How to Manage Ingrown Hair Under Armpit?

How to Manage Ingrown Hair Under Armpit?

Ingrown hair is simply shaved, waxed, or tweezed that curls back into the skin. In some cases, the hair simply grows back into the skin instead of growing outwards. Ingrown is commonly seen in everyone who removes hair, but, it is more common with curly hair type individuals.

Generally, ingrown hair can be very painful, and cause inflammation and bumps. Ingrown hair in the armpit area especially can be painful as it is a sensitive area. Ingrown hair can cause hard red lumps in the armpit. Read further to find out more about the causes of ingrown armpit hair and how it can be treated.

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What Are The Causes Of Ingrown Armpit Hair?

Incorrect Hair Removal Techniques

Using a blunt razor, not applying wax properly, and applying too much or too little pressure when removing hair can cause ingrown hair to develop. Use proper razor-sharp razor blades and hair removal equipment. Shave and remove hair in the direction of hair growth.

Tight Clothing

Wearing tight clothing can limit the skin's breathability. Tight clothing causes friction and causes hair to grow inwards instead of outwards, especially in the armpit area. Wear loose breathable clothes, especially after removing hair from the armpit.

Excessive Sweating

The armpit is generally a very sweaty area, sweat is a primary contributor to the growth of ingrown hair. Sweating also allows bacteria to accumulate in the armpit area causing the ingrown hair to be all the more painful.

Dead Skin

Dead skin present in the armpit can block and clog the follicle causing the hair to grow back into the skin instead of pushing it forward, thus, causing painful ingrown hair in the armpits. Exfoliation can help prevent this ingrown hair due to this cause.

Curly and Coarse Hair

Those with curly and coarse hair are more likely to experience ingrown hair in the armpit compared to those who don’t coarse or curly hair. This is because this type of hair naturally curls itself, and in some scenarios, the hair may curl back into the skin causing ingrown hair.

How to Treat Ingrown Armpit Hair?

How to Treat Ingrown Armpit Hair?Warm Compression & Gentle Exfoliation

Wash and soak the armpit in warm water for 3 to 4 minutes. Apply body wash or soap. Use a gentle loofah or scrub and exfoliate the armpit. This will cause the hair to slowly come out of the skin. Another method to bring the hair to the surface is by using a heat compression pad or cloth.

Extract Ingrown Hair Using Tweezers

Exfoliate the skin with warm water and a washcloth. After which, use a clean tweezer to remove the hair, do so only when a thin hair strand is seen on the surface. If the ingrown hair does not appear on the surface, leave it alone and don't try to extract the hair.

Use Antibiotics and Ointments To Discourage Infection

Ingrown hair may contain conteria in and around the area. The armpit being a swety spot can also have an accumulation of bacteria. Make use of ointments twice a day to soothe the area and prevent any further infections or rashes. Ointments with glycolic acid and steroid creams help treat ingrown hair.

Opt For Over-the-counter Topical Solutions To Address Inflammation

Inflammation is a common outcome of ingrown hair, this however can be treated with the help of over-the-counter topical solutions such as pain relief tablets like ibuprofen and ointments. These solutions will help ease the inflammation and reduce pain springing up from ingrown hair in the armpit.

Can Ingrown Hair Cause Lump Under Armpit?

Can Ingrown Hair Cause Lump Under ArmpitYes, ingrown hair can cause a lump under the armpit. These lumps are usually small and pea-sized and can be painful at times. Lumps caused by ingrown hair are known as ingrown hair cysts and in some cases may contain pus and cause a feeling of tenderness under the armpit.

Different Types Of Lumps

One can notice either of these types of lumps under their armpits that arise due to armpit ingrown hair:

  • A red solid bump is typically coned-shaped with a circular head. Ingrown hair may be in the form of a tiny dot or a strand of hair.
  • A bump filled with white pus usually looks white or yellowish in colour. In a few lumps resulting from ingrown hairs presence of pus can be noticed. This is usually formed due to an infection.
  • Trapped ingrown hair can turn into cysts that are usually larger than usually occurring bumps. They are usually the same colour as that of the skin and can be incredibly painful as they have fluid formation within them.
  • Infections usually cause lumps and bumps to rise under the armpit area. This is due to the accumulation of bacteria caused by sweat and not cleaning the armpit right.

Understanding the Pain Due to Ingrown Hair Under the Armpits

Pain in the armpit is usually caused due to the presence of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair usually causes inflammation that becomes the primary cause of the pain.

Lumps & Bumps

Besides this, the formation of lumps, bumps, cysts, and infections due to ingrown hair can be other leading causes of pain under the armpit. Ingrown hair is usually flamed and this is what causes pain. Accumulation of fluid under the skin is a driving cause for pain under the armpits as this forms lumps and makes the movement of the armpits painful.

Pilonidal Cysts

Other reasons for pain under the armpits can be the formation of pilonidal cysts due to excessive growth of lumps cysts. These cysts can be very painful but do not pose any health risks. However, one should see a doctor to treat the pain and clear up the area of any infection if present.

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Under Armpit?

How to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair Under ArmpitIngrown hair under the armpit can be removed by following the recommendations listed below

Always Follow Proper Shaving Techniques

Not shaving properly is the primary cause of the development of ingrown hair. To prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair use a sharp-edged razor blade when shaving.

  1. Use shaving cream or shaving gel as desired and opt for wet shaving over dry shaving.
  2. Lather the shaving cream well on the armpits and let the cream settle there for 20 to 40 seconds. This will soften the hair and avoid any chances of ingrown hair.
  3. Shave from one end while gliding the razor with the right force, neither too tight nor too light. Avoid striking multiple times in the same zone.
  4. One may go for a second round of shaving if they feel that not all the hair got shaved.
  5. Aftershaves are optional. One may or may not wear them, as desired.

Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation right before shaving is a vital step to take. Skipping out on exfoliation of under armpits can cause dead skin to clog and build up. The build-up of dead skin does no benefit but instead, causes the appearance of ingrown hair. Exfoliation helps clear this up and keep the skin free from dirt and dead skin thus, enhancing hair growth in the outward direction instead of the inward direction. One can make use of a soft loofah or a body scrub under the armpits right before a shaving session to prevent ingrown hair.

Always Wear The Right Clothing

Wearing loose clothes is very important in order to prevent ingrown hair. Loose clothes allow hair to grow without any restrictions and allow proper air ventilation. Furthermore, cotton fabric is known to give the right amount of ventilation, becoming the best during summer.

Try Different Hair Removal Methods

Shaving and waxing are some of the most common methods of armpit hair removal, which can cause ingrown hair. One can try electrolysis for permanent hair removal, Ulike IPL device for almost painless and long-lasting hair removal results or laser treatment. However, it’s important to understand that these techniques have their pros and flaws, where Ulike IPL device seems to be the most sensible solution. Ulike IPL treatment will be cost-effective, nearly painless, and offers long-lasting results, becoming one of the trending methods of underarm hair removal in the UK.


It’s easy to get ingrown hair under the armpit and there’s a high chance that those hair can cause pain someday. Luckily, there are several techniques through which one can treat their pain and avoid further mishaps. For instance, exfoliation, opting for different hair removal methods such as Ulike IPL hair removal, etc., are painless and discourage ingrown hair under the armpit.

One should keep exploring more options for hair removal through which they can avoid ingrown hair and pain arising due to it.