A Complete Guide to a Perfect Hollywood Wax Experience

A Complete Guide to a Perfect Hollywood Wax Experience

Ladies who prefer totally hair-free, smooth, and appealing pubic area, Hollywood wax is what you are looking for. This article explains how to do it correctly.

A completely hair-free pubic area with a silky touch is what every lady desires, but achieving that is easier said than done. There are many hair removal treatments that target the bikini area, but Hollywood wax has recently emerged as one of the most trending ways to get a perfectly hair-free pubic area.

Whether it’s for the sake of personal comfort or to achieve a beautiful genital area, you can go for Hollywood waxing to get a long-lasting smoothness. In this article, we will explain to you about the Hollywood wax meaning, its preparation, and Hollywood wax aftercare techniques.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is Hollywood Wax?

What is Hollywood WaxHollywood wax is specifically designed for ladies who want a completely clean and smooth genital area. The target areas here include the public and anal region. Although it sounds very familiar to the Brazilian hair removal technique, there are still a few differences between them, though.

Sometimes, you can also call it a “full bikini wax”. The name Hollywood wax is because this hair removal method got very famous in the adult entertainment industry, and that’s why so many ladies are now eager to get this treatment done.

Areas Covered in a Hollywood Wax Treatment

  • Pubic Mound: All hair on the pubic mound is removed.
  • Labia Majora: Hair on the outer folds of the genital area is completely removed.
  • Labia Minora: Hair on the inner folds of the genital area is also removed.
  • Perineum: Hair in the perineal region, which lies between the anus and the vulva, is included.
  • Anus: Hair around the anal area is removed as well.

Benefits of Hollywood Wax

1.     You Will Get An Incredibly Smooth Bikini Line

Since Hollywood wax works on the entire bikini line, no hair will be left behind untreated. As a result, once the treatment is over, the level of smoothness will be simply incredible.

2.     Long-lasting Results

Just like any other waxing method, the effect of Hollywood waxing is long-lasting, but the actual length entirely depends on how quickly your body regrows hair on your bikini line.

3.     You Will Become Swim-ready

When it’s time for swimming, ladies get so nervous because no one would want to show hair on their bikini line. That’s why, a Hollywood wax will make you ready for swimming, and you can flaunt your swimsuit, as you wish.

4.     Your Sensations Will Enhance Largely

Once you get a Hollywood wax done, the level of sensations on your bikini line will be on the next level. Not only that will be great for your love life, but will also give you more pleasure whenever you touch your bikini line.

Common Misconceptions That People Have With Hollywood Waxing

1.     People Believe That The Pain Will Be Intolerable

A lot of people think that Hollywood waxing gives pain that will be beyond their tolerance levels. While it’s true that the level of pain is subject to your personal tolerance level, it’s not going to be so high that you cannot bear it. Also, if you get it done by a professional and mature esthetician, she will definitely try to minimize the discomfort as much as she can.

2.     Risk of Ingrown Hair

So many people are concerned about the risk of ingrown hair after getting Hollywood waxing. But remember that if you do proper exfoliation and aftercare, then you can eliminate the risk of ingrown hair.

3.     Modesty and Body Image

Several women get nervous about their bodies being revealed and think that their privacy will get invaded. However, that should not be your cause of concern, because estheticians do it all day and with every body type. They will not invade your privacy; in fact, they will try to make you feel easy.

Part 2: Hollywood Vs. Brazilian Wax: Key Differences

Hollywood Vs. Brazilian WaxLet’s explore the difference between Brazillian and Hollywood wax in this section.

Key Differences

1.     The Extent of Hair Removal

When it comes to Hollywood waxing, it removes all the hair on the bikini line and leaves you totally hair-free in your intimate area.

However, the Brazilian wax will leave you with some hair there. There will be some hair in your pubic area, which is called the “landing strip” because the hair is left behind in the shape of a strip.

2.     The Level of Left-Out Hair

In the Hollywood waxing treatment, there will be no hair left behind. But in Brazilian waxing, you can get different shapes in which the hair is left out, such as in a strip shape, triangle, or any shape as you want. Just tell your esthetician.

Different Styles of Hair Removal

In the Hollywood wax hair removal, there’s only one style, which is complete removal. However, in Brazilian waxing, you’ll get so many options like:

  1. Full Brazilian: This is the complete removal of hair, in which there’s no hair leftover on your bikini line.
  2. Landing Strip: In this, your bikini line will have a small strip of hair left out.
  3. Triangle: Your esthetician will remove all the hair and will leave your bikini line with hair in a triangle shape.
  4. Custom Styles: The brazilian wax is one of the hair removal methods, that you can customize. You can ask for the shape of the left-out hair like in a circle, or literally just anything.


Part 3: How To Prepare For A Hollywood Wax: Preparation Guide


  1. The first thing to do is to find a good and reputable salon from where you would like to get the waxing done. This is important because a salon with a poor reputation isn’t necessarily going to give you the best experience.
  2. Once you have found a good salon, book an appointment with them.
  3. Notice the hair length on your bikini line. It will be very best if you keep the length to at maximum ¼ inches. That’s the most ideal length for Hollywood waxing. Trim your hair if they are long.
  4. When your appointment is nearing, we suggest exfoliating 2 days in advance, because that will remove all the dead skin cells and it will also give make your waxing even better.
  5. In order to maintain proper hygiene, don’t forget to take a proper shower before you go to the salon. Also, we recommend that you wear comfortable clothing, because that will help you stay easy during the waxing process.
  6. Many ladies are worried about the pain, and that’s why they carry over-the-counter painkillers that will help you fight the pain during waxing.

Why Is It Important To Have A Communication?

It’s very important to have a clear and lengthy conversation with your esthetician well in advance because that will help her understand your preferences body even better. Here’s what details you can discuss with her:

1.     Discuss About Your Comfort Level

When you speak to your esthetician, let her know how much pain you can tolerate, and what are your comfort levels and comfort zones. There are so many girls with a more delicate and soft nature, who have a low pain tolerance but wish to go for Hollywood waxing.

2.     Tell Her About Your Previous Experiences

If you have tried Hollywood waxing somewhere else or at that same salon earlier, you should tell about your past experience. That way, if there is something that can be improved in the next session, your esthetician can prepare for it. And if there was something you liked about her way of waxing, then she can repeat the same.

Tips To Manage Anxiety & Discomfort

Here are a few tips that will help you control your level of anxiety and discomfort during your Hollywood waxing process.

1.     Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is one way of controlling your anxiety everywhere, whether you’re going to give a speech to a crowd, or when you’re on an adventure trip, or whether you are about to get Hollywood waxing done.

Breathe deeply and slowly, and try following some breathing exercises suggested by a good yoga guru.

2.     Use Numbing Cream

A numbing cream is very helpful in reducing the pain so that it stays within your tolerance level. The best way to use a numbing cream is to buy one over-the-counter and apply it an hour before your Hollywood waxing session. Many girls ask how painful is a Hollywood wax, and it literally depends on how much you can tolerate and if you’re using a numbing cream or not.

3.     Don’t Consume Caffeine

Even if you love coffee or caffeine a lot, we recommend not consuming it for 2 days before your Hollywood waxing session. That’s because caffeine can make your skin a little more sensitive, and the entire Hollywood waxing will become even more painful.

4.     Have A Positive Mindset

When you keep your mind calm and positive, you will observe better results for sure. Many women suggest that when you go to the salon with a positive mindset, nothing will go wrong. Have a friendly word with your esthetician before the process, so even your esthetician can relax a bit.

Part 4: A Step-by-step Guide To Hollywood Waxing Process

A Step-by-step Guide To Hollywood Waxing ProcessWaxing Process

  1. Usually, estheticians dust a little bit of powder, because that will make your skin feel good. After that, a tiny bit of pre-waxing oil may also be applied.
  2. Once your skin is ready for the wax, your esthetician will apply the wax on your genitals and other parts. Most of them use a wooden spatula, but you don’t have to bother.
  3. Then there’s a wax strip, which she will apply on the wax. This strip will make a tight grip on your hair and the wax on your skin. They’ll let the wax trip do their work for a few minutes.
  4. Then the esthetician will quickly remove the wax strip, which will pull out all the hair in that area. Since the bikini line is a sensitive area, your esthetician might ask you to hold the skin taut or ask for any other assistance in this step.
  5. Since the wax strip works only on a very limited area, the esthetician will now repeat the process to cover the remaining parts.
  6. Even after waxing, there can still be some stubborn hair left on the body, and since Hollywood wax is all about complete hair removal, your esthetician will now pick and pull all the leftover hair with tweezers.

Post-waxing Care

  1. So far your skin would have gone through a lot of pain, and that’s why post-waxing care becomes important. Your esthetician will use calming products, that target skin cells to calm down any irritation, burning, and other unpleasant sensations.
  2. Once your treatment is done, you may plan on the next sessions and book appointments in advance. But that’s an optional step.

Part 5: Types of Waxes Used in Hollywood Waxing

Hot Wax

 Hot Wax

Hot wax is melted to bring it to a liquid state and your esthetician will use the wax in a molten form to spread it all over your bikini line. Usually, hard wax is used on sensitive areas, because that will reduce your level of discomfort to very high levels.

  • You don’t need waxing strips to remove hard wax, because it’s the wax layer becomes so thick on the body, that you can simply pull it out with your hands. This also means that skin gets pulled less and you will feel less pain.
  • Since a thick layer of wax needs to be applied, this process becomes a little time-consuming.
  • Hot waxing is a tricky process, and you will need some good skills to do it properly.

Strip Wax

 Strip Wax

In strip wax, the thickness of wax is very thin, and you will need a wax strip to remove it. A lot of estheticians use strip waxing for a Hollywood waxing technique, but you can always talk to them in advance about the process.

  • This is a quicker method and can cover your entire bikini line so quickly.
  • Since you don’t need a lot of waxing for this process, it will become cheaper for you.
  • Soft wax usually makes a very tight grip on hair and skin, Pulling the stip will also pull your skin, which is why strip wax becomes very painful, especially on the sensitive areas.

Part 6: How Long Does A Hollywood Wax Take?

In most cases, you can expect to spend about 30 to 45 minutes on a Hollywood waxing session. But that’s just an average time limit because there are so many factors working behind this time range. Similarly, how long a Hollywood wax lasts also depends on so many factors.

Your Hair Density Can Increase The Waxing Duration

If you’re a lady with a high hair density on your bikini line, then you need to be prepared to spend more time on your Hollywood waxing. For females with even higher hair density, the duration can reach up to an hour too.

The Experience Level of Your Esthetician Is Crucial

Sometimes, expert estheticians just carry out the entire Hollywood waxing session so quickly and smoothly, that you will save a lot of time on the process. But, if your esthetician is not so experienced, then she can take more time to complete the waxing.

Part 7: Hollywood Wax Before and After

Here’s a quick picture that describes the before and after results of Hollywood waxing properly.

 Hollywood Wax Before and After

Part 8: How Long Does A Hollywood Wax Last?

The speed at which hair regrows after getting a Hollywood wax totally depends on how healthy their bikini line hair is. But still, you should expect your Hollywood wax to last at least 3 weeks or up to 6 weeks on average.

So what’s next after 6 weeks? You will notice that the hair is regrowing, and now it is up to you when you want to get the next Hollywood waxing session. You can either get another session after 6-7 weeks when the regrowing hair is still at a very initial stage, or you can simply grow your bikini line hair long, maybe for another 2 months, and then get another waxing session.

Part 9: Don’t Skip Hollywood Wax Aftercare

Once your waxing treatment is done, you should never skip aftercare treatment, as it helps your skin fight against the roughness that it went through during the process.

You can use products like aloe vera gel, witch hazel, ingrown hair serum, and certain calming lotions suggested by your esthetician and doctor for the best aftercare results.

It’s very easy to maintain healthy skin after your waxing sessions by exfoliating regularly, keeping your bikini line moisturized, wearing loose clothing, and not scratching even if you want to do it badly.

Part 10: How Painful is a Hollywood Wax?

There’s no straightforward answer to how painful a hollywood waxing is going to be. That’s because it’s entirely up to you how sensitive you are to the process. There are many ladies, who feel almost no pain, and get the process done without much discomfort, while so many ladies feel a lot of pain during the process.

Usually, the first-timers are more vulnerable to intense pain, because your bikini line is a sensitive area and a lot of hair will get pulled out of their skin at once. That will generate a lot of pain, but it should be short-lived. However, here’s what affects the level of pain you will feel during the process:

  • Your personal experience with the process will make you habitual of the process, so you should not feel much pain.
  • If you get regular waxing, then you should not feel much pain, because your body knows how to tolerate it.
  • If you have fine hair, then you will feel less pain, but those with a high hair density and/or coarse hair should feel a little more intense pain.
  • If you try relaxation techniques, then the process is going to be a little less painful.

How I Can Manage Temporary Discomfort?

If you are worried about the pain but hollywood waxing still tempts you, then you can try out these techniques, which can make your hollywood waxing session less painful:

  1. When the process begins, you can try to distract yourself from the process by reading a book, or simply keep scrolling your phone.
  2. Some over-the-counter pain relievers are one of the best to relieve pain. Women usually take a pill an hour before the process for the best pain-relieving results.
  3. You need to avoid hot showers on the day of your hollywood waxing because hot water makes skin more sensitive to waxing, which will increase pain.
  4. In case if you are nervous, then it can increase the pain. In that case, talk to your esthetician well in advance, so she knows that you are nervous. She will be extra careful with the process and will carry out your waxing session more gently.
  5. A numbing cream is another medication that will decrease the sensations in your bikini line.


So far, it should be clear to you what is Hollywood waxing, how it is different from Brazilian waxing, how you can prepare yourself for the process, and what tricks you can reduce the painful sensations to some extent. Always remember, that a good esthetician and a well-reputed salon are the two most important aspects of the entire Hollywood waxing journey, as they are the ones that will give you the most pleasing and memorable waxing experience.

Before you start your hollywood waxing journey, don’t forget to speak to your professional consultant whom you trust the most, as they can give you customized plans to make your hollywood waxing worth every penny.

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