13 Benefits of Waxing You May Want to Know

13 Benefits of Waxing You May Want to Know

Waxing remains one of the most popular options for hair removal in both men and women. It’s quick, responsive, and cost-friendly. Furthermore, the softness and silkiness that a person can get from waxing are simply breathtaking.

This article explains the 13 benefits of waxing over shaving and other hair removal treatments.

What Are The Benefits Of Waxing?

Quick & Convenient

Waxing remains a quick and effective way as the person can buy waxing strips from the market that are ready to use. These waxing strips take a few minutes to treat unwanted hair. Furthermore, there’s no need to take a bath or wash the treated area after waxing. Waxing is also convenient as the person can do it at home any time they wish.

No Harmful Chemicals

Most of the waxing strips in the market use natural ingredients and avoid harmful chemicals. Furthermore, waxing that is prepared at home is also full of natural ingredients mixed in the wax, eliminating any harmful effects that the chemicals could have caused otherwise.


Whether buying waxing strips or preparing wax at home, waxing still remains an affordable option assuming that the person will be waxing twice or thrice a month. Preparing wax at home will further be cheaper than readymade waxing strips.

Gives Soothing Skin

After completing the treatment, waxing will leave the person with very soft, soothing, silky, and baby-like skin that will be very tempting to touch. Not only does it make the skin look sexy, but it’ll also give an outstanding sex appeal for the person and their partner.

It Can Treat Small & Large Areas

Waxing serves as a suitable method for treating unwanted hair on large and small body parts including the back, chest, arms, legs, face, and even private parts such as the bikini line and vagina. However, a person should be careful when treating their private parts and other sensitive areas.

No Risk Of Cuts & Nicks

As opposed to shaving where cuts and nicks are the most common side effects, waxing is free from those events. There’s no risk of getting cuts or nicks since there’s no use of sharp objects. While redness and inflammation are possible, they’re much less likely to happen in the case of waxing.

It Allows Precision Hair Removal

When waxing, the person can apply the wax with precision and target only the wanted areas. They can create shapes and curves with wax such as near the eyebrows to shape them nicely. Moreover, it’s up to the person which parts they want to cover with the waxing treatment and which ones to leave.

Needs Less Tools & Equipment

One only needs waxing strips (if using read-to-use waxing strips) or liquid wax, an applicator, and a rug (if using at-home wax). In a nutshell, there’s a need for very less tools and equipment, so there’s less mess with waxing as opposed to shaving needs shaving gel, a first aid kit, a razor, and blades.

Ideal For All Skin Types

There’s no need to worry about different skin tones, skin types, or hair colours because waxing is completely compatible with all skin tones. For those with sensitive skin, they can try hard wax because that way it's more comfortable and safer to treat unwanted hair on the sensitive skin.

Allows Customisation Of Ingredients

When preparing wax at home for hair removal, the person will have a chance to custimise it as they wish. They can add ingredients of their own such as aloe vera gel, sugar, aromatic ingredients, herbs, etc. Such a level of customisation is impossible in any other hair removal method.

So Many Waxing Options Available

There’s not just hard wax and soft wax. The person will have the option to choose from cold wax, hot wax, hard wax, soft wax, sugaring, etc. Waxing remains one of the most versatile hair removal treatment options in the world that has a high level of customisation and variations to choose from. But remember that every type of waxing technique has a special application and usage condition, so choose wisely.

Waxing Includes Exfoliation

When waxing, there’s no need to exfoliate before or after because waxing will solve the purpose of exfoliation. Waxing will automatically remove dead skin cells, dust, dirt, oil, and other deposits sitting on the skin surface, and make the skin look smooth and baby-soft.

No Risk Of Pigmentation

While other treatments such as laser treatment or depilatory creams have a risk of pigmentation or hyperpigmentation, the same is absent in the case of waxing. That’s because there are no lasers or chemical reactions involved in the process.

What Are The Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal Over Waxing?

IPL treatment is a way to treat unwanted hair on the body. For that, the person will use an IPL device touching the skin. Flash the IPL beam button and an intense pulse light beam will penetrate the skin (completely painless) and get stored in the hair roots. This light energy will then turn into heat energy, which will start damaging the hair roots (again, nearly painless).

Why IPL Hair Removal Over Waxing?

1. Long-lasting Hair-free Skin

Once the IPL treatment is completed, the person will get months of hair-free skin. The person can increase this duration by doing maintenance sessions after completing the treatment. In a nutshell, there’s no scope for hair regrowth if the person keeps up with the touch up sessions.

2. Gives A Tempting Texture To The Skin

The skin texture will be simply breathtaking as it’ll feel very soft, silky, and totally hairless. Furthermore, there can be fewer wrinkles and the skin will appear very youthful. It’ll be very silky to touch and will feel very pleasurable, especially during sex.

3. Very Cost-effective

There’s a one-time investment involved which is the IPL device. No need to buy anything else. No need to invest in creams, or blades, or any other equipment. This makes IPL treatment one of the most cost-effective hair removal methods in the long-run.

4. It’s Very Convenient & User-friendly

The person can use an IPL device very conveniently at home. There’s no need for technical knowledge. Just plug in the device, long press the power button, press the power button or intensity level selection button to set the IPL beams intensity, place the IPL device firmly on the treatment area, press the flash button, and repeat for all the area where you need to treat that unwanted hair.

5. No Cuts, Nicks, Or Wounds

It’s the IPL beams that will be in charge of treating hair. That way there’s no way a person will get any cuts, nicks, or wounds as opposed to treatments like shaving, waxing, or laser treatments. When using an IPL device, it’ll feel like a rubberband snapping, which will be a sensation for less than a second.

6. It’s Also Suitable For Sensitive Skin

IPL devices are made 100% compatible with sensitive skin and sensitive areas like the face, bikini line, and even the vagina. However, if the person believes to have sensitive skin, it’s a great idea if they do a patch test and see if there’s any sign of redness, inflammation, or skin irritation in any manner.

IPL Hair Removal Device Suggestion: Ulike Air 3

Since there are so many IPL device benefits, it’s always an intelligent idea to invest in it such as Ulike Air 3. It’s packed with several features that make IPL treatments more user-friendly and convenient. For instance:

  • Sapphire ice-cooling technology will keep the skin safe and a nearly painless experience.
  • You can get 90% hair reduction within 4 weeks.
  • Use it at home and get a salon like treatment.


It’s clear that waxing has a lot of advantages over shaving and it’s also clear that IPL treatment such as that with Ulike Air 3 has even more advantages over waxing, which is why the United Kingdom is now switching to this futuristic technology.