Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Philips Lumea Prestige: Which IPL is Better?

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 vs Philips Lumea Prestige: Which IPL is Better?

Braun and Philips are two big names in the hair removal ecosystem. You can’t think about three to four brands with repute and not mention these two. Of course, both have pros and cons, so choosing between them may not be a piece of cake.

As a buyer, your primary concern when choosing an IPL device is effectiveness. I assume that any other consideration is secondary. And by effectiveness, I mean whether the device works as advertised. There is often a disconnect between manufacturers’ claims and consumers’ actual experiences. Unfortunately, this disconnect is not uncommon with IPL devices.

Before pitching the two brands against each other, let’s go down memory lane to understand how each started. Doing this will also clarify the driving force or motivation behind what each brand does.

About Braun

Braun Silk Expert Pro 5

Max Braun, the brainchild behind this global brand, trained as a mechanical engineer in Frankfurt, Germany. He also began his career in this place, producing radio sets. From a small radio-producing company in 1921, Braun quickly became successful, opening different locations in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Max Braun expanded his product line from radio sets to include consumer products like record players and electric shavers. Gillette purchased a significant interest in the company in 1967, making it the owner until 2005, when Procter & Gamble also acquired Gillette.

From its inception till date, Braun’s production philosophy is simplicity, practicality, and durability. Consequently, Braun’s IPL and other devices are not too complicated in design and are built to last.

About Philips

Philips Lumea Prestige

Frederik Philips founded Philips & Co with Gerard, his son, in 1891 in the Netherlands. Gerard was interested in science and technology, while his father was fascinated with the newly found electricity of their days. Over time, both found a common course - produce an incandescent bulb that is reliable and cost-effective. It never took many years for father and son to hit the business jackpot, and by 1900, Philips & Co had become the largest employer in the Netherlands.

With respect to design, this brand has Louis Christiaan Kalff to thank because he was the inspiration behind many of the great designs from Philipps. As an architect and graphic designer, Kalff was never short of ideas and knew how to bring customers’ preferences into reality.

Philips also produced radio sets like Braun, but its entry into the shaving niche began in 1930. It initially started with rotatory electric shavers before producing Philishave, which recorded an average sale of 700 pieces per hour. From 1939 onward, Philips continues to invent different solutions to the hair removal problem.

Braun IPL Pro 5 vs Philips 8000 Series: Which is Better? 

Both devices utilise IPL technology, which uses highly-charged light to disrupt hair follicles beneath the skin. However, similar technology does not mean similar output because manufacturers include many things in their devices that put them ahead of competitors.

Braun and Philips have a longstanding history of excellence in product design and durability. But are these two IPL devices from them at a pal or variance? Do they both meet the hair removal needs of users the same way, or one is more ingenious than the other? The comparison parameters below will help you answer this question.

Better in Design: Philipps Lumea

Since IPL devices are designed for home and personal use, their design is paramount to a seamless experience. An excellent design will be simple, compact, and ergonomic. It also would include a digital display to guide non-experts on their working parameters. Similarly, since different body parts are differently shaped, IPL devices must take note of this and provide mouthparts that mimic this shape.

While both handsets are above average in this regard, Philipps is slightly better than Braun. Its long arm that affords a firm grip makes it more ergonomic than Braun’s. Consequently, if you used both handsets for 30 minutes non-stop, you would find Philipps easier to hold and use than Braun. Also, the body and face treatment attachments with Philipps are more than Braun’s. It implies that Philipps will be more suitable for long-hour use than Braun.

Nevertheless, both handsets do not feature a digital display, which would have improved their designs. 

Better for Safety: Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5

Braun Pro 5

No matter how effective an IPL device is, I’m sure you will refrain from buying it if you learn that it's not safe. Safety is paramount, especially for a tool that comes very close to your skin. Braun and Philips have put much effort into making their devices safe for all users. For instance, both brands have an automatic skin tone sensor determining your right intensity level. 

Nevertheless, Braun beats Philipps in safety on two grounds. First, the skin tone sensor works throughout treatment, adjusting the intensity level whenever it encounters a variation. Second, its intensity level is up to ten against the five in Philipps’. Consequently, Braun will have more intensity spread than Philipps, which also translates to better safety.

Unfortunately, none of the two devices features a cooling system tech for the skin. Of course, this would have established the safety measure, considering that sensitive skin reacts to heat.

Faster Treatment Time: Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5

Many people hardly have enough time for daily activities, so spending long hours removing undesired body hair is unattractive. The shorter the treatment time, the better users would accept it.

Besides the wide mouth of Braun IPL, the flashing speed is also quite impressive. It releases flashing every 0.5 seconds, allowing you to cover many areas quickly. You can switch to its precision cap if treating hard-to-reach places. Philipps also features a precision cap for treatment, but its flashing speed is limited.

Price-Friendliness: Philipps Lumea

Only a few buyers discard price influences on their purchase choices. As a rational buyer, the lower a product's price is, the more we want to check it out. For these two products, their price difference is quite significant. Braun IPL Expert Pro device sells for £599.99 while Philipps Lumea sells for £449.99. That’s a difference of £150.

Granted, Braun may last longer and be more equipped than Philipps Lumea, but the price gap is significant to make a budget-conscious buyer change their mind. After all, both devices are close in functionality.

What’s In The Box: Braun is Better

Philips Lumea Prestige 8000

Except for one item, both devices are at pal concerning what’s in their boxes. Both brands feature a packing pouch or bag, two replacement caps, charging accessories, and their IPL handset. Where Braun differs from Philipps is the Venus Razor that it included. This razor will be useful in shaving before flashing the lights.

What’s not present in both boxes is a protective goggle. Some users with allergies or eye conditions may need this; if so, they will have to purchase it separately, leading to additional costs.

Better Customer-Centric Service: Braun IPL

As two of the world's leading brands in the hair removal business, Braun and Philipps offer excellent customer service. They both offer free standard shipping within the UK on orders above a particular price tag as an incentive. Also, both brands offer a one-year product warranty and strive to respond swiftly to customers’ complaints.

However, Braun leads Philips with its 100-day money-back guarantee. With this arrangement, you can try the device for three months, and if it doesn’t deliver as promised, you will return and request a full reimbursement of your money. Among other things, this lengthy money-back guarantee gives any buyer peace of mind that their money is going out for a reasonable investment.

Number of Flashes: Philipps Lumea is Better

The number of flashes an IPL device can dish out represents its longevity. It may also determine the number of people that can use that device jointly. Although most IPLs come with flashes that can last a lifetime, the more this number, the better.

Philips and Braun are quite close in the flashing department, but Philipps edges out Braun by 50 flashes. According to the manufacturer, the handset can send 450,000 flashes before the bulb stops working. Braun IPL can only deliver 400,000.

While 400,000+ flashes are more than enough for a person, there are IPL devices capable of producing twice that number before they pack up. As such, these two brands may be minimalistic in this regard.

Braun Expert Pro 5 vs Philips Lumea Prestige: Bottom Line

Both brands have similar features and functionality, and their producers have also come a long way in the niche. However, Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 is slightly better than Philipps Lumea Prestige. On a scale of 1-10, Philips will rank 6, while Braun will rank 7.

If you like an IPL device far superior to Philips and Braun, try Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset.


Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Device

What is Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Handset?

Compared to Braun and Philips, Ulike is a newcomer in the hair removal niche. Nevertheless, it has mastered all the setbacks plaguing existing options on the market and has, with superior technology, resolved them.

For instance, there are issues with the first two brands compared, which can significantly impair how seamless they will find it. I will identify those issues and how Ulike addresses them.


Issues with traditional IPLs

Ulike’s Response


Discomfort and skin damage during treatment due to heat sensation

Ulike’s patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology simultaneously cools the skin as treatments proceed. The result is a painless experience


Hair removal takes time to complete

With Ulike’s sliding mode, which delivers power flashes every 0.7 seconds, you can quickly complete your whole body treatment.


Uncertainty about the device’s safe use

Approved by the FDA and board-certified dermatologists as safe for home and personal use.

Braun vs Philips vs Ulike: Comparison Table

For a quick survey of the salient features of these three IPL devices, the table below will be very helpful. Take note of the number of times Ulike wins, and you’ll see why it’s the king of IPL hair removal.


Braun Expert Pro 5

Philips Lumea

Ulike Air3 Sapphire

Lifetime flashes




Ice-Cooling Tech




Full Body Treatment?







£259 (£319)

Time to give results

2 months

2 - 3 months

3 weeks


Skin Health Alliance


FDA & dermatologists

What’s in the box?

Pouch, IPL Handset, charging accessory, precision head, and Venus razor

Pouch, IPL Handset, charging accessories, and replacement heads

Pouch, IPL Handset, charging accessories, protective goggle, razor


IPL devices are evolving, and only the best is good enough for you, especially if your skin is sensitive. With a reasonable price, you can get Ulike Air3 Sapphire IPL handset for the best hair removal experience.