Pulling Out Dead Hair After Laser? Learning the Insights

Pulling Out Dead Hair After Laser? Learning the Insights

One of the surprising elements of laser hair removal is that not all hair sheds at once. Sometimes, a few dead and loose hair strands remain, which is completely normal. Such dead hair follicles show up 1-3 weeks after laser hair treatment.  One may feel inclined towards pulling these strands of dead hair to fasten the process.

This article explains why hair remains after laser hair treatment and what measures must be taken to tackle it. Delve into the article to know if pulling out dead hair is a safe option and gain further insights into the topic.

What Do Dead Hair Follicles Look Like After Laser?

The main purpose of laser hair removal treatments is to damage hair follicles to prevent further growth. After 1-3 weeks post-treatment, the treated area may sometimes have black dots on it. These are just dead or damaged hair follicles that show up as stubbles or black dots that look very similar to blackheads.

Why Is My Hair Not Falling Out After Laser?

One laser hair removal session can remove about 15% of hair immediately, the remaining bit of hair takes roughly 7 to 30 days to fall out. This is primarily because hair shedding goes through different stages and layers of skin and finally, sheds. Several other factors actively contribute to it, which include:

  1. Laser hair removal treatments take time to be effective. Hence, hair shedding requires a good few weeks after the treatment.
  2. The hair growth cycle may be an active cause, if the hair is still in its developing stage, the laser hair removal treatment may not work on it.

For hair to shed, the hair follicle needs to push out the hair. This process takes a decent amount of weeks and months. During this time patience is key. Over time, the shedding of hair will naturally take place.

How To Shedding Hair After Laser Hair Removal?

How To Shedding Hair After Laser Hair Removal Hair shedding is a normal outcome of laser hair removal treatments. One can notice the shedding of hair even several weeks after treatment. For those with thick dark hair, shedding appears in the form of clumps of hair. Meanwhile, for those with thin hair, it is limited to a few strands. Shedding is noticeable when in the shower or when brushing your skin.

If the shedding of hair seems to be a slow process and a hassle for you. You may opt for regular exfoliation with a loofah or washcloth or shaving. These methods help speed up the process of shedding.

Is Pulling Out Dead Hair After Laser Safe?

No, it is not advisable to pull out dead hair strands after laser hair removal treatments. It is best advised to wait out for a few days to even begin with shaving.  Pulling out dead can cause serious damages such as:

  1. It may hinder the process of hair growth.
  2. Further laser hair treatments may not be effective.
  3. It may lead to irritation of the skin and further complications.

When To See A Doctor?

Laser hair removal treatments cause minimal damage and discomfort. Consider seeing a doctor in case of swelling, rashes, blisters, discolouration or any signs of an infection.

Proper Aftercare After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Proper Aftercare After Laser Hair Removal TreatmentAvoid Exposure To Sunlight

The treated area becomes sensitive after the treatment and exposing it to more heat will only damage it.. Exposing it to heat can only lead to further damage. Put on some sunscreen on the area or cover it with a cloth, if it is directly exposed to the sun. Preventing exposure to the sun one month before and after treatment is a mandatory step.

Keep The Treated Area Well Moisturized

The heat from the laser hair removal treatment can cause sensitive irritated skin, dry skin and redness. To soothe these discomforts make use of a lightweight and fragrance-free moisturiser. Skipping out on moisturising can cause skin irritation and dryness.

Do Not Pluck Or Wax The Treated Hair

Plucking or waxing the area can complicate the process of laser hair removal treatment, so avoid resorting to such means. Instead, after a week or two, you may shave the area to hasten the shedding process.

Tips To Get The Best Results From Laser Hair Removal

Tips To Get The Best Results From Laser Hair RemovalPreparing the skin before the treatment is an important step as it can yield the best results after treatment. Here are a few tips you should consider:

  • Shave a day before your appointment:

    Doing so can increase the effectiveness of the treatment and to prevent any further discomfort.

    • Avoid using irritants like perfumes, deodorants, and fragranced lotions on the area before treatment:

    Using perfumes, deodorants and lotion can irritate the skin and hinder the treatment process as it acts as a barrier between the root of the hair and the laser.

    • Avoid tanning as it can hinder the laser hair treatment process.

    Laser hair removal treatment doesn't work effectively on tanned skin and increases the chances of getting burns and blisters.

    • Exfoliate your skin before and after treatment.

    This helps remove dead skin that clogs pores. Post-treatment exfoliation is advisable after a few weeks and not immediately.



    You may witness small black dots or stubbles, but there is no need to worry as these are just dead hair follicles that will fall out eventually over a few weeks.

    The growth and shedding of hair is a natural process. Do not interrupt this by forcefully pulling out dead hair as it can simply complicate things for your skin and hair growth process. Instead, switch to aftercare,  exfoliate regularly, and treat the area from time to time to make the most out of the treatment.