How to Make Your Skin Dewy?

How to Make Your Skin Dewy?

Dewy skin looks perfect as if it’s airbrushed. There are no visible pimples, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and the complexion is perfect. We will notice dewy skin mostly in the films and professional videos. However, dewy skin is not confined to just films and videos as we can possibly get dewy skin at home with some special skincare routine. In this article, we have explained how to get dewy skin at home through a natural skincare routine and through makeup.

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What Is Dewy Skin?

Dewy skin is a type of skin texture that appears perfectly hydrated, well-nourished, and feels like we’ve just exfoliated. There is no uneven skin tone and the overall texture is so smooth, calm, and refreshing that it appears somewhat dewy. This is how it got its name dewy skin.

What Are The Characteristics Of Dewy Skin?

1. Softness

Dewy skin has a soft touch and feel. Moreover, it appears so soft from a distance that a person would want to touch and feel the softness. Moreover, the skin appears to have a perfect elasticity and the skin tissue doesn’t get dry when we stretch it.

2. Neat & Hydrated

We will notice no signs of dust, dirt, or debris resting on a dewy skin. It appears completely neat and clean as if just washed and moisturised. Also, it appears perfectly hydrated. There won’t be any oil sitting on the skin’s surface either.

3. Bright & Fresh Glowing Skin

Dewy skin is bright and looks sunkissed when under the sunlight. The glow will make us feel like the skin is so fresh and calm, just like baby skin.

4. Almost No Visible Pores

The pores on the skin will be either invisible or shrinked, which contributes to the overall skin’s appearance and texture. No pores help in getting a more high definition texture with no spots or unevenness in the texture.

5. Youthful Appearance

The overall appearance will be youthful as if you have a well-maintained skin like we had before our teenage years. As a result, dewy skin also helps in getting a more youthful look overall, helping us appear younger than our actual age.

6. Even Skin Tone

There will not be unevenness in the skin tone and the entire skin on one body part will have the same skin tone. It will appear as if we’ve evened out the skin tone using makeup or if we’re wearing a skintight suit to get a balanced skin tone.

How Is Dewy Skin Beneficial?

  1. Dewy skin will give people an idea that we have healthy skin and our lifestyle is healthy.
  2. Sometimes people connect dewy skin with affluence and wealth.
  3. Dewy skin takes our beauty to an extremely high level without a doubt and this will give us more attention in the public.
  4. People with good skin tend to get more priority and respect in the public and dewy skin will help us with that.
  5. Dewy skin is compatible with several clothing styles and fashion statements such as dress varieties and accessories. Also, dewy skin will be compatible with so many types of hair wigs and makeup.
  6. People with dewy skin will find it easier to make friends in public and get favours more easily in case they need help from someone in their professional setting.

Dewy Skin Vs. Oily Skin


Dewy skin is completely oil-free but not dry. It will appear hydrated but there will not be any signs of oil resting on the skin surface at any point of time throughout the day.

Oily skin tends to settle oil easily on the surface despite regular washes and wipes. It can appear greasy and any dust and dirt buildup will further degrade the overall appearance of our oily skin.

Compatibility With Makeup

Dewy skin is more compatible with makeup like foundations and highlighters. There are makeups designed for dewy skin to take the overall beauty to the highest level.

We will need matte makeup and oil-free products for our oily skin otherwise the makeup will get too shiny and will appear greasy.

Maintenance Routine

Regular exfoliation, staying hydrated, and using light moisturisers all the time are some of the maintenance routines. We will have to invest ample time and money on the products to maintain our dewy texture.

Oily skin will need regular washing with soap and water. Also, we’ll need oil-absorbing wipes that will help us keep the skin free from excess oil.

Comparison Table: Dewy Vs. Oily Skin

Comparison Basis

Dewy Skin

Oily Skin

Prone to acne

Less chances of acne

High chance due to clogged skin pores

Skin feel

Comfortable feel

Greasy feel

Makeup preference

Luminous and hydrating foundations

Matte finish makeup

Oil production

Negligible oil production

Too much oil production can clog the skin's pores

How Do I Manage Excess Oil On A Dewy Complexion?

  1. Washing our skin one to three times a day will help us keep our skin dewy and free from oil. Wash the skin with soap and water whenever it feels like the skin is getting shiny and oily.
  2. Using an acid-based exfoliant will keep the skin texture dewy and free from acne and unevenness.
  3. A weekly clay mask treatment is helpful in regulating the oil production on our dewy skin.
  4. Washing our skin too much can make it dry and trigger our body to produce even more oil to maintain the oil levels. So don’t overwash it.
  5. Use oil-absorbing wipes to keep the skin free from excess oil.

How to Get Dewy Skin Naturally?

Hydrate & Maintain A Balanced Diet

Through proper hydration we can eliminate any dryness, roughness, or chipping texture onto our skin. Furthermore, the key to healthy skin is a healthy diet. We can maintain a dewy texture by avoiding processed food items, too many dairy items, sugar, excess spices, and carbonated drinks. All these contribute to worsening skin texture.

Always Moisturise

Merely drinking enough water won’t give our skin all the hydration that it needs. Since skin receives damage from external sources, we need to protect it with a gentle moisturiser. It’ll keep the skin’s water level from the outside and give the correct texture that’ll contribute to a dewy look overall.

Exfoliate Gently & Regularly

Regular exfoliation will remove all the dust, dirt, and other microorganisms that can otherwise contribute to acne, pimples, blemishes, breakouts, etc. Exfoliation will help us get an even skin tone, youthful appearance, and shrunken skin pores.

Use Facial Masks

The concept of facial masks is to hydrate the skin and absorb all the dirt that is clogging our skin pores. Also, it will soften the skin, nourish it with the right minerals that are present in the facial masks, get rid of excess oils, and we will get a more relaxed skin tone overall.

Always Apply Sunscreen

Sun rays are harmful nowadays and going out under direct sunlight with the right sunscreen is the best we can do to get a dewy skin texture. Based on your skin type, you may choose a sunscreen for sensitive skin, dry skin, or oily skin. Also, the amount of sunlight that you get in your area will determine what SPF-level sunscreen will be right for you.

Massage Your Face Regularly

Massaging our face regularly helps keep its softness to the right level. It’ll soften the skin, promote blood circulation, and unclog all the pores. You can massage daily or at least 3 times a week.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has several benefits that directly improve our skin’s health and appearance. The benefits of green tea also help in getting a dewy skin texture.

Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Hot water can damage and irritate our skin but cold water doesn’t. If the weather isn’t cold in your area, we recommend that you should prioritise cold water showers and cold water splashes on your skin for washing.

Use Hydrating Toners

Hydrating toners with ingredients like rose water, aloe vera, glycerin, etc. will prepare your skin for better makeup application and skincare products. Also, it’ll cleanse your skin and make it healthy, which will help get a dewy texture.

Give Your Face A Steam Treatment

Steam baths are very popular, especially in Asia, which help us unclog the skin pores. The more we sweat, the more our body eliminates toxins. A bath after a steam treatment will help us deep clean our skin and this will give us oil-free, fresh, and dewy skin overall.

Use Natural & Herbal Products

Prefer natural and herbal products over chemical-based products. Natural and herbal products should be organic and free from chemicals. We need to check the product labels for ingredients before buying them.

How to Get Dewy Makeup Look: Tutorials

Things We Will Need

  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
  • Hydrating or Illuminating Primer
  • Dewy Finish Foundation or BB Cream
  • Liquid or Cream Concealer
  • Cream Blush
  • Liquid or Cream Highlighter
  • Dewy Finish Setting Spray

Preparing Our Skin

  1. First, we need to wash the skin with a gentle cleanser, pat dry, and exfoliate, which is optional, though.
  2. Then apply a hydrating toner and hydrating serum on the freshly washed skin. This will brighten and glow our skin.
  3. Moisturise with a mild moisturiser.
  4. If you need to go out in the sun, then apply sunscreen. We recommend at least 30 SPF sunscreen.

Doing The Makeup

  1. Apply a hydrating or illuminating primer, which will give our skin a smooth base.
  2. Use a dewy finish foundation or BB cream that we will apply with a damp applicator, such as a sponge. This will give our skin a glowing finish.
  3. Then we can use any concealer whether liquid or cream to the spots like under the eyes.
  4. We can use cream blush on the apples of our cheeks, which will give us a dewy finish.
  5. If you want, you can use a highlighter to highlight points on the face like cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of your nose, and the cupid’s bow.
  6. In order to get a dewy finish, we can use a dewy setting spray, but that’s completely optional.

How Can I Enhance My Dewy Makeup?

  • We can use a hydrating lip balm or a glossy lip tint to get a tempting look to our lips alongside a dewy skin texture.
  • Don’t do too much makeup on your eyes. Keep it as low as possible.
  • A hydrating mist on top of the dewy makeup will keep our makeup and skin refreshed and hydrated.


Getting a dewy texture is definitely difficult but worth our efforts. We can either get a dewy texture through makeup or through a change in our daily routine. If you’re in a hurry to get a dewy texture at an important event, then we suggest getting your makeup done either from a professional or at home. But we still recommend changing our lifestyle alongside, because makeup isn’t feasible all the time as it takes so much time and is costly.