How to Grow Chest Hair in the Right Way?

How to Grow Chest Hair in the Right Way?

Hair on the chest gives a manly appeal and bold personality to men, which is also loved by a large number of ladies. That’s why there’s a trend of growing chest hair among men in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, some men regret shaving their chest hair and are willing to regrow them as soon as possible.

This article explains how one can grow chest hair naturally or with certain remedies. Furthermore, the article also helps people understand male chest hair patterns and every basic detail that one should have related to growing long hair on the chest.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: How to Grow Hair on Chest: Some Tips

Combine Nutrition With Regular Exercise

Men need to balance their diet and get enough vitamins A, B, C, and D along with iron and zinc. These nutrients encourage hair growth and health. However, a simple balanced diet isn’t enough. One needs to exercise regularly, especially those targeting chest muscles to improve blood circulation in the chest region. Proper blood circulation is important to allow hair follicles to promote hair growth quickly.

Proper Hair Care Holds Importance

Hair care isn’t feminine and men who want to grow long hair, including chest hair need to take proper care. Keep the chest region well moisturised and nourished with plenty of water intake, the use of moisturisers, hair care products, shampoo, conditioner, etc. Furthermore, gentle chest massage 2-3 times a day will help increase hair growth to some extent. Being too harsh with the massage can pull them off or damage the hair growth cycle.

Use Natural Oils & Supplements

Certain natural oils including jojoba and coconut oil work excellently towards hair growth including the chest. On the other hand, those not interested in oils can take biotin supplements (upon consulting a doctor) as it’s a vitamin B that supports hair growth.

Keep A Good Balance Of Hormones

Hormones are said to help keep hair growing including chest hair. One needs to keep their hormones balanced by ensuring a positive lifestyle and avoiding consuming any food or drink that can imbalance the hormones.

Consume Protein & Take Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplements work nicely towards hair growth but it’s a new technique that requires proper consultation with a doctor. On the other hand, one needs to consume enough protein so that it helps with hair growth.

How to Grow Chest Hair Naturally

Part 2: How to Grow Chest Hair Naturally?

This section explains how to grow chest hair faster for men naturally:

Avoid Hair Removal & Stay Patient

People who’ve gone through a long hair journey such as women know that staying patient is the key. Becoming impatient will cause stress and stress is not good for hair growth. Furthermore, removing hair on the chest by shaving, trimming, waxing, etc., will only slow down the hair growth speed. It’s a myth that shaving a region will cause hair on that part to regrow quickly.

Keep The Clothing Comfortable

Tight clothing including tight shirts or T-shirts, vests, etc, can suffocate the skin and cut off blood circulation, which will degrade the hair growth speed. Avoid tight clothing unless necessary or avoid wearing them for long sessions if possible.

Proper Grooming Is Important

While the hair is naturally growing, shaping and grooming chest hair will help it appear more managed, controlled, and tidy. Untidy hair won’t appear good even if they’re long. Grooming includes shaving any stray hair, combing hair gently using fingers, and trimming long hair to maintain a desired hair length.

Avoid Tracking Daily Progress

Hair will not grow in a few weeks so avoid tracking daily progress. Avoid visually checking for any increment in the hair length on a daily basis because one cannot notice any change within a week. It’ll only make a person impatient and trigger a thought that perhaps the hair is not growing as it should. A man may recheck once a fortnight, though.

Part 3: How Long Does Chest Hair Take to Grow Back?

Women grow chest hair that is finer and less dense than men. The expected timeframe for men to grow chest hair is about 1 inch every 2 months. The speed of hair growth in women is a lot slower than in men. Some factors that can change the speed of hair growth in men include:

  1. Age: Men start growing hair between ages 12 to 16 years (during their puberty) and the hair growth speed is the highest at that time. Aging causes men to regrow hair a lot slower, taking up to 3 months to grow an inch of hair.
  2. Health & Nutrition: Fitness is an important factor along with a balanced diet. Merely consuming a good diet with the required nutrients isn’t enough because the body needs to process them and absorb them to promote hair growth.
  3. Race & Genes: Certain men complain about being incapable of growing little to no chest hair, which is a genetic issue. Furthermore, certain groups of people and human races can grow chest hair better than others naturally.
  4. Being Exposed To Androgens: Those who get exposed to androgens in any manner will see an increment in their hair growth speed including chest hair.
  5. Hair Care: Men who take proper care of their hair will see a good hair growth speed as opposed to those who are careless with their hair care routine. Good hair care will result in better hair growth speed, better hair texture, hair health, and a shine on their chest hair.
Understanding Manly Chest Hair Patterns

Part 4: Understanding Manly Chest Hair Patterns

Men grow chest hair naturally in several patterns, which they can trim in several ways and this section talks about them:

  1. Full Coverage: This pattern evenly covers the entire chest region with hair including the centre and sides. Such a pattern shows no signs of visible patches or gaps in the hair growth, giving a uniform look. Men can trim a full coverage chest in a heart shape to achieve a playful design or trim all the hair to get a uniform look.
  2. Treasure Trail: A trail of hair begins from the navel and reaches the pubic region in the form of a trail, which explains its name. Hair on the trail will vary in thickness and density. Create a gradual fade design by trimming hair near the navel and gradually increasing the length as it moves downwards.
  3. V-pattern: Men with this pattern have hair that forms a “V” shape. The tip of “V” is at the bottom of the chest and as the pattern moves towards the shoulders and armpits, it extends, forming a “V” shape. Trim the hair in an anchor shape where the top remains wide and the bottom narrows down.
  4. Circles & Whirls: Some men have hair that naturally forms small circles and swirls all over the chest. As the hair gets long it becomes more spiral and tangling. Trim them short to reduce the chances of tangling while achieving a uniform spread out look.


Chest hair growth speed is subject to many factors including aging, hair care, nutrition, physical activities, personal fitness, etc. While there are a few ways to increase hair growth speed, one needs to stay patient and learn from the ladies to give time to let the hair grow. Men grow hair in different patterns and changing those patterns is possible by trimming as desired.

Therefore, one may embrace their natural chest hair growth patterns and/or groom them accordingly. For example, those with spirally arranged hair should avoid growing long hair and keep a medium to short length for a controlled hair pattern.