Philips Laser Hair Removals

Philips Laser Hair Removals: Which One Suits You Best?

Philips has developed a hair removal technology using lasers. This article is about exploring that Philips laser hair removal and all general talks about it.

Philips is one of the most well-known brands for offering reputed, high-quality, innovative, and effective grooming products and laser hair removal devices are one of them. Ladies are always concerned about unwanted hair growing on their bodies, and going to the salons everytime is not very pocket-friendly. That’s why, the concept of at-home laser hair removal devices has come up in the market.

With the growing trend of at-home hair removal devices, Philips has managed to develop a safe and convenient device to use at home without much effort. In this article, we will explore about the Philips laser hair removal technique.

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Philips Laser Hair Removal Price

Product name

Product Image

Body area


What’s included in the package

Lumea 8000 Series

 Lumea 8000 Series

Body and face


Laser hair remover, 2 attachments for body and face, and a pouch

Lumea Prestige

 Lumea Prestige

Underarms, bikini, body, and face


Hair removal device, pen trimmer, 4 attachments, pouch, and an adapter

Lumea 7000 Series

 Lumea 7000 Series

Body, face, and bikini


Hair remover, pen trimmer, 3 attachments, and a pouch

Lumea 9000 Series

 Lumea 9000 Series

Body and face, and precision


Hair remover, 3 attachments, and a pouch

Which Is the Best Philips Laser Hair Removal Device?

Let us review these Philips Lumea laser hair removal models and Philips laser hair removal reviews by Amazon buyers from the UK.

1. Philips Lumea 9000 Series

1.	Philips Lumea 9000 SeriesThis model comes with 3 attachments, each for face, body, and precision, and has a cordless use. You will enjoy the proven efficiency of this product, as it can show up to 92% hair reduction in your treated area.

Customer Reviews

          1. The most common review was that the product works for them.
          2. You might notice that this product exceeds your expectations.


          • This is a highly efficient IPL hair remover.
          • It is available in feminine colours.


          • It has a UK plug, and those buying outside of the UK may be unable to use it.
          • Some buyers claim that their product came with hair in it. Perhaps it was a tried product.

2. Philips Lumea 7000 Series

 Philips Lumea 7000 Series

This hair remover with a satin pen trimmer is one of the best choices for ladies who want unwanted hair reduction on their bodies including faces and bikini lines. Ladies might observe a reduced hair growth of up to 92% after 3 treatments onwards.

Customer Reviews

          1. It’s an effective product.
          2. It’s not so easy to use, but people still love it.
          3. The usage was a bit complicated.


          • It comes with everything you need to get started. No need to make additional purchases to use the product.
          • It comes with a free coaching app for better use.


          • This device can be a little tougher to use than expected.
          • It’s not suited for brown and dark skin tones.

3. Philips Lumea 8000 Series

 Philips Lumea 8000 Series

This cute and attractive product has an in-built senseIQ technology and ships with 2 attachments for body and face. It has a corded use and gives faster results than other brands (self-claimed).

Customer Reviews

          1. People saw a difference and it definitely works.
          2. It’s a more powerful model than its previous ones by Philips.


          • It has a built-in SenseIQ to detect the skin tone and automatically adjusts the light settings.
          • This product was tested on more than 3,000 women.


          • It has a limited coverage on the body.
          • Even with the SenseIQ technology, this model is not designed for use on dark skin tones, blonde, red, and grey hair.

4. Philips Lumea Prestige

 Philips Lumea Prestige

There are 4 intelligent attachments for this model, which will help you in covering body parts including your bikini line, face, body, and underarms. Using this product can give you effective results for up to 12 months.

Customer Reviews

          1. It had quick results on a male buyer.
          2. It’s a great product and the buyers recommend it to others.
          3. Someone claimed it to be better than Braun’s products.


          • It works on a wide range of hair colours and skin tones.
          • You only have to do a session once every 15 days.


          • The claim of results visible for 12 months may not be practically possible for all the users.
          • Those with dark skin cannot use this device.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Device

Skin Tone Compatibility

We just looked into different product reviews and not all the products work on different skin tones. Most of the laser hair removal devices work on bright skin tones, so no problem there. But in case you have a dark shade, then you need to conduct a proper research on whether the product will work on you or not.

Hair Colour

Usually, blonde colours are not so compatible with laser hair removal devices. However, you can check the colour card on the internet to see if the model that you have chosen works with your hair colour or not.

Device’s Quality

The manufacturing quality of the product will affect the overall user experience and its durability. Poor quality ones can get hot and give you skin burns. Also, handling a poor-quality product is difficult because you need to be careful with manhandling. We suggest you to go with one that has a superb build quality.

Treatment Areas

If you are looking for laser hair removal devices for special areas like your bikini line, anal region, etc., then you need to make sure that the model you are choosing works on that area or not. Most of the devices work flawlessly on certain regions like body and face, but certain regions will need compatible devices.

Treatment Time

If the treatment time of a product is long, then it’s worthless. Always choose a hair remover that can give you quick results. For example, look for how many sessions you will need per month, and how many months it will take to show the results. Also check how much hair you can shed after a few sessions, like 90% hair reduction and so on.

How to Use Philips Laser Hair Removal Devices?

How to Use Philips Laser Hair Removal DevicesIn this section, you will learn about how does Philips laser hair removal work and how to use it.


          1. Clean your skin by washing it off. Make sure there’s no oil, cosmetic, or anything on the treatment area.
          2. Plug in your device and power it on.
          3. Set the intensity to the desired level. If you are using the device for the very first time, then keep the intensity to the lowest setting. Don’t worry, you can always increase the intensity as you get comfortable with the device.


          1. Place the device on your skin, keep it touched to your skin, and trigger the pulse light by pressing the button on the device.
          2. Once done, move the device to the next area and trigger the light again. Keep doing this, and remember not to re-treat the same area repeatedly.
          3. When you have finished your session, please don’t forget to power off the device and remove the plug.

Post-care Treatment

          1. Post-care treatment is also good for your skin. You can first wipe off the treated area with a towel and apply some lotion or cream to get rid of any irritations.

Tips to Get Best Hair Removal Results & Minimize Discomfort

          1. It’s a good idea to shave before using the device because shaving will help the laser lights reach the hair follicles in a better way.
          2. If you are new to this, do a patch test on a small region first. Then wait for some days to see the results. This will give you some time to see if you are allergic to the process or are facing any other skin issues.

Philips Laser Hair Removal: How Often to Use?

Philips Laser Hair RemovalHere’s Philips laser hair removal how often you should use. You should be using this device once every 2 weeks for the first 3-4 months, because that’s the duration in which you will see most of the results. When your hair growth cycle increases, then you can reduce the usage to 3 or 4 weeks per use.

What Factors Affect The Frequency of Philips Hair Removal?

          1. Your hair regrowth speed will determine how often you should be using the tool.
          2. If your hair is coarse, then the treatment can be more frequent.
          3. Some treatment areas need more frequent sessions than others. For example, face and other delicate areas will require quick treatment sessions.

Maintenance Sessions for Long-Term Results

Regular maintenance sessions are very important for getting long-term results, especially after the first use. Skipping the sessions can put all your previous efforts into vain.

Philips vs Braun Laser Hair Removal: Compare & Contrast

Comparison Basis

Philips Laser Hair Removal

Braun Laser Hair Removal

Treatment time

About 8 to 15 minutes

About 8 to 15 minutes

Body parts that can be treated

Almost all body parts, but some models may not work well on sensitive areas

It can treat almost every body parts, except certain sensitive areas

Convenience of use

It has curved windows that fit well with the body contours

The device is lightweight

Gentle modes

There are gentle and extra gentle modes in some models

No such modes are available

Chips & filters

There are chips and filters to treat different types of hair on the body

No such chips and filters are available


Now that you have learned about the insights into the Philips laser hair removal devices, you might be thinking of buying one for yourself. Please remember that at-home laser hair removal devices can be a shortcut to quick hair removal, it is important to speak to your doctor about these tools before using them. Always conduct a research by yourself and see what your preferences are before choosing a product.

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