How to Remove Male Pubic Hair Without Shaving: 5 Great Ways

How to Remove Male Pubic Hair Without Shaving: 5 Great Ways

Male pubic hair can be irritating for some people or some people might want to remove them for sexual benefits and partner preferences. Even though there are so many ways to remove pubic hair, shaving is one method that’s very risky and dangerous.

So what are some better ways to remove pubic hair? This article explores 5 great ways to remove pubic hair apart from shaving that are safe, comfortable, and far better than shaving in every aspect.

Should Men Shave Pubic Hair?

No, shaving is a bad idea for pubic hair because there are a lot of risks associated with it. There’s a slim chance that shaving will go perfectly right at the pubic region, while there’s a broad margin for something to go wrong during the process like cuts, nicks, and potential wounds, razor bumps, redness, inflammation, etc.

The risk of wounds is high since genitals have several nerve endings and even the slightest cut or nick can leave the person all in blood. Moreover, healing the wound will put the person in bed for at least 2 to 5 days, depending on the wound’s severity. The benefits of shaving pubic hair in males are much less than its drawbacks.

Here are some advantages of non-shaving methods:

  • Using depilatory creams like Nad’s, Veet, etc. and IPL devices like Ulike Air 10 will give long-lasting, pain-free, and safe hair removal results.
  • Methods Ulike IPL Air 10 and hair removal creams are quick and can be done anytime.
  • Non-shaving methods have no chance of cuts nicks, wounds, and bleeding.
  • Methods apart from shaving genitals will give smooth skin with no razor bumps, redness, or inflammation.

Best Way to Remove Pubic Hair: Top 5 Methods

At-home IPL Treatment: For Long-lasting Results

IPL devices such as Ulike Air 10 use intense pulse rays to treat body hair. The user needs to place the device in the treatment area and flash the device. The IPL beams will penetrate the skin (nearly painless) and reach the melanin in the hair follicles. Then it’ll turn from light energy to heat energy and disrupt the hair growth.

Pros Of IPL Devices

  • Continuous use of the IPL device to complete the treatment will give hair-free skin for several months.
  • There are nearly painless devices in the market such as Ulike Air 10.
  • The hair will regrow very slowly, finer, and less dense than the last time.
  • The treatment time is very short, taking no more than 5 minutes per session.
  • A total of 8 to 12 sessions will complete the treatment.
  • IPL devices are very user-friendly.
  • Users can use these devices anytime.
  • IPL devices are safe for use on genitals and sensitive skin.
  • These are unisex devices, capable of treating coarse hair that is found in the pubic region.

Cons Of IPL Devices

  • Those with dark skin tones and/or light hair colours will not see good benefits from the IPL devices.
  • Irregularity in the treatment can affect and delay the results.
  • Regular maintenance and touchup sessions will be important after completing the treatment. However, one session per month is more than enough.
  • The user will need to read the instructions and user manual before using the device correctly.

Trimming Pubic Hair Men

Trimming is a brilliant solution for those who want a combination of safer and quicker ways of treating pubic hair. Trimming gives an option to decide the hair length in case a clean shave isn’t an option. One can choose from the best pubic hair trimmer for men in the UK from Philips or other popular brands. Trimming can be slightly tricky since choosing a very short length setting and not stretching the skin can give nicks, that’s why one should look for how to trim your pubic hair for guys before trying it.

Pros Of Trimming

  • Allows better control over hair length selection instead of entirely wiping them off.
  • Quick resolution to hair removal requirements.
  • One trim should be effective for at least 3 to 10 days.
  • Trimmers are affordable and long-lasting products, demanding minimal investment.
  • It’s an economic solution to hair removal needs.
  • The man can make different shapes and styles for a better sexual life and to please their partner.
  • Trimming is one way of keeping the pubic region cool during hot and humid weather.

Cons Of Trimming

  • Trimming doesn’t give an option to clean shave.
  • Even though trimming has fewer risks, the risk of cuts and bleeding is still high if the person doesn’t stretch the skin properly to trim the hair.
  • Not all trimmers are ideal for pubic hair and selecting the right device can be difficult since there are so many options in the market.

Waxing Male Pubic Hair

Waxing pubic hair is an alternative, which works on the pubic hair the same way as on any other body part. It offers a completely hairless look just like shaving pubic hair. Waxing is a very painful method but gives slightly longer results than shaving.

Pros Of Waxing

  • Gives very soft, smooth, and touchably pleasurable skin in the pubic region.
  • Leaves a pleasant scent that can enhance the partner’s mood.
  • The results are quick and long-lasting (not as long-lasting as IPL devices, though).
  • There’s no risk of cuts, nicks, or wounds in general.

Cons Of Waxing

  • It can be a scary process for some people, especially those with low pain tolerance.
  • Waxing can cause redness and inflammation in the pubic region.
  • Those with sensitive skin might notice unwanted results.
  • The waxing strips or wax can be expensive and affect one’s monthly budget.
  • The waxing process is slightly tricky and not ideal for beginners.

Male Pubic Hair Removal Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are one of the safest and smartest ways to get completely hair-free, soft, silky, and smooth skin in just 15 minutes, starting from scratch. This is a fast hair removal solution that remains pain-free overall. Moreover, depilatory creams are so easy to apply and also leave a very interesting scent to the body, depending on the brand.

Pros Of Depilatory Creams

  • One of the quickest, most nearly painless, and most efficient ways of hair removal.
  • Ideal for use on genitals provided that they’re using the right cream.
  • Depilatory creams work on the hair, leaving the skin unharmed.
  • The creams result in soft and silky skin.
  • There are different types of scents available in the market that are built into the cream.
  • A man can use depilatory creams at any time. Before or after showers both are completely perfect.

Cons Of Depilatory Creams

  • Depilatory creams are expensive.
  • The scent is not long-lasting.
  • The scent will wash away after a shower.
  • Hair will regrow like the last time in 3 to 7 days.
  • Newly growing hair will feel prickly after a few days, requiring another session of hair removal. This can put the person in an infinite loop of using the cream regularly.
  • Depilatory creams may not work if the hair is not completely covered in the cream and left for a few minutes.
  • Using these creams on very short hair may not give the right results.

Laser Hair Removal For Male Pubic Hair

The laser treatment for pubic hair is a long-lasting solution that’ll require a proper consultation with a salon. The process will begin with choosing the right salon, speaking to the expert there, booking appointments, and getting the sessions to complete the treatment. On average, the treatment should go on for a few months, which will give long-lasting results for over a couple of months, similar to Ulike Air 10 IPL device.

Pros Of Laser Hair Removal

  • It’s a professional cosmetic treatment that will give very reliable results.
  • Once the treatment is completed, there’s no need for any other hair removal methods.
  • Regular maintenance sessions will enhance the results.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is nearly painless.
  • Proper treatment by the right esthetician at a professional salon will not leave any pigmentation or inflammation problems.

Cons Of Laser Hair Removal

  • It’s a very expensive procedure that requires both time and money.
  • It will be an obligation to reach the salon at the appointment time or else the treatment will not give desired results.
  • It’s very difficult to find the right salon since the person has to filter them based on location, reputation, reviews, services offered, and pricing.
  • Salon research, reviewing the esthetician, finalising the service package, and getting the treatment will be very hectic.


It’s clear that there are so many hair removal options apart from shaving when treating pubic hair for men and women. Out of these 5 methods, waxing is the most painful one. Laser treatment will be very expensive, hence unlikely for many people. Trimming won’t give a completely cleaned-out region, and depilatory creams are expensive and still won’t give much long-lasting results.

Therefore, using IPL devices such as Ulike Air 10 will be the most intelligent choice. One can keep trimming or using depilatory creams during the treatment to remove any regrowing hair during the process, which will be for a short time.