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What to expect?

Week 1-3

Treat every other day
Hair growth may not change much.

Week 4-6

Treat twice a week
Hair should be visibly thinner, finer and more sparse.

Week 7-10

Treat 1-2 a month
Most skin should be hairless, just need to catch up on patches or strands.

What they say

Painfree, quick, and ultra efficient, this innovative home tool from K-beauty brand Ulike works to maintain epidermal temperature during treatment, eliminating any burning sensation caused by IPL flashes.

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Ulike has made these astronautical advances and incorporated Sapphire contact cooling technology into a hand-held device. This technology protects the skin and ensures a comfortable user experience while performing effective hair removal at home. -- Dr. Davin Lim, a board-certified dermatologist