Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

Is Waxing Better Than Shaving?

While waxing pulls hair from the roots, shaving slices all the hair at the skin level. We will observe slower hair regrowth with waxing but the pain of pulling so many hair all at once can be intolerable for some people. But as far as shaving is concerned, there’s always a risk of cuts, nicks, and injuries, which is why there’s always a debate on which method is better.

In this article, we have compared both hair removal methods, so you can understand and decide which method suits the best for your requirements.


Comparison Basis




The process involves pulling hair with force with the help of wax.

The process involves slicing hair from the skin’s top surface level through a razor.


Includes the cost of wax, fragrance, and moisturiser

Includes the cost of shaving cream, razor, blade, and aftershave.

Result Duration

Results last for 4 to 6 weeks

Results are visible for a few hours to 2 days.


Not effective in treating fine hair

It can treat fine hair too.

Benefits and Side Effects

Long-lasting results with high level of pain

Quick and cost-effective but very short-lasting results.

Hair Regrowth

Hair will regrow like usual

Hair regrowth will be usual

Works of Body Area

Legs, arms, chest, back, head, bikini line

Head, face, arms, legs, chest, bikini line, pubic area

Pain and Comfort

It’s painful and can be uncomfortable on sensitive skin

Not painful and comfortable if we follow the process

Hair Length Requirement

Needs long hair ~0.5 inches

Needs short hair ~0.2 inches

Skin Sensitivity

Will be painful on sensitive skin

Ideal for all skin types


Waxing Vs. Shaving


Waxing requires applying a layer of wax or a wax strip on the skin and letting it settle so it can make a firm grip with the hair. Once the wax secures a tight grip in a few minutes, we need to pull it with great force, forcing it to pull the hair from the roots in the process. This is the main reason why does waxing last longer than shaving.

For shaving, we need to apply some shaving gel or cream on the skin, lather it to get a foamy texture and scrape the razor on the skin so the blades cut all the hair in the way.


The average rates of waxing strips like Veet begin from £4 to £5 onwards for a pack of 20 strips. Soft wax jars start from £5 onwards and hard wax packets can be bought for £9 to £10 onwards. We may also invest in additional ingredients like fragrances or sugar that we can mix with the wax for £2 onwards.

Shaving razors can be £4 or £5 onwards. But if we need to shave large body parts, then a multi-blade razor can cost £10 or more. Additional costs include shaving gel, aftershave, and moisturiser, all starting £5 onwards.

Result Duration

Women should notice hair regrowth from 3rd or 4th week onwards, while men should see hair regrowth slightly faster. If your hair grows faster, then this timeframe will be less.

The results of shaving last for 1 or 2 days in men. Some men can even see new hair growing back within 24 hours. Women and those who have fine hair should retain results for more than 2 to 3 days.


Waxing of any kind such as sugaring, soft wax, hard wax, or waxing strips shows off excellent efficiency. Most of the hair should be removed in one session. Waxing can fail on extra fine hair, which is more common in ladies.

Shaving is much more efficient when the hair are short. Shaving also works great if we have thick and dense hair. It can cut off the finest hair growing on our skin, which is difficult to remove with waxing. Shaving is effective in removing hair from almost all parts of the body.

Benefits and Side Effects

  1. Waxing leaves a layer of fragrance and moisturises the skin.
  1. We can wax before or after showering.
  2. We can get ingrown hair as a side effect and the level of pain can trigger a sense of discomfort, especially if you’re new to waxing.

The main difference between waxing and shaving is the advantages.

  1. Shaving will be quick if you’re dry shaving in particular.
  2. The cost is less than waxing overall.
  3. Shaving can give ingrown hair, cuts, nicks, inflammation, and minor injuries if you’re not careful with the process.

Hair Regrowth

All the hair will start regrowing after a few weeks. For women and men with fine hair and less density, the hair should become visible on the skin after 5 or even 6 weeks. This is the reason why is waxing more effective than shaving. Newly growing hair on the skin level should have fine tips.

You will notice all your hair regrowing from the same length from the next 24 hours onwards. The tip will be blunt and the hair regrowth will be coarse. If you used blunt blades, then there’s a high chance of ingrown hair too.

Works of Body Area

Waxing is ideal for:

  1. Legs
  2. Arms
  3. Underarms
  4. Bikini area
  5. Face (including upper lip, chin, eyebrows, and cheeks)
  6. Back
  7. Chest
  8. Feet and toes
  9. Neck

Most women go for waxing on legs, bikini area, underarms, and face (including eyebrows, upper lip, and chin). Men usually target chest, back, and arms.

Shaving is great for:

  1. Face (for both men and women, including areas such as beard, moustache, and sideburns)
  2. Legs
  3. Underarms
  4. Arms
  5. Chest
  6. Back
  7. Feet and toes

Most women shave their legs, arms, underarms, and face, while most men shave their face, head, arms, chest, and sometimes their pubic region.

Pain and Comfort

Waxing is painful for sure but the pain remains tolerable. Some people like ladies have less pain tolerance, which can cause discomfort to them. If you’re new to waxing, then the pain can be troubling.

On average, shaving is one of the most painless hair removal methods and you will find it very comfortable to shave. We just need to follow the process and do proper aftercare that includes aftershave and/or moisturisation.

Hair Length Requirement

We need to have long hair before we can wax them. Most people do waxing when their hair have grown at least 0.25 inches long or are at most 0.5 inches. Long hair is important otherwise the wax will not make a good grip with the hair. Long hair makes sure that the surface area increases and sticks to the wax well.

Shaving requires short hair, which should not be longer than 0.25 inches. Short hair are important for shaving because the razor can glide easily on the skin and cut short hair comfortably. Otherwise long hair would get stuck more easily between the blades, which will impact the results drastically.

Skin Sensitivity

We can wax on normal skin but those with sensitive skin should think of alternate choices. That’s because waxing will be painful when so many hair get pulled with force. The tension will be high on the skin, which will cause a painful sensation. Those with sensitive skin may notice redness, itching, or even minor injuries after waxing.

Those with sensitive skin can shave using a razor and blade that are designed for sensitive skin in particular. Also, if you have sensitive skin, you can moisturise it well, use a multi-blade razor specifically for sensitive skin and do aftercare with aloe vera gel and moisturisers. If you’re a normal skin type then shaving will be even more comfortable and easier.


When we talk about wax vs shave, both have different results and pain levels. If you have a normal skin type, then we suggest going with waxing or shaving depending on your mood. But if you have sensitive skin, we suggest shaving, because waxing will be more painful for you.

Shaving is more comfortable and convenient overall because there is less mess in its process. The process is very simple and straightforward and the aftercare routine is very regular overall. Waxing would require buying waxing strips but it won’t help you remove fine hair. On the other hand, choosing between soft wax and hard wax can further confuse people. But for people asking why is waxing better than shaving, it’s because of its long-lasting results.