IPL hair removal, we recommend users refer to the provided skin tone chart before making a purchase.

Is IPL right for me?

We do not recommend using IPL devices if you fall under any of these categories:
· A known skin disorder
· Skin diseases such as allergic dermatitis, eczema, etc.
· Photosensitive epilepsy
· Are menstruating, pregnant, or lactating
· Have cancer or are currently in remission
· sunburnt skin

Is IPL safe?

Yes! IPL is a popular, well-researched option for safe and effective long-term hair removal. Ulike is FDA-cleared, UKCA, FCC, CE, and RoHS certified for safe at-home use. Also, all UV rays are filtered to protect your skin.

Are results permanent?

After completing the full treatment schedule, the treated area should be completely hairless or nearly so. However, when using your device, you are targeting hair follicles that are currently in the 'anagen' hair growth phase. It is possible that hairs not in the 'anagen' phase during treatment may still grow. You can simply use your Ulike device once every few weeks for touch-ups on these areas!

Can I use it on my pubic area?

Yes, Ulike IPL devices can be used on the skin around your genitals, such as the bikini area, Brazilian wax area, and buttocks, but please do not use them directly on your genitals.

How often should I do treatments?

We recommend using the device three times a week for the first month to achieve the best results. After that, you can use it once every two weeks or once a month for touch-ups as needed.

Furthermore, we advise tailoring your usage according to your hair growth. If you encounter areas with thicker hair or stubbornness, feel free to elevate the power level and frequency of usage. Always be mindful of your skin's reaction and make adjustments to prevent any discomfort.

Can men also use Ulike IPL devices?

Of course! Men and women can both use our devices