What Length To Trim Pubic Hair For Guys?

What Length To Trim Pubic Hair For Guys?

Getting your pubic hair trimmed is among the self-care and hygienic procedures every guy should prioritise. However, the trimming leaves some questions in your mind: "What length to trim pubic hair for guys?". It's a question that has sprung into your mind at least once when planning to trim your pubic hair.

So, what is the best length to pick, and why should you go along with what we have for you? Let us take you on this journey, ironing out the details and giving you answers to the questions you have on your mind.

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Part 1: What is the Current Trend for Male Pubic Hair?

The current trend for male grooming is to take the less bush, more clean-cut approach to give them a certain style. Its approach makes most men keep their grooming to having a clean shave with little to no hair. Initially, the approach was a way to reduce the discomfort that men experience after shaving their pubic hair.

Nowadays, grooming has pushed this safety precaution to become a trend, making it not for safety alone. Several grooming styles sprang up from this approach to make it more fashionable while implementing the precaution. Some of these styles that you can also try out are:

  • The Landing Strip
  • Full Monty
  • Trimmed and Tidy
  • The Bald Eagle
  • Triangle etc.

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Part 2: What Length To Trim Pubic Hair For Guys?

Moving on to the more important question, what is the optimal trimming length you should prioritise during grooming? Usually, the trimming length to prioritise when grooming your pubic hair is one inch or an inch and a half. It is the optimal length if you want a generic and fast cut without stressing too much about the complicated stuff.

However, the length you should prioritise for your pubic hair is based on preference, so you are comfortable with your decision. Preference makes you choose between three pubic hair lengths: short, medium, and long. Let us explore the various lengths and grooming tips along with the whens and whys around them.

Short Length

The short hair length is the first among the three categories, and it's simply having your pubic hair trimmed short. Short hair length is not the same as having it bare since the hair will still be quite evident. The optimal short length for pubic hair lies between 2mm and 3mm, as anything less will appear bare on sight.

Opting for a shorter length when shaving your pubic hair gives you several benefits for a better experience and comfort. Some benefits you tend to enjoy are that you sweat less in your pubic region and increase convenience. You also tend to be more sensitive in that area since there is less hair to obstruct your sense of touch.

Short Hair Trimming Tips

If you have decided to go with short hair length, there are certain tips you should remember for a better experience. Firstly, you should prioritise disinfecting your razor before every trim to prevent infection. It is also essential to avoid using a razor that gives deep cuts so you don't go below 5mm during your trim.

You should also decide how you want your short pubic hair before shaving by choosing a small section or general trim. Also, ensure that you apply the right products and avoid shaving them bare so you don't get any serious injuries. You should also apply moisturizer to keep your skin in the best condition before and after shaving.

Medium Length

The next category is medium length, a borderline between short and long pubic hair. Picking this category means you don't want long hair but prefer it not to be bare and empty. The optimal medium hair length stands at 4mm, making it not too long but short for the perfect balance.

Picking medium hair length when trimming offers several benefits, as you tend to sweat less compared to having long hair. It gives you the protective benefits of long hair since it collects substances preventing certain infections. You also get a slightly increased sensitivity that is not as high as having short hair but with long hair benefits.

Medium Hair Trimming Tips

There are some essential tips you should know when going for medium length during your trimming and shaving sessions. One is to use a disinfected razor to help you prevent infections if you accidentally get cut. Ensure you keep the length to 4mm and trim the hair evenly to avoid any inconvenience later.

If you aren't confident in getting the optimal length with a razor without trimming too short, try scissors. You should never forget to disinfect them and avoid sharing them to ensure safety. Lastly, it's best to keep your pubic hair dry so it doesn't stick together and curl up while you shave.

Long Length

The last of the three categories of hair length you can pick from is the long hair, which brings its own perks. Long pubic hair is a good preference if you dont like the empty feeling of a clean or short shave. However, it also doesn't imply that you dont shave and leave it to grow, as the optimal length is between 5mm to 6mm.

Among the several benefits of long hair, one major perk is that it protects you from most infections. The hair collects substances and prevents them from reaching your skin, keeping you safe. However, it can become uncomfortable, especially if you sweat a lot.

Long Hair Trimming Tips

You should prioritise using disinfected scissors if your choice is to get long hair trimming. The reason is that a razor won't work well. Also, scissors let you cut your hair by cutting the tips to the standard length. You should also stick to the 5mm to 6mm range since anything else will be too long.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that drying out your pubic hair helps to get an even cut. Trimming wet hair won't only make the process tyring but also make the hair uneven due to curls and sticking. Once you align all these, you can have a convenient trimming and comfortable pubic hair health.

Part 3: Trim Pubic Hair Alternative: Use IPL Hair Removal to Keep the Pubic Area Clean

If you prefer having a clean shave rather than a short, medium, or long trimming and are searching for a long-lasting solution, try IPL. Intense Pulse Light is a hair removal method that offers long-lasting solutions to your rapidly growing pubic hair. It works by stimulating your hair follicles down to the base with light pulses, reducing its growth rate.

You might think it is similar to lasers since it appears to work the same way, but it is actually pretty different. Unlike lasers, it is less harmful when killing the cells hair growth cells in your pubic area. And, Ulike Air 3 is one of the best IPL hair devices to get your hair removal done.

Part 4: Benefits of Using Ulike Air 3 IPL

There are several benefits to using the intense pulse light device for hair removal, one of which is long-lasting removal. You get to worry less about visiting your aesthetician to get yourself waxed or worry about trimming or shaving. The reason is simple: the IPL device makes hair removal last longer, preventing rapid pubic hair growth.

Another benefit is that this device is nearly painless compared to trimming and shaving. So, you are guaranteed a better experience when prioritising using this device for hair removal. However, you should note that it is not a long-lasting solution as you will need to repeat the process, but it does last longer.


We come to the end of this article, packed with all your answers regarding the length of trim pubic hair for guys. Our article has also covered a recommendation for the intense pulse light device as a better solution for hair removal.

So what is the next step? Well, you can get on to shaving or trimming your pubic hair using the recommendations we have presented to you. You can also opt for the longer-lasting solution, getting IPL for your hair removal needs. Regardless of your option, let us know which solution you picked and what your experience is using that method.