Shaving Made Easy: How To Shave Bum Hair

Shaving Made Easy: How To Shave Bum Hair

Having bum hair is a natural occurrence capable of preventing skin irritation and chafing as you engage in daily activities. However, sometimes, it can get too hairy which can make you feel uncomfortable. In fact, many people wonder about the most effective methods on how to shave bum hair.  Don’t look any further because in this article we’re going to answer questions like why is my bum so hairy, what is bum fluff, and how to shave bum hair, as well as other hair removal options for bum hair.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What is Bum Fluff?

What is Bum Fluff

In simple terms, bum fluff can be defined as the initial beard growth of a young male adolescent. It simply refers to the light sparse and soft facial hairs that grow on the cheeks or upper lips of an adolescent male child. Talking about bum fluff, you cannot do without mentioning the stages of hair growth. This is because bum bluff is a part of the early stage of hair growth. Generally, there are four stages of hair growth that humans (both male and female) experience. The four stages involved are anagen, catagen, telogen and exogen.


Part 2: Some Common Concerns and Misconceptions About Bum Fluff

Even though hair growth is a natural process, there are some common concerns and misconceptions about bum fluff that need to be addressed.


Patchy Appearance: Bum fluff is often known for its patchy looks. But worry not, it is normal for the first hair growth stage.


Peer Pressure: Bum fluff is a natural stage that will pass so don’t feel bad when you see your peers flaunting seemingly fast-growing hair.


Individual Genes/Traits: The history/ hair growth of family members would tell more about what your bum fluff will develop into.

Part 3: Why Is My Bum So Hairy?

Talking about body hair, the biggest concern for some people is the fact that it induces itching, causes irritation, and makes them feel uncomfortable. And most of these problems are associated with the rate at which your hair grows. That begs the question: why is my bum so hairy? There are different reasons why you have a hairy bum. Some of these reasons include:


Genetics: The nature of your hair is mostly determined by the genes you inherit. As such, the thickness, colour, and amount of hair growing on your butt can be influenced by your family history.


Medications: Some medications can make your hair grow thicker. Examples include corticosteroids and oral minoxidil, used to treat certain medical conditions like allergies and hypertension.


Hormrone Condition: The endocrine system helps the body to make and release hormones. However, if these hormones are not properly balanced, they can cause your hair to have a bizarre growth especially if you have medical conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hirsutism, or when your adrenal glands are too active.


Hypertrichosis: Although this condition is not common, it can make your hair anywhere on the body way more than normal. The major sign that you have this condition is when you find a big patch of thick hair in a place you usually don’t have.

Part 4: How to Shave Bum Hair with an Electric Razor

How to Shave Bum Hair with an Electric Razor

Let's face it! The truth is that sometimes shaving your bum hair can make you feel irritated. But do not worry, we've rounded up a step-by-step guide on how to shave bum hair with an electric razor. You can also check out How to Shave Down There Men: Top 3 Methods & Tips.


Step One

You need to start by preparing your skin for what lies ahead. You can take a warm bath to open up pores and soften the hair.  Preparation is important because it makes shaving easier and minimises irritation.


Step Two

Before you begin to shave with your electric razor, you should check whether the hair on your bum is long. If it is, you should use an electric trimmer or a pair of scissors to cut it down.


Step Three

Razors can become clogged, rusted, or dirty. So before you shave, ensure that the razor is debris-free and not rusted. For best results, it's better to follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer.


Step Four

Next, find a well-lit area and position yourself in the best way that will make shaving easier. Ensure to have a mirror with which you can better navigate the hidden areas.


Step Five

After securing a good position, the next thing you need to do is stretch your skin to achieve a taut surface. Doing this will ensure the smooth gliding of the razor which will in turn reduce nicks and cuts.


Step Six

Your style of shaving matters a lot. Ensure that you go gently and slowly while shaving in the direction of hair growth. Do not apply too much pressure and don't go over the same place repeatedly to avoid irritation and ingrown hairs.


Step Seven

Rinse the shaved area with clean water and Pat with a dry clean towel. If you have an alcohol-free moisturiser, you can add it to hydrate and calm the skin.  Afterward, you can clean and store the electric razor in good condition as recommended by the manufacturer.

Part 5: Other Hair Removal Options for Bum Hair

Other Hair Removal Options for Bum Hair

Indeed, shaving is not the only option available for removing bum hair. Below are some alternatives to shaving:


Waxing: This is a rather different method from shaving. This employs the use of cold or hot wax to remove hair. Although it is believed that this method provides long-lasting results compared to shaving, it can induce pain and discomfort.


Laser Hair Removal: This is yet another different endeavour entirely. It utilises laser energy for targeting and destroying hair follicles. It has a long-lasting effect, however, it may not suit all skin types and it requires several sections done by well-trained professionals.


Intensive Pulse Light (IPL): Some people ignorantly think that shaving is the only way to remove hair. However, when talking about hair removal options, IPL also stands out as an effective method to remove hair. IPL utilizes a light source to remove hair by heating up and ultimately destroying hair follicles. One stand-out IPL device on the market is Ulike IPL device. From positive customer ratings to effectiveness and nearly painless process, Ulike IPL device has all the assurance you need. Want to know more differences between IPL and Shaving? See IPL vs. Shaving.


Hair Removal Cream: This is a method that involves using creams that contain chemicals and special formulas that easily break down hair structure. Although this method is effective for wiping out hair, it can sometimes have adverse reactions depending on skin type.


If you’re experiencing bum fluff, you don’t have to fear it since it’s just a phase that will come and go. However, if later on you experience scanty hair or your bum is too hairy, it may be a result of factors like genetics, hormones, or individual differences. Regardless, it is better to know your skin type and the hair removal method that works best for you.