What is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal? Your Complete Guide

What is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal? Your Complete Guide

Ladies who want a clean and smooth bikini line just like any celebrity can go for a hollywood laser hair treatment. You will get your entire bikini line cleaned up, smoothened, and softened, just like any celebrity. Usually, you will find that Hollywood actresses and those in the adult industry have a very clean, soft, and silky bikini line that not only looks attractive but pleasing too. That is why it was named Hollywood laser hair removal.

If you don’t know anything about it, don’t worry, because in this article we will tell you about the procedure, safety details, embarrassment about the process, and a lot more.

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What Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

What Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal01So, when talking about hollywood laser hair removal, it’s all about cleaning your bikini line to get a clean and silky smooth area. That is why this treatment is only for ladies and the main objective here is that you get a bikini line that you can show off just like any celebrity.

Hollywood hair laser removal is far better than other treatments like waxing or shaving because here you will get long-term results, so you don’t have to get another treatment session soon. Also, the effectiveness is very high here, because all the hair will be removed with the help of laser lights.

Hollywood Laser Treatment Vs. Other Methods

Difference Basis

Hollywood Laser Treatment



Long-term results

You will get really long-term results

Short term results

Average duration


It is exact

Very precise, but not as hollywood laser treatment

Not so precise

Pain level

Stinging sensations and mild discomfort

Almost painless unless you get a razor burn or cuts

Most painful among all 3

Hair regrowth rate

Hair will regrow slower and fine

Will regrow in 2-3 days

Will regrow in 3-4 weeks

Ingrown hair

You can eliminate the risk of ingrown hair

You can have ingrown hair if you don’t shave properly

You will have ingrown hair


You will need multiple sessions to get the best results and is convenient in the long run

Quick and convenient as you can do it at home

Not so convenient because you will need an appointment

Benefits & Suitability of Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

It’s Time Efficient Overall

When you start getting results after the first few sessions, the entire treatment will sound very time efficient, because you don’t have to waste your time frequently to keep your bikini line clean.

The Treatment Is Highly Precise & Can Be Customised

Even though there are not many customisation options in the hollywood laser treatment, you can still speak to your esthetician and get any possible customisations. Also, this treatment is so precise that it will target all the hair properly without affecting other regions.

Your Confidence Will Rise

When you have a clean bikini line that everyone would be pleased to see, your confidence will rise to the next level. People would see your bikini line with a pleasant look, which will make you happy. Your public appeal will improve.

What Is Included in a Hollywood Laser Hair Removal?

Here are some key areas that they will include in your hollywood laser hair removal treatment.

  1. Public area: The entire area that’s above your genitals will be covered.
  2. Bikini line: Your bikini line will be cleaned to get a smooth and hair-free touch.
  3. Labia: Here, your outer and upper lips (labia minora and labia majora) will be covered.
  4. Perianal area: Your skin that surrounds the anus will be cleaned to get a hair-free anal region.
  5. Buttocks: This is the area where you can show off through your thongs and bikini.

Treatment Packages By Different Providers

Every salon has its treatment plans that are based on the number of sessions, pricing, treatment areas, customisation, consultation, etc.

1.     Number Of Sessions

Salons will have different plans for different numbers of sessions. For example, they might have 3 plans, each of 6 sessions, 7 sessions, 8 sessions, and so on. Their prices will be different.

2.     Treatment Areas

Even though the pubic area, bikini line, labia, perianal area, and buttocks are covered in the treatment, it can be a little expensive. That is why salons have started giving treatment plans that cover different parts. If you have a small budget, then you can choose a plan that doesn’t cover sensitive parts or large areas.

3.     Consultation

Some salons will give you a treatment plan that includes consultation and its charges will be included in the package.

4.     Post-treatment Care

If you want your salon to also take care of your treatment area after the treatment, then they might have special packages for that too.

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Price

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal PriceSalon’s Location & It’s Expertise

If you go to a salon at a prime location, it will obviously be expensive. Also, if it has a great reputation and has expertise in this domain, then it will cost even more.

Equipment That They Use

Even though it’s a laser treatment, there are different laser technologies and equipment. If your selected salon is using old technology and tools, then they might not be that costly.

Treatment Area & Number Of Sessions

If you go for a full-coverage hollywood treatment, then it will be costly, but if you skip some parts, like your anal region, then it can cost a little less. On top of that, adding sessions to your treatment plan will again, increase the burden on your budget.

Different Pricing Structures

Per-session Pricing

In this structure, they will charge you for every session individually. So, every time you go for a treatment session, you make the payment for that. They will calculate the price of each session based on your treatment area, less any promotional discounts, the complexity of the treatment, etc.

Pros & Cons
  • You can manage your budget well because you don’t have to pay for the entire plan at once. You can visit the salon, get the treatment, pay for it, and leave.
  • If you get 7-8 sessions or more than that, then it will be too expensive, more than the entire plan. The difference can be more than double.

Treatment Package

In this method, your salon will calculate the number of sessions, and complexity of your treatment, and discount any offers. That will be your entire cost of the treatment. They may ask you to pay in advance on the first visit, or at last. It depends on their policies.

Pros & Cons
  • This will be a very cost-effective way of getting the treatment. You know in advance how much money you will be spending in total.
  • You will be charged all at once, and that can be a burden on some people.
  • When you go with this type of plan, they may charge you some upfront fee, which may not be refundable.

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal SafeWhat Are The Potential Side Effects & How Do I Safeguard From Them?

1.     Redness & Swelling

This is one of the most common side effects that you can see on your body after you get a hollywood laser treatment. Even though most of the ladies say that this effect goes away on its own in 2-3 days, you can still use an ice pack or a cold compression to treat the area.

2.     Crusting or Scabbing

Sometimes your hair follicles may start making crust-like things, which usually happens when your skin dehydrates a lot. You need to avoid scratching that crusted area and apply moisturising lotions until your skin becomes normal.

3.     Blisters & Burns

This is a rare condition, but if you get blisters or burns on your skin that means that the laser settings were too high. The intensity should have been low. So, the next time you visit the salon, ask them to adjust their intensity. But, in order to treat the blisters for now, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Professional Qualification Is A Must

Since it’s a cosmetic treatment, you should never go with a poorly reputed salon because that is where you can come across so many difficulties. Your esthetician’s qualification matters a lot in this case.

Patch Testing Holds Too Much Importance

You never know if hollywood laser treatment will go well on your body, so you can ask for a patch test first. That way, you can see if things work out well, and if yes, then you can get the entire treatment without much worry.

Cooling & Anaesthetic Measures

You can speak to your esthetician about any cooling techniques that they can use and if needed, they can also give you a local anesthesia. But you should be discussing this with your doctor first.

You Must Wear Eye Protection

You and your esthetician must wear eye protection, even if you don’t have to look at the laser lights. Eyes are so sensitive, which is why we recommend that you not make them vulnerable to any potential risks.

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Embarrassing?

Here are some embarrassing concerns:

  1. Embarrassment about intimate areas: Everyone feels embarrassed about their intimate areas and when it’s time to expose it to your esthetician alone in a locked room, it can be a moment of embarrassment.
  2. Embarrassment about hair growth pattern: A lot of girls can feel embarrassed about their hair growth patterns and fear that they might be judged for it.
  3. Odour concerns: When you reveal your intimate areas, it can disperse an odour, which may or may not be pleasing, and that is why so many women are concerned about their intimate odour.

So How Do I Get Comfort Assurance?

At all the reputed and professional salons, estheticians are trained to be professional and respect everyone’s private parts.

  1. You can speak to your esthetician before the treatment that you are not that comfortable exposing your private parts.
  2. If you think that exposing your private and intimate parts isn’t that comfy, you can ask for a draping so that only the important parts stay revealed once at a time.

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal Before and After

Is Hollywood Laser Hair Removal SafeDuring your laser treatment, you can feel so many types of sensations. Here’s a hollywood laser hair removal what to expect list:

  1. Something stinging on your treatment area like someone snapped a rubber band on you.
  2. It might feel a little ticklish and itchy in some places.
  3. You can feel a lot of heat on your skin and under it. If the settings are not correct, then you might even feel a burning sensation in a rare case.

Brazilian vs Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

Comparison Basis

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Hollywood Laser Hair Removal

Treatment area coverage

It does not cover the pubic area

It covers all the parts at the bottom, including the pubic area

Sensitivity & pain

Some consider it less painful

Some people say that it is a little more intense

Shape and design of left-out hair

Clients prefer hair to be left out in a triangle or any desired shape. Some also prefer a small strip

There’s no hair left out to be shaped

Fashion trends

Preferred by girls who like to have a portion left out with hair in attractive shapes

Preferred by girls who like it all clean down there for more adult fashion


Now you have all the important information related to hollywood laser hair removal and you should be ready to search for some great salons in your area. Then you need to calculate which one fits your budget. After that, you are good to make an appointment and proceed with your treatment.

Remember that hollywood laser treatment will give you silky smooth skin that every person will find appealing. You can also speak to the experienced women who have gotten this treatment and learn what amazing appeal they got after the treatment.

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