How to Shave Armpits?

How to Shave Armpits?

Armpit shaving is more common in women, especially young ladies, who want to flaunt their youthful skin and beauty. However, men are also engaging with the armpit hair removal because it keeps the zone cool and gives a pleasurable feel. Shaving our armpits is possible with dry and wet shaving and the technique can be different.

With this article, we have highlighted the essentials and a guide on how to shave armpits in the right manner (with and without a shaving cream), which is applicable for both men and women of all ages.

How To Shave Armpits With Shaving Cream?

Tools Needed

  • Shaving razor and shaving blades.
  • Shaving cream or shaving gel.
  • A mug of cold water.
  • Fresh towel.
  • Trimmer (optional)
  • Shaving brush.


If you have long hair on your armpits, trim them, so that they’re not longer than ¼ inches. Wash the armpits before shaving so that there is no trimmed hair and other debris resting on the skin.

Shaving The Armpits

1. Wet the armpits with cold water. Put a tiny drop of shaving gel on the brush and lather it until you get rich and creamy foam.
2. Keep the arm raised high up so that the armpit skin stretches by itself.

3. Start gliding the razor starting from top to bottom. Avoid multiple strokes.

4. Finish off the process by visually checking for any left out stray hair and shave them. Repeat the steps for the other armpit.

    Completing The Process: Aftercare

    Once you confirm that there are no more stray hair left, wipe the armpit. Wash it with cold water and wipe again to clean dry. Apply aftershave lotion and/or moisturising lotion to soothe and relieve your skin.

    How To Keep The Armpits Free From Nicks & Cuts?

    • You should ensure ample moisturisation so that the razor glides with almost no friction.
    • It’s better not to do multiple strokes on the same area, especially if there is no foam there.
    • Keeping the skin stretched by raising the arm will avoid cuts and nicks.
    • Doing short and gentle strokes with a keen eye on the shaving area will improve focus, resulting in less chances of shaving injuries.
    • Trim long hair before shaving so that they don’t get stuck in the razor later on. This will help you avoid multiple strokes while improving the shaving efficiency.
    • Always make sure that you are using sharp blades. You should change your blade before each session.
    • You may use a multi-blade razor that will give you close shaves without cuts and nicks such as triple blade or 5-blade razor.
    • Apply coconut oil, aloe vera gel, or any light moisturiser and/aftershave immediately after shaving, so they can address any cuts and nicks at a microscopic level.

    How To Shave Armpits Without Shaving Cream?

    This section explains how to shave your armpits without shaving cream.

    Considering Some Lubricants

    To reduce friction during dry shaving, consider these alternatives to shaving cream, shaving gel, and water:

    • Fresh aloe vera gel.
    • Coconut oil or olive oil.
    • Moisturising lotion.

    Shaving The Armpits Without Shaving Cream

    1. Trim your long armpit hair so they are not longer than ¼ inches.
    2. Wipe the armpits with a dry and clean towel.
    3. Apply some lubrication and let it sit for 2 to 5 minutes.
    4. Make sure that you are using sharp and fresh blades. Raise your arm and start shaving from top to bottom.
    5.  Keep the strokes short and gentle while keeping an eye on the process. Don’t strike in the same zone multiple times and keep the pressure optimum.
    6.  Wipe the armpit and visually check for any stray hair. Shave them (if any) and repeat the process for the other armpit.
    7.  Don’t forget to moisturise with some lubricant immediately.

    How To Protect Your Skin In The Absence Of Shaving Cream?

    Follow The Process Properly

    Avoid excess pressure on the skin and keep the arm raised all the time. This will help the razor to glide properly even in absence of shaving cream. Don’t panic or be in a hurry and keep the strokes gentle and short. If the situation demands multiple strikes, perhaps you’re using blunt razors.

    Don’t Omit Lubrication Before and After

    Allow lubrication to sit on the skin for at least 2 minutes before shaving. Also, we suggest lubricating immediately after completing the shaving, so that any minor cuts and nicks can heal shortly and you can avoid any armpit shaving rash.


    When Should a Girl Start Shaving Her Armpits?

    There’s no rule of thumb that tells a girl when to shave her armpits. Girls start growing armpit hair from 8 years onwards that can be 13 years of age or even more. When a girl starts feeling uncomfortable with her armpit hair, she is free to start shaving them.

    However, little and young girls can still have very soft skin, which is why we suggest that they should do it under an adult supervision and prefer wet shaving over dry shaving.

    Should Men Shave Their Armpits?

    Yes, men should definitely shave their armpits and here’s why:

    • It keeps the underarms cool. There’s less risk of pit stains and underarm sweat stains as well.
    • Shaved underarms are more hygienic and reduce chances of potential skin allergies.
    • It’s very comforting when you have shaved underarms. The pleasurable feel will give a relieving touch.
    • A lot of women love it when their male partner has shaved underarms. They like it even more during sex.

    How Often Should You Shave Your Armpits?

    The visible growth should be after 7 to 10 days. At this stage, the hair is somewhat prickly, which can give you an irritable feel. So we suggest that you should shave your underarms once a week, 10 to 12 days, or whenever you think it’s getting uncomfortable. A lot of people shave their armpits 2 to 3 times a week to keep them completely smooth and clean.

    Do You Sweat Less if You Shave Your Armpits?

    Yes, you should sweat less if you shave your underarms because there is no more hair to create insulation. The skin can breathe freely and comfortably, which means little or no sweat. If you can apply cool talcum powder daily, it’ll further help you avoid sweat under your arms.

    Which Direction to Shave Armpits?

    There’s no rule of thumb when it comes to the shaving direction for armpits. However, a lot of people prefer top to bottom. Some people suggest that it’s best to shave against the direction of hair growth. As far as armpits are concerned, it is up to you which direction you want to shave. All are safe and completely okay.


    Armpits shaving isn’t a hassling task and we can shave them dry and wet both ways. The keys to perfecting an underarm shaving experience are sharp blades, gentle and short strokes, stretched skin, and controlled pressure on the skin. We recommend lubrication before and after shaving especially if your skin is sensitive. Some people think that underarm shaving is a girly act, which is completely wrong. It’s important to give our underarm hygiene more importance.