How to Use Ulike Air 10 Efficently?

How to Use Ulike Air 10 Efficently?

With the success of Ulike Air +, and Air 3, the market is now driving towards Ulike Air 10. Consumers are already excited about the product owing to several new and innovative features that target hair removal without pain. Ulike fans and hair removal enthusiasts looking for a brilliant hair removal IPL device should focus on Ulike Air 10.

This article is a clear and elaborative explanation of how to use Ulike Air 10 precisely along with some convincing reasons why to use the product in the first place.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What’s New In Ulike Air 10

New Technologies

  • Sapphire ice-cooling technology (new gen): Designed to keep the skin cool and avoid skin burns due to IPL heat.
  • SkinSensor: Ulike Air 10 can detect the skin tone and adjust accordingly. Moreover, it’s safe for skin, including sensitive skin.
  • DualLight: Users can enjoy faster treatment with the help of a dual pulse lamps instead of 1 in the predecessor models.
  • SHR System: It’s short for a Super Hair Removal system, which allows faster hair removal and a more long-lasting solution than earlier models.

Several Operation Modes

  • Fast Mode: It’s best suited for small areas and maintenance sessions. Also great for those who want just a touch-up session.
  • Normal Mode: It’s the most common mode, which is best for general treatment sessions.
  • High-Intensity Mode: Ulike has designed this mode for areas that require high intensity and for those users that need high-intensity treatment. Not meant for sensitive areas or sensitive skin, though.
  • SHR Mode: This mode is best for treating stubborn hair and skin of dark tones.

Quick Performance With Fast Results

For each session, one can expect to spend nearly 10 minutes, which is faster than the predecessor IPL hair removal models and competitors’ IPL hair removal device models. Furthermore, Ulike has worked on reducing the result time, allowing visible results after 1st week onwards.

Bonus Features

  • 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • 4 intensity levels to suit all kinds of skins and areas.
  • Controlled pricing without compromising on product quality.
  • Strong build and durable design.
  • Unisex model.
  • FDA-Clear IPL hair removal model.

Part 2: Ulike Air 10 User Guide & Tutorial

Step 1: Prepare for your Skin

Human skin is very sensitive to foreign elements including sun rays and weather conditions. Furthermore, it goes through a lot of harshness, wear, and tear when treated with IPL devices. Therefore, skin preparation is important.

  • Shave the treatment area 1 day before the treatment with the razor that comes with Ulike Air 10.
  • Moisturise the skin after shaving and apply coconut oil and aloe vera gel to heal any cuts and nicks overnight.
  • Wash the skin with soap and water on the treatment day and pat dry. This will remove all the oil, dust, dirt, and makeup settlements on the skin's surface.
  • Moisturise the skin properly with a branded moisturiser. Let it absorb in the skin in a few minutes.

Step 2: Getting the Device Ready

  • Plug in the device and press the power button once to turn it on.
  • Wear protective gear including eyewear that came with Ulike Air 10.

Step 3: Treatment

  • To select the intensity to the desired level, press the power button. Do not keep the power button pressed.
  • Press and hold the large button (treatment button) on the front to select the operation mode. Choose from 4 modes depending on the type of treatment.
  • If choosing the glide mode, the IPL beams will keep flashing automatically, allowing quick treatment completion, making Ulike Air 10 one of the best IPL hair removal models.

Step 4: Finishing Up

  • Wipe the front tip with a dry rug where the IPL bulb is located because some dead skin cells may settle on the tip during the treatment.
  • Treat the skin properly with a moisturiser and let it absorb in the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen in case it’s mandatory to go out under the sun.

Part 3: FAQs about Using Ulike Air 10

How To Ensure the Safety Of Your Ulike Air 10?

Securing Ulike Air 10 just like any other IPL device is important to ensure long-lasting functionality.

  • Don’t knock the device or do physical abuse with it. That can break the mechanism and hinder its performance.
  • Keeping the device dry and away from spillage and submerging is important.
  • Don’t glide the device on wet skin or hold it with wet hands.
  • Use the recommended charger or one that came in the package.
  • If more than 1 person needs to use the device, make sure to give it some time to cool down between different sessions.
  • Avoid using the device with oily or greasy hands.

How To Clean & Store Your Ulike Air 10?

One should clean and store their Ulike Air 10 properly just like any other electronic gadget and IPL device:

  • Wipe the tip and entire gadget with a dry and clean rug to remove any dust and dead skin cells built up on the device.
  • Use a cotton or silk rug to wipe the device. This will help in avoiding static electricity buildup.
  • Don’t put the gadget back into storage right after using it. Allow it to cool. Putting it in the box immediately can discourage heat from dissipating, causing potential heat damage to the internal components.
  • It’s suggested to store the gadget in the original packaging as much as possible.
  • Keep the device away from direct sunlight for a long time.
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How Often to Use Ulike Air 10 IPL Hair Removal?

In order to treat fine and thin hair, one can use Air 10 once a week. However, for hair with high density, stubborn hair, coarse hair, and/or long hair, one may go for a treatment 2 to 3 times a week. However, whatever days a person decides, they should follow regular sessions and maintain a proper gap between each session. Once the treatment is completed, a maintenance session once every 10 to 15 days should be ideal.

Do I Need to Shave Before Using Ulike Air 10?

Shaving the treatment area before using Air 10 will encourage melanin to absorb more IPL beams. On the contrary, not shaving, or having long hair will encourage hair to absorb IPL beams, which will reduce the treatment effect.

Does Ulike Air 10 Long-lasting Remove Hair?

Ulike has introduced the latest features that are one step closer to even more long-lasting hair removal. While truly long-lasting hair removal is not a thing in IPL treatments, Ulike Air 10 is more advanced and almost long-lasting.

How Long Does Ulike Air 10 Take to Work?

The effects will be visible from the first week onwards. While the treatment time is subject to the treatment area, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to treat a large body part like arms or legs. Air 10 should start working from the first session onwards.

Does Ulike Air 10 Work on Pubic Hair?

Yes, Air 10 can work on pubic hair, but males shouldn’t use it directly on their genitals. Hair on the arse, vagina, and pubic regions in males and females are still acceptable to be worked upon by Air 10.


Ulike Air 10 is packed with dozens of new and helpful features that all target long-lasting hair removal. Moreover, evolved ice cooling technology, multiple treatment modes, and faster and quicker results are some unique selling points that everyone should note when choosing an IPL device. In a nutshell, Ulike Air 10 will be one of the most advanced IPL devices in the market from 2024 onwards.