Should Men Shave Their Chest? Men’s Guide

Should Men Shave Their Chest? Men’s Guide

Men with long and/or dense chest hair may find it troubling since they can tug and get pulled easily. Due to some discomforts, the trend of removing long hair on the chest is growing in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, some women like the shaved chests of men, while some women prefer a hairy version.

This article tries to explore whether or not should men shave their chests, what are the liking trends of women regarding men’s hairy chests, some ways to manage long hair, etc.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Do Women Like Chest Hair?

Certain studies suggest that ladies don’t like men with chest hair, especially if not well-managed. Men with well-managed chest hair are probably likeable but only 20% of women prefer men with a hairy chest according to certain news reports. In general, women do not like chest hair.

Why Do Women Like Chest Hair?

  • A hairy chest is generally a sign of masculinity and maturity in men, which separates men from boys.
  • Some women enjoy touching hair on the chest.
  • Chest hair is simply attractive for some women as they find it a sign of reproductive fitness in men.

Why Do Women Dislike Chest Hair?

  • A lot of women find it hygienic if a man has a clean chest.
  • A hair-free chest seems youthful, which a lot of women love.
  • Due to rising fashion trends, women prefer men with clean chests as they resemble idols and celebrities.

Part 2: What Are The Advantages Of Shaving Hair On The Chest?

Aids Aesthetics

The shaved chest gives an aesthetic appeal and appearance to it since it becomes smooth and well-groomed. With no hair on the chest, the chest muscles become more visible and well-sculpted and women love muscles. Furthermore, by shaving their chests, men ensure that touching it will feel more gentle and tempting, which for sure ladies love.

Helpful In Bodybuilding & Fitness

Those who are active in bodybuilding activities and fitness will find it easier to track their chest muscle gain and chest toning with hair-free skin since it’s easier to see the chest muscles without hair. In addition to that, those taking part in bodybuilding competitions can easily show off their chest muscles without hair on them. That allows judges to make a fair judgment based on their chest muscle tone and symmetry.

Gives Better Hygiene

There’s less chance of microorganism buildup with the absence of chest hair, which allows better hygiene. Chest sweats easily and assuming that men are engaged in more physical activities, they’re more likely to develop skin issues or allow germ buildup if there is chest hair.

Makes It More Comfortable

Sometimes chest hair can tug or get pulled with clothes or simply when rubbing hands on it, which becomes uncomfortable. In wet and humid climates, chest hair can become irritating since they act as insulation. Therefore, one can get a more comfortable feel by shaving their chest hair.

Part 3: How to Remove Chest Hair?



One of the best ways to shave chest hair is wet shaving, which is comfortable and smooth on the skin. Assuming that due to toned muscles, the chest region becomes curvy, which increases the chances of razor cuts if not careful. Here’s how to shave chest hair:

  1. Trim the long hair (if required) and ensure that the hair length is no more than 0.5 inches.
  2. Apply shaving cream or gel and lather well. Leave for 1 to 2 minutes.
  3. Use a sharp razor (consider a cartridge razor that has a pivoted head) and begin from the top to the bottom for one chest and then the other.
  4. Rinse and clean with cold water to relieve the razor's harshness.
  5. Pat dry with a dry towel and moisturise.


Waxing is a quick method to get a hair-free chest in a few minutes. Hard waxing is the most common waxing method for the chest region and here’s a process brief:

  1. Trim any long hair so they’re no longer than 0.5 inches.
  2. Warm the wax and prepare the chest by washing it with warm water.
  3. Pat dry well and use a spatula to spread the wax on the chest. Ensure that the wax layer is thick enough to make a tight grip.
  4. Allow wax to harden.
  5. Hold the skin taught and begin from the top of the armpit side. Pull the wax while moving to the centre and keeping a tight hold of the skin taut throughout.
  6. Once done, moisturise with a gentle moisturiser and if there is any visible redness, allow the skin to recover from it in a few hours.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment At A Salon

Salons offering cosmetic treatments offer laser hair removal service, which is a bundle of 6 to 10 sessions. The salons offer the entire course at different prices subject to a number of factors. Laser hair removal treatment is one of the most professional, safest, and best ways to get rid of hair on the chest with negligible chances of complications. Once completed, the treatment can give months of hair-free chest.

  1. Search for good and reputed salons on the internet and shortlist some nearby.
  2. Speak to the receptionist and/or have a consultation with the salon.
  3. Follow the treatment course that they will suggest.

One should take a proper bath before the treatment session and moisturise their chest well after every session. Furthermore, in case of complicated symptoms, they should reach out to the salon and if required, speak to their dermatologist.

Using At-home IPL Hair Removal Device (Most Convenient)

Using At-home IPL Hair Removal Device

One can use Ulike IPL device at home anytime and anywhere as desired. These devices by Ulike use intense pulse rays instead of laser beams (in laser hair removal treatments). The intense pulse rays function similarly to laser beams and offer similar results.

  • IPL hair removal devices are compatible with the chest region.
  • These devices are handheld and give wonderful results from the first session onwards.
  • Each session for chest region treatment will take 5 to 8 minutes.
  • It’s a nearly painless solution that gives months of hair-free skin.

Part 4: Alternative Methods For Managing Chest Hair

  1. Trimming & Grooming For A Balanced Look: Trimming long hair on the chest will give a balanced and well-managed look to the chest. The hair will not appear messy; instead, they’ll give a look and feel of a gentleman’s chest. Women who love hair on the chest will like the way one manages the hair length.
  2. Styling & Shaping For A Controlled Look: Shaping hair on the chest will give a controlled look and will give a sense of understanding that one takes good care of their chest hair too. One can shape one's chest hair by shaving off any stray hair to get a proper chest hairline.
  3. Embrace Natural Growth Of Long Hair On The Body: Instead of following unrealistic fashion trends for chest hair, one can be more of a gentleman by embracing the natural growth of chest hair. That will keep the person free from unnecessary beauty products and treatments, helping save time and money.


Chest hair can be uncomfortable, especially if they’re long. Removing them completely or reducing the length is one nice solution for managing them, especially if a man’s lady loves his hairy chest.

Furthermore, those who’re more inclined towards a hair-free chest for whatever reasons can always consider Ulike IPL hair removal devices that offer a clean and well-groomed appearance. Just remember that the chest is a curvy region and shaving becomes difficult without getting cuts and burns.