Can I Use Philips Lumea Every Week?

Can I Use Philips Lumea Every Week?

The frequency of use of Philips Lumea is a constantly debated topic on platforms like Reddit and other forums, individuals often are confused about the right frequency usage to achieve the best results while also not causing harm to themselves.

It is important that the individual pays heed to guidelines provided by the company and follows through to receive optimal results. Not paying attention to such details can cause repercussions.

This article covers all necessary details concerning Philip Lumea, it describes how the product works and the benefits of using it. It helps the reader get an understanding of how to use it in order to get the best results.

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How Does Philips Lumea Work?

Philip Lumea is an IPL hair removal device, which uses gentle pulses of light to target the hair root and follicles causing the hair to go into its resting period, naturally, the hair falls out during this process. To more specifically answer the question, a substance called melanin in the skin causes the hair follicle to absorb the light and helps the hair fall out. Usage of IPL hair removal devices like Philips Lumea also causes hair in that particular area to gradually decrease in terms of growth.

Benefits Of IPL Hair Removal Device

In comparison to traditional hair removal methods, IPL Hair Removal devices can hold better benefits such as:

  • It is a quick and easy way of removing hair, unlike traditional hair removal methods that take up a lot of time and energy. IPL hair removal devices can remove hair within a few minutes. With frequent usage, after 6-8 sessions one can notice a permanent reduction in hair growth.
  • Ingrown hair is a major problem faced by all those who make use of traditional hair removal methods. IPL hair removal devices permanently prevent the growth of ingrown hair.
  • IPL Hair Removal Devices caters to most skin types, hair types, hair colour and skin colour.
  • Compared to other traditional hair removal methods, IPL hair removal devices are a much better hair removal technique to invest in as it does not require constant replacement and one does not require to undergo sessions to get hair removed.

How Often to Use Philips Lumea?

How Often to Use Philips LumeaFor optimal results, it is best advised to use it twice every week for the initial two months. Using it more than that causes skin irritation. Post this, Philips Lumea can be used every four to eight gradually over time to obtain the best results and reduce the growth of hair.

What Factors Can Affect The Usage Frequency?

Individual factors as listed below may affect the usage frequency due to several reasons.

1.     Skin Type

One’s skin type can affect the usage frequency, as those with sensitive skin may have to limit its usage in order to prevent further skin irritation.

2.     Injuries

If one has minor injuries like scratches or any other major injuries, one must not use Philips Lumea on such areas to prevent further harm.

3.     Hair Colour

Lighter hair colours such as grey, white and blonde may require more frequent use and sessions to remove hair, those with darker hair notice hair-free skin within a few sessions.

4.     Skin Colour

Melanin present in darker skin tones is thicker. This makes it hard for the IPL hair removal process to work quickly.

5.     Medical Conditions

Those with medical conditions like psoriasis and other such conditions are strictly advised to not use or limit the use of IPL hair removal devices as per the dermatologist's suggestions.

How To Get The Best Results From Philips Lumea IPL?

How To Get The Best Results From Philips Lumea IPLHair Removal

Remove any visible hair on the area required to be treated by shaving, waxing or epilating. It is best advised to wax 24 hours before using Philips Lumea IPL.

Set The Treatment

Adjust the treatment setting according to the skin type, skin colour, and hair colour. Most Philip Lumea devices can detect these elements through a sensor. This is applicable only to Philips Lumea IPL devices that do not have a smart sensor.

Treatment Process

Treat all areas equally, and do not leave space between the flashes as this can cause hair re-growth. Be sure to not focus on one area for too long, as this can further lead to skin damage and irritation.

Keep Up With The Schedule

Make use of the Philip Lumea IPL device once every two weeks for the first two months and gradually decrease usage to once every four weeks and then to once every eight weeks.

What If Philips Lumea Doesn’t Work?

Ulike  Air3Philips Lumea may not work for certain individuals. Fret not as there are several other available options in the UK market that can be used as alternatives to Philips Lumea. There are other alternatives that work the same and cater to an individual's desire if Philips Lumea doesn't work best.

Ulike Air 3 is one such device that is the best available alternative to Philips Lumea in the UK market. It provides a painless and salon-finish hair removal experience which has a long-lasting effect. It is a product that is highly recommended by dermatologists.

Why Ulike Air 3 Over Philips Lumea?

1.     Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology

The Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal tool uses sapphire ice-cooling technology that helps relieve the heat and pain inflicted upon the user during the process. Philips Lumea on the other hand lacks this and can cause a bit of pain and discomfort during the hair removal process.

2.     Up To 90% Hair Reduction

Ulike Air 3 IPL hair removal tool shows 90% hair reduction in four weeks that is with two treatments alone, whereas with Philips Lumea one must undergo three sessions to notice 92% of hair reduction.

3.     Long-lasting Results

Ulike Air 3 Ipl hair removal tool is a much better option when it comes to long-lasting results as it yields hair-free skin for about a year and one can notice visible results within 3 weeks. However, with Philip Lumea it takes a little more than 4 weeks to see noticeable hair loss.

4.     Safe On Sensitive Skin

If not used correctly Philips Lumea can cause skin irritation to those with sensitive skin, Ulike on the other hand is best suitable for those with sensitive skin and is the best option for those who want a painless hair removal experience.

5.     Convenient Design

Philip Lumea requires different attachments that cater to different parts of the body. Changing the attachment head when in a hurry can be a huge hassle. This is however not the case with Ulike Air 3, it is feasible and can remove hair from all parts of the body without any need for attachments.


Ulike Air 3 Vs. Philips Lumea Comparison

Comparison Basis

Ulike Air 3

Philips Lumea

Compatible for Bikini Area


Yes, but only with attachments.

Treatment Results

90%  Hair Reduction in Three weeks

92% Hair Reduction in Six Weeks


Results Last for a Year

Results Last for 6 Months

Saphire Ice-Cooling Technology




This article covers all that is needed to know about Philips Lumea and how to use it. It describes the benefits of using it and how to use it right for best results. Further, it compares it with alternatives to help the reader make an informed decision when picking an IPL hair removal product.

Ulike Air 3 is best recommended for optimal hair removal, it is user-friendly, painless and yields better results within a short period of time. Professionals and dermatologists highly recommend the Ulike Air 3 device for its cooling technology and features. Ulike Air 3 is the best bet when it comes to a proper and painless hair removal experience.