How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz  3 Ways to Do It Efficiently

How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz: 3 Ways to Do It Efficiently

Peach fuzz is short and fine hair that grows on the facial region including the forehead, cheeks, throat area, sideburns, and temples regions. It may not be visible at first sight but can be seen under direct light with a close look. Peach fuzz can be unwanted for a lot of people, especially women, triggering them to get rid of them through various means.

This article is a professional exploration of the top 3 ways how to get rid of peach fuzz most efficiently and everything related to its removal.

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What’s Peach Fuzz?

What’s Peach FuzzPeach fuzz grows in the form of fine hair and the colour ranges from blonde to black shades. They’re best visible under direct light such as sunlight or in well-lit rooms. Those with a high density of peach fuzz may want to get rid of them through shaving, waxing, threading, etc.

Furthermore, peach fuzz can give a layer of insulation to the face and protect it from pollutants to some extent. However, peach fuzz may be unwanted especially when one needs to meet important people in professional meetings, parties, or places where their face needs to appear smooth and glossy.

Is It OK to Remove Peach Fuzz From Face?

It’s completely safe and fine to remove peach fuzz from the face if one wants to. However, it has pros and cons that are listed below:

Benefits Of Removing Peach Fuzz

  • The absence of peach fuzz will leave a soft, smooth, glossy, and tempting touch and feel to the facial skin. Those who like a soft and silky touch on their facial skin should consider removing their peach fuzz regularly.
  • Without peach fuzz on the face, the makeup and cosmetic application will be easier and better. The makeup will give a smooth finish to the face since there’s no peach fuzz to roughen the appearance.
  • Skincare products like sunscreen, moisturiser, antiseptic creams, etc, will absorb efficiently on the face if there’s no peach fuzz.
  • It’ll be helpful in gaining attention and appreciation in business meets, professional collaborations, parties, etc., when one has no peach fuzz on their face.
  • When one removes peach fuzz through shaving, dermaplaning, etc., they’re also exfoliating their face in the meantime. This eliminates the need to exfoliate the face separately, helping save time.

Possible Drawbacks Of Removing Peach Fuzz

  • The process of removing peach fuzz needs to be executed properly or else it can irritate the skin and damage the skin tissues at a microscopic level.
  • Peach fuzz removal is still a temporary solution to soft, silky, and clean skin and regular removal can introduce ingrown hair on the face.
  • Removing peach fuzz will cause the hair’s tip to get blunt and regrowing hair will appear coarser and darker.
  • Peach fuzz can reopen any recent cuts or wounds on the face.
  • Those who remove peach fuzz regularly need to begin a moisturisation routine or else the skin will become dehydrated and damaged over time.
  • One may experience skin redness if not removing peach fuzz properly, which generally happens when in a hurry.
  • Removing peach fuzz means removing a skin barrier, encouraging even more microorganisms to sit on the facial skin easily.

How to Get Rid of Peach Fuzz on Face?

At-home Remedies & Solutions To Remove Peach Fuzz

This section explains how to get rid of peach fuzz on your face at home.

1.     Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning resembles dry shaving, which requires a small handheld razor specially designed for dermaplaning. One needs to wash their face and dry it well with a towel. Then glide the razor on the face where they need to remove peach fuzz. Begin from the middle of the face and move towards the ears and temple regions.

2.     At-home Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

At-home Ulike IPL hair removal device is the most effective and sensible solution to peach fuzz removal that also gives long-term benefits. An IPL device such as one by Ulike is a small handheld mobile device like a trimmer. It shoots intense pulse light that reaches the peach fuzz’s follicles and destroys them. As a result, the peach fuzz will shed over time and regrowth will diminish. Any new peach fuzz will be finer and less dense.

  • It takes 5 to 9 sessions to treat peach fuzz for a very long time. Each session should barely take 5 minutes, similar to any other peach fuzz removal method.
  • Ulike IPL device is a mobile device, which is user-friendly and can be used conveniently anytime and anywhere.
  • It’s a safe product that’s designed for getting rid of unwanted hair on a long basis, including peach fuzz.

3.     Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams can take 10 to 15 minutes to show their results. One needs to apply depilatory cream and leave it for a few minutes before scraping it from the face. Depilatory creams may need to be applied 1 to 4 times a week depending on one’s requirements.

4.     Electric Trimmers For Facial Hair

There are electric trimmers available for trimming peach fuzz, which are ideal for people who don’t want a clean shave. Those with long peach fuzz may consider this option if they only want to reduce the length to a desired level instead of shaving it completely. This reduces any chance of ingrown hair.

5.     Waxing Strips

Soft waxing strips are one intelligent option to get rid of peach fuzz at home. However, there’s no guarantee that all the peach fuzz will get removed in one attempt. Furthermore, waxing is always a painful way of removing peach fuzz and unwanted hair.

Salon & Clinic Solutions To Remove Peach Fuzz

Laser Hair Removal

1.     Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal offers long-lasting and almost permanent peach fuzz removal results. One needs to get appointments before every session. Laser hair removal can take up to 10 sessions to get rid of peach fuzz and the time gap between each session needs to be decided after a proper consultation. The salons use laser machines to target hair follicles with the help of laser lights of certain intensities. The level of laser intensity needs to be decided precisely based on the patient’s skin.

2.     Waxing

Most salons offer professional waxing service, which is much safer and more efficient than waxing done at home. However, this method is more expensive than an at-home waxing solution.

3.     Electrolysis

The electrolysis process requires targeting each peach fuzz follicle independently and destroying them. The esthetician will use a fine probe and insert it into the patient’s skin to connect to the follicle. Then a small amount of electric current will be passed, causing certain chemical reactions to take place in the follicle. This chemical reaction will cause the follicle to destroy, resulting in peach fuzz shedding, and its permanent removal.

4.     Threading

The beautician will use a pair of threads to trap peach fuzz between them, resulting in a pullout. Threading is a very cost-effective but painful way of getting rid of peach fuzz, especially for those with a relatively higher hair density.

 Natural Remedies For Peach Fuzz Removal

3.Sugar and Lemon ScrubHere’s how to get rid of peach fuzz on your face naturally:

1.     Egg White Mask

Take some egg whites and beat them enough until they become frothy. Apply this paste on the face and let it harden. As the paste hardens, it’ll make a tight grip on the peach fuzz and when removed, it’ll pull out the peach fuzz. However, its effectiveness and efficiency are still uncertain and can differ from one person to another.

2.     Barley Scrub

One needs to take barley powder and mix it well with rose water and milk to achieve a thick consistency. This scrub can be applied to the face and used like any other scrub in the UK market. Gently scrub the face and rinse with water to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells.

3.     Sugar and Lemon Scrub

One may create a natural exfoliant by mixing sugar and dry lemon peel powder. Do not add additional water or any other liquid. Scrubbing this exfoliant on the face will encourage peach fuzz and dead skin removal. One may scrub it on their face in circular motions with a gentle touch for the best effects.

Will Peach Fuzz Grow Back Stubbly?

No! Peach fuzz will not grow back stubbly and it’s merely a myth that shaving hair will make them regrow thicker and coarser. The peach fuzz can appear slightly thicker at the initial regrowth stage but the texture will return to its original form in a while and it will not become stubbly.


Peach fuzz removal is safe and holds some advantages. Furthermore, there are no such concerning consequences of removing it and it’s a mere myth that it’ll become coarser upon regrowth. Therefore, one may remove peach fuzz using any appropriate methods according to their comfort. Options include salon treatments, at-home Ulike IPL hair removal devices for the best results, and natural remedies but they may not be as effective as Ulike IPL devices.