How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in London?

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in London?

There are so many types of laser hair removal treatments available in the London market, which is why that leaves all the ladies confused. Also, you can get laser hair removal treatment on almost every body part. Due to such a variation, we understand that it is quite common for women to be confused about how much does laser hair removal cost.

In this article, we are going to show you an illustration of all the possible costs, additional considerations and costs associated with the laser hair removal treatment, and at-home laser hair removal treatment solutions.

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What Factors Affect The Cost of Laser Hair Removal In London?

What Factors Affect The Cost of Laser Hair Removal In LondonThe Size of Your Treatment Area

When you get laser hair removal on a small area, it will be less costlier as compared to a larger region. Remember that getting more body parts treated will also add to the cost because the estheticians need to work more, which ultimately raises the overall costs.

Number of Sessions Needed For The Treatment

Many women don’t know that the laser hair removal treatment isn’t a one-time process and that they need to revisit the salon to complete the treatment. The treatment is done in installments or milestones, and each treatment session costs separately.

Also, you never know how many sessions you will need to get rid of hair completely, so the more sessions you carry out, the more it will cost you.

Expertise of Your Esthetician & The Salon’s Reputation

Experienced estheticians are always costly, but they are also worth it. If you have chosen an experienced esthetician, it will obviously cost you a little more, but the overall experience will be really amazing. Furthermore, if you have chosen a reputed salon, then their charges will be high, which will increase your bill.

Your Geographical Location in London

Not all the locations in London have the same rates, and you will notice that some locations in London offer cheaper laser hair removal services of the same quality than others. So you can easily save a lot of money by visiting a salon in a cheaper area, but since London is so huge, you will need some expert advice to find a value-for-money salon.

Average Cost of Laser Hair Removal in London

Treatment Area

Average Cost per Session (in British Pounds)

Number of Sessions Required

Package Deals and Discounts

Full Body Laser Hair Removal Cost

200 to 500

6 to 8 sessions

10% to 30%

Facial Laser Hair Removal Cost

50 to 150

6 to 8 sessions

10% to 40%

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Cost

100 to 250

4 to 6 sessions

10% to 20%

Laser Armpit Hair Removal Cost

50 to 150

6 to 8 sessions

Common discounts may be available

Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal Cost

50 to 100

4 to 6 sessions

Discounts available when purchasing more packages

Back Laser Hair Removal Cost

200 to 400

6 to 8 sessions

10% to 30%

Chin Hair Laser Removal Cost

50 to 100

4 to 6 sessions

Discounts are available when buying multiple sessions

Leg Laser Hair Removal Cost

150 to 350

6 to 8 sessions

10% to 30%

More Costs & Things To Consider

 More Costs & Things To Consider

Consultation & Patch Test Fees

Before getting a laser hair removal done, you might need a consultation from qualified doctors, so that you can get the best results. Please remember that these consultations are not free and the prices totally depend on the doctor’s consultation charges, which is impossible to tell here.

Similarly, sometimes, instead of getting the treatment done on the entire body part, they do a patch test to see how your body is reacting to the laser device. That patch test is again, not free.

Post-treatment Care Products

After getting a laser hair removal treatment, your skin will need some post-treatment care products to rejuvenate, which will add to the costs. Now, it depends on you what products you will use and what brands you will go for. But still, you will be using a moisturizer, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, and some calming creams.

Maintenance Sessions & Touch-ups

Even after getting all the sessions done, you will have to revisit the salon for maintenance sessions, or else the hair will start growing back soon. That’s because laser hair removal isn’t a forever solution, but a long-lasting one. We call these sessions “maintenance sessions”, which are not free. Also, sometimes, some stubborn hair will keep growing back, especially those that have good health and are coarse. To get this hair out, you will need touch-up sessions. These sessions will again add to your overall bill.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal Machine at Home


Price (in British Pounds)



200 to 400 or even more

●    different intensity levels

●    skin tone sensors

●    modes for both body and face


200 to 500

●    multiple intensity settings

●    a range of attachments for various body areas

●    skin tone sensors for safety


150 to 300

●    multi-flash mode for quicker treatments

●    skin tone sensors

●    interchangeable attachments for different body parts

●    range of energy levels


300 to 400 or even more

●    skin tone sensor to adapt to your skin type

●    multiple energy levels

●    large treatment windows for faster sessions

An Alternative To Laser Hair Removal: IPL Hair Removal

IPL hair removal device is a very user-friendly solution to get rid of your unwanted hair right in the comfort of your home. This device is very similar to laser hair removal technology, but these devices use a broad spectrum of light, which your hair’s melanin will absorb. Once that light gets absorbed, it converts into heat, and that heat increases so much, that the follicle gets damaged. And when the follicle gets damaged, it becomes incapable of growing that hair anymore.

Hair follicle is the reason why hair grows on your body. When there’s no follicle, there won’t be hair anymore. But this process works gradually, and as the follicle is damaged, the hair strength will weaken. As a result, you will notice that your hair will start shedding, and when the hair regrows, it will be very slow and thinner.

Laser Hair Removal Alternative: Ulike IPL Devices

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So, if you are interested in IPL devices, then Ulike is one of the leading brands, that offers quality products. You will enjoy some of the most exciting features in these products like unisex design, user-friendly experience, quick sessions that won’t take more than 15 minutes, reliable results as you will notice hair reduction up to 95% in about 8 weeks, and a lot more.

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So, laser hair removal has a lot of variations in the costs and there are so many additional costs associated with it. With so many variations, getting a proper estimate of the final bill is almost impossible. That is why, we recommend that you do your research, find some reliable salons at a cheaper location in London, and get an estimate from them before booking appointments. Also ask for quotations from your consultants, so that you can manage your budget accordingly. Alternatively, you can also try out IPL hair removal devices, which offer very reliable results.