How to Shave Your Face: Women’s Guide

How to Shave Your Face: Women’s Guide

Typically, women have a fine layer of facial fuzz that is short, thin, and almost white or transparent. But, if the hair appears longer or thicker than usual, it could potentially indicate an endocrine disorder. Hair growth is influenced by hormones, chemicals, and growth factors.

Concerning the perception of this facial fuzz, some girls may find it visually unappealing and consider using a razor to shave it off, similar to how men shave their facial hair.

However, a lot of women ask if women should shave their faces. If yes, then how?

This article aims to explore the correct procedure for shaving the face in the case of ladies and some proper measures to consider before and after shaving.

Table of Contents:

Is Shaving Face Good for Women?

Is Shaving Face Good for WomenShaving is a perfect option for women looking to remove facial hair and achieve a soft, smooth, silky, and glowing face. In fact, the trend of women shaving their faces has been prevalent globally for years, including in England. Facial hair shaving holds its pros and cons listed below.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Face Women

  • Shaving a face is an immediate and painless solution to hair removal needs. Considering that women usually have more sensitive skin than an average male, facial hair shaving becomes a viable option.
  • Shaving offers exfoliation effects, allowing women to skip their exfoliation sessions when shaving.
  • It’s a cost-effective solution and one needs to just invest in a quality razor and blades.
  • Shaving allows high precision and controlled maneuver, allowing one to create shapes such as eyebrows as desired.
  • It’s a myth that shaving will cause hair to regrow faster and thicker. Ladies can shave regularly without worrying about faster hair regrowth.
  • This technique only offers temporary results and a lady might find herself shaving 3-5 times a week to keep the face hair-free.
  • Although shaving has an in-built exfoliation mechanism, regular shaving can cause skin irritation, burns, or razor cuts.
  • Shaving always carries the risk of ingrown hair.

What to Do Before Shaving Face Women?

  1. What to Do Before Shaving Face WomenKeep all the supplies gathered and ensure that the blades are new or not worn out. Shaving gel must not be expired.
  2. Use tissue paper and a towel and wipe the face with them to remove oil, makeup, and cosmetics.
  3. Wash the face with cold water and soap to further clean the face.
  4. Pat dry the face with a terry towel and tissue paper and ensure that there’s no leftover of makeup and cosmetics.
  5. A lot of women prefer exfoliating a day before shaving, which is optional, though.
  6. If there are existing wounds on the face, cover them nicely with a bandage or any similar thing.

How to Shave Your Face Woman?

This section explains how to shave your face with a razor.


  1. Ensure that all the supplies are perfect for use.
  2. Keep the environment well lit and have a first-aid kit ready, just in case it’s needed.
  3. Wash the face with warm water so that the hair softens. Softened hair is easy to shave without the need for multiple strokes.
  4. Apply a pre-shave oil that will add a protective layer and reduce the chances of skin irritation during the core process.


  1. Wet the brush and apply shaving gel on the face.
  2. Rub until creamy lather is obtained.
  3. Let the cream sit for 1 to 2 minutes.
  4. Keep the skin stretched before shaving.
  5. Begin shaving the face against the direction of hair growth to get a closer shave but doing so will increase the chance of skin irritation. Consider shaving in the direction of hair growth otherwise.
  6. Keep rinsing the razor regularly after 2 to 3 strokes to keep it working nicely.
  7. Avoid stroking the same area multiple times and complete the process. Wash the face with cold water, pat dry, and visually check for any remaining hair.
  8. Repeat the process if needed.

Post-shave Care

  1. Visually check for any burns, cuts, or irritations. Apply ointment if necessary.
  2. Apply a layer of moisturiser immediately after pat drying the face.
  3. Some women prefer sunscreen after applying a moisturiser, especially if they need to go out in the sun for a long time.

What to Do After Shaving Face Women?

  1. What to Do After Shaving Face WomenAlways check for any cuts or wounds that may have opened up when shaving. If there were existing wounds that were covered up before shaving, open and inspect them, and treat them as needed.
  2. Use an alcohol-free moisturiser instead of those with harsh chemicals.
  3. If possible and needed, one should use fresh and pure aloe vera gel to maintain facial skin health.
  4. Avoid going out under the sun without sunscreen.
  5. Women may apply makeup after 1 hour of shaving since shaving can open skin pores. Immediate application of makeup will cause it to penetrate the skin more, causing potential skin irritations due to the chemicals in it.
  6. Keep an eye on potential inflammation and redness arising after a few hours of shaving.
  7. Stay hydrated to avoid roughening of facial skin.
  8. Keep observing hair regrowth and skin health to find the next estimated shaving session.

How Often to Shave Your Face Woman?

Ideally, women shave once every 2 to 3 days to keep the skin smooth, hair-free, soft, and silky. On the other hand, some women not looking for such silky skin may shave once every 3 to 5 days, which can result in visible hair at a close look. There are several factors working behind the shaving frequency in women:

  1. Hair regrowth speed: While the hair regrowth speed is almost the same in most women, some ladies who notice fast hair regrowth may adjust their shaving frequency as needed.
  2. Hair thickness and density: Ladies with thick and/or dense hair on their faces will easily notice hair even at a short length. Such women need to shave more frequently than those growing thin and fine hair.
  3. Skin sensitivity: Women who have less sensitive skin may go for quicker shaving sessions. Those with sensitive skin should keep a safe gap between each shaving session to avoid skin tissue damage, cuts, and openings.
  4. Lifestyle: Women in a professional working environment may require a silky and smooth face, such as air hostesses, hotel receptionists, etc. The lifestyle and daily routine of a woman governs how often they needs to shave their face.
  5. Other hair removal methods: If a lady does other hair removal methods such as waxing, she may keep long gaps between her shaving sessions. On the other hand, women relying only on shaving for hair removal may keep a short gap.


Since women don’t grow long hair on their faces like men in general, it’s less likely for them to trim their long hair before shaving, which can help them save time. However, assuming that women usually have more sensitive skin than most men, they need to take extra care post shaving. Ladies shouldn’t forget that makeup and cosmetics on their face must be washed off nicely otherwise the buildup will definitely cause skin irritation immediately after shaving. Finally, a woman needs to understand her lifestyle, skin sensitivity, and hair thickness to schedule her shaving sessions precisely.