How to Use a Face Roller the Right Way?

How to Use a Face Roller the Right Way?

A face roller holds numerous advantages but understanding the right way to use it is important. This article teaches how to use a face roller the right way.

A face roller is a wonder skincare tool that has recently been the talk of the beauty and skincare community all over the world. However, a face roller is not an innovation of recent times, it has existed for centuries and is known to have been popularly used in Ancient China. There are different types of face rollers available in the market, each made of a different material and serving a different purpose.

Read further to know more about what purpose this ancient skincare tool serves and how to reap the benefits of a face roller.

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What Does a Face Roller Do?

A face roller is an ancient massage tool that is mainly used on the face and neck area.

  • It facilitates lymphatic drainage which helps reduce any form of swelling or puffiness.
  • It increases blood flow and boosts collagen production under the skin, thus, making the user look more radiant and young.
  • It tones out facial muscles which helps prevent ageing.

Different Types Of Face Rollers In The UK Market

Jade Face Roller

Jade Face RollerA jade face roller’s head is made up of Jade crystal. The Jade crystal is best known for its cooling properties which help boost the immunity of the skin, soothe irritation, ease jawline tension, and reduce puffiness and fine lines. Here’s how to use a jade roller:

  • One should use the smaller roller for sensitive parts including eyebrows, lips, under the eyes, etc.
  • The larger roller is meant for the nose, cheeks, chin, and other major facial regions.

Ice Roller

Ice RollerIce has been commonly used for centuries by many to look refreshing. They’re cold skincare tools that have great benefits. They help reduce inflammation and help in the circulation of blood, which contributes to skin looking brighter. 

Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Face RollerThis type of face roller is made of a special crystal called Rose Quartz. It is one of the most beautiful crystals that is associated with love and powerful healing. Rose Quartz is best known for healing and repairing skin cells and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

The correct way how to use a rose quartz roller requires the application of moisturising serum and rolling the roller from centre to the sides of the face until the serum gets absorbed into the skin.

Metal Face Roller

Metal Face RollerA metal face roller as the name suggests is made up of metal. It was only in recent times this has come into use. The most commonly used metals for making these types of face rollers are stainless steel and zinc alloy. Zinc alloy helps ease skin tension and boost blood circulation.

Crystal Face Roller

 Crystal Face     RollerCrystals are mineral stones that are best known to possess healing properties that activate when combined with the energy of the individual using them. Face rollers are made of many crystals like Obsidian, Kansa, Opalite and Amethyst. All these crystals serve different purposes they help to tone and lift the skin, reduce dark circles and prevent ageing.

Face Roller Benefits

  • Face rollers facilitate smooth blood circulation which helps brighten the skin and transform the texture of skin.
  • As face rollers contribute greatly to even out the skin elasticity this further reduces the appearance of pores.
  • Lymphatic drainage is vital for skin to look good, and there is no better tool to help facilitate that than a face roller.
  • Applying a face oil, serum or moisturiser with a face roller helps in evenly distributing the product and covering all areas of the skin.
  • Face rollers are made up of material with cooling properties, this helps in reducing inflammation and soothing the skin.
  • As face rollers are best known to tone face muscles, this contributes to the release of tension in the jaw area.
  • Face rollers help tighten the skin, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and further helps achieve plump and glowing skin.
  • Massages are a foolproof way to ease stress, using a face roller can help with de-stressing.
  • At times, due to diet, irregular sleep patterns and other different reasons, fluid collects under the skin creating an unpleasant puffy look. The go-to solution to easing puffy skin is a face roller massage as it helps drains the liquids and toxins collected.
  • Using a face roller before applying makeup can help achieve a better look.

How to Use a Face Roller?

How to Use a Face RollerOne should use a face roller properly to get the maximum advantages in the following manner:

Step 1. Cleanse

Prepare the skin by using a suitable gentle cleanser and dry the face clean with a gentle towel.

Step 2. Lubricate

Use a preferred moisturiser, serum, or face oil that is slippery enough to help with the smooth movement of the roller. Skipping this step will cause the roller to tug the skin further causing wrinkles and fine lines.

Step 3. Core Process

  • Start rolling it on the neck in an upward direction.
  • Move to the jaw and chin area and continue rolling the face roller in the same upward direction but, towards the end of the ear.
  • Do the same in the cheekbone area as well. For the forehead area pull the roller away from the eyebrow and into the hairline.
  • When massaging under the eye, be cautious and gently pull away into the ear.

Pressure is Key

Although rolling the roller the right way is important, pressure plays a vital role in yielding the best result. Too much pressure may cause damage and too little pressure will simply leave the massage ineffective. According to the skin type, the user must judge and use the face roller accordingly.

Customise The Massage

Some prefer their massage to have a cooling and relaxing sensation, while others prefer a warm sensation. Luckily, face rollers are flexible enough to help users achieve both. Refrigerate the roller before use for a cooling effect. Dip the roller head in warm water for 30 seconds and dry it off to achieve a warm effect.

How Often To Use A Face Roller?

Using a face roller 4 to 7 times a week will yield the best results. However, it is important to note that it is harmful to the skin to use a face roller for more than a period of five to ten minutes. It is best advised to use it once during the day and once in the night.

Factors affecting this frequency are:

  • If one’s facial skin is sensitive, they might use a face roller once every 2 to 3 days.
  • In case of cuts and wounds on the face, minimise the roller frequency to allow wounds to heal.
  • Chemical treatments or other skin care treatments may irritate the skin and cause damage. It is best to avoid using the roller at times as such.
  • Using a face roller when the skin appears saggy, helps greatly in reducing the droopiness, it tightens the skin and helps achieve firm skin.
  • Consistency is key when it comes to frequency of use, as this will yield the best results. Inconsistent or rigorous use of the face roller may cause damage and be ineffective.
  • Those with acne and skin allergies must use the face roller in a cautious and limited manner as it can help spread bacteria all around the face.


In today’s time, the ancient skincare tool is a boon for many as it is a pocket-friendly manner to give the skin a luxurious treatment. This article is a one-way guide to face rollers, it explains why face rollers are beneficial and the many different types of face rollers and their specialties. Using a face roller for beginners may be a challenging task, but this article provides a guide on how to use the face rollers to get maximum advantage.