Ulike Air 10 vs Jovs Venus Pro 2: Which Device Is Better?

Ulike Air 10 vs Jovs Venus Pro 2: Which Device Is Better?

If you're not a fan of spending hours at the waxing salon to get your body hair yanked off as you try to ignore the pain and discomfort, you likely already know what a game-changer IPL hair removal devices are. With a few light zaps here and there, this cutting-edge IPL hair removal handset can have you looking silky smooth and ready for the beach. But, the most pressing question on most people’s minds is: which of the popular choices should I go for?

In this article, we'll be exploring the Jovs Venus Pro 2 and Ulike Air 10, two very trendy at-home hair removal IPl devices to see how they differ and ultimately help you decide which is the better option.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Overview of Ulike Air 10

Ulike Air 10 is an industry-leading IPL hair removal handset set that provides nearly painless and effective hair removal for both men and women. This revolutionary device delivers long-lasting saloon-grade results from the comfort of your home with visible results in just one week

How it works

Ulike Air 10 uses light waves from a dual beam technology to target the melanin pigment within the hair. These light waves are absorbed by the melanin and converted into heat, disrupting the growth cycle and preventing hair growth. Over time, the Air 10 provides an intense and highly efficacious laser hair removal experience.

Note: refers to a decrease in hair count within 3 weeks, sourced from third-party laboratory testing reports. Individual results may vary


The Ulike hair removal will normally cost you about £369. However, depending on discounts and promotions available, you may be able to get your hands on the device at a lower rate of £309.

Pros and cons


  • Ulike Air 10 features DualLight technology that improves the power, speed, and efficacy of the hair removal process. So it saves you time by ensuring faster treatments.
  • The Ulike Air 10 provided different levels of light pulses to target different types of body and facial hair. This can be very essential when you need to treat areas of the body with thick or stubborn hair.
  • Ulike Air 10 uses SkinSensor technology to detect different skin tones and auto-regulate the light intensity based on skin colour. To guarantee the safety of your skin, the device even stops flashing once you place it in an area deemed too dark for safe use.
  • The Air 10 is equipped with 4 treatment modes that can be easily selected for different areas of the body. It also has an SHR mode specially designed to safely target darker skin tones and areas with stubborn or sensitive hair.
  • For optimal skin protection and a more comfortable treatment experience, Ulike Air 10 features an advanced cooking system that keeps the skin temperature from overheating
  • Ulike is also recommended by dermatologists

Note: Ulike entered into a commercial arrangement with 2-3 dermatologists, which provided positive reviews


Ulike Air 10 is not the most lightweight device. With a size of about 815 grams, the Air 10 is certainly heavier than some other options on the market.

Part 2: Overview of JOVS Venus Pro 2

The Jovs Venus Pro 2 is an at-home IPL hair removal device that provides an effective laser hair removal experience for both men and women. It features advanced light pulse technology that ensures the convenient and safe removal of hair from the entire body. Additionally, the Jovs Venus Pro is a dual-action device that can also be used for skin rejuvenation.

How it works

 Jovs Venus Pro 2 uses intense pulsed light technology to target melanin within the hair shaft. The lightwaves emitted by the device are absorbed and converted into heat, damaging the hair follicle and disrupting its growth cycle. The entire process causes the hair strands to become thin and weak until they eventually fall out, leaving the skin smooth and helping you maintain long-lasting hair removal.


Getting your hands on the Jovs Venus Pro will cost you around $319. The price may vary slightly based on where you purchase from but that is the range you should expect to pay for this IPL hair removal handset.

Pros and cons

Jovs Venus Pro is undoubtedly a wonderful tool to have on hand when you want an easy and effective IPL lasert hair removal at home but let us take a look at all the pros and cons to help you determine if it is worth the purchase.


  • The device is fitted with a 330-degree rotational head that ensures easy access to all parts of the body.
  • It also comes with six different light wave modes for the body and face ( they include the arms, underarms, bikini, leg, face, and skin rejuvenation mode)
  • The device also has a fairly quick treatment time and takes only seven minutes per session
  • With a smooth matte design and sturdy feel, this device emits gentle flashes of light for up to 24J
  • Jovs Venus Pro 2 can also be used as an LED anti-ageing treatment for the skin
  • Hair removal with the Jovs Venus Pro 2 is also nearly painless.


  • If your skin tone is on the darker side, the Jovs Venus Pro will not be very effective at removing your hair. The device works best on people with lighter skin tones and dark hair. It may even cause discolouration when used on really dark skin tones
  • Jovs Venus Pro 2 is not the most discreet device to use. Its cooling fan can be pretty loud so if you are particular about having a noise-free treatment experience, this drive may leave you disappointed.
  • The treatment experience is not entirely pain-free. While the device provides a very comfortable experience, some people may experience slight discomfort if they have highly sensitive skin

Part 3: Ulike Air 10 vs  JOVS Venus Pro 2

Easy of Use

Both devices are very easy to use. With the Jovs Venus Pro, all you have to do is place the device vertically against shaved skin and press the button on the head to switch between the different modes. The Ulike Air 10 also provides a similar experience with a button that allows you to select between the four available treatment modes.


While both devices are within the same price range, the Jovs Venus Pro is slightly cheaper at around $319. However, the Air 10 comes in at £369 so it is not too far off.

Technology used

The Air 10 is truly a revolutionary device with new industry-leading dual beam technology which helps enhance the speed and power of your overall treatment experience. It also comes fitted with an SHR heat system that maximises heat absorbance and dissipation within the hair follicle. Additionally, the Air 10 features a new-gen sapphire ice cooling system that helps maintain a controlled skin temperature of about 15°C for a comforting hair removal experience.  To target stubborn hair and dark skin tones while preventing any irritation, the Ulike Air 10 also uses smart skin and smart pulse technology.

On the other hand, the Jovs Venus Pro uses a Multi-frequency Plus Technology to deliver different levels of light waves. it also features a sapphire cooling technology and an Advanced OTP Hair Removal for effective results.

Effectiveness of Results

Both the Ulike Air 10 and Jovs Venus Pro provide wonderful results but the Ulike outperforms its competition. With the Air 10, you will start to notice a reduction in hair after just one week of consistent treatments while the Venus Pro takes about three weeks to produce visible results. For long-lasting results with the Venus Pro, you will need about 8 weeks of consistent treatments while the Air 10 can help you achieve long-lasting hair removal in way less time.

Box and packages

Both devices come in cute and compact packaging but when we take a look at what is actually in the box, the Ulike Air 10 has a lot more to offer. With the Air 10, you get the ipl device, protective glasses, a safety razor, skin gel, an adaptor with a cord, and a storage bag. This means you can easily pack your hair removal handset while on the go.  On the other hand, the Jovs Venus Pro only includes the IPL device, goggles, safety razor, SR mode attachment, and a US plug.

Part 4: Who wins?


Ulike Air 10

JOVS Venus Pro 2

Overall Rating



Exclusive Technology

New-gen Sapphire Ice Cooling






SHR Systems

Multi-frequency Plus Technology


Advanced OPT Hair Removal


£369 (Can be purchased at £309 with £60 OFF)



2 years

1 year

Treatment time

10 Minutes

7 Minutes

Dermatologically Clear


Not Mentioned

Duration for Visible Results

1 week

3 weeks

Light energy levels



Where Can it be Used

Full body except anal and male genital region.

Full body except anal and male genital region.

Targets dark skin tone and stubborn hairs



Effective On ( Skin and hair colour)

Most effective on light skin tones and dark hair

Most effective on light skin tones and dark hair


The Ulike Air 10 and Jovs Venus Pro 2 are both very efficient devices which is why we had to dive deep into a comparison of both products. However, the stark difference in the experience and treatment options and value for money makes Air 10 the clear winner. With all the next-gen technology fitted on the Air 10, along with treatment duration and versatility of use, you will be getting more bang for your buck when you go for the Ulike hair removal device.