Does Ulike Air 10 Really Work?

Does Ulike Air 10 Really Work?

Ulike’s latest release Air 10 is one such IPL device that is a step closer to long-lasting hair removal. It features several exclusive technologies like better ice-cooling technique, dual IPL beams, and many more that the consumers can only find in Ulike Air 10. Before investing money in a good IPL device such as Ulike Air 10, it’s important to know whether or not Ulike hair removal works.

This article connects IPL device buyers with Ulike Air 10 and insights into this latest release in the UK market, so they can make an informed purchase.

Does Ulike Air 10 Really Work?

Does Ulike work like the company claims? Yes, it does. Ulike Air 10 is a device that can meet the expectations of the buyers and delivers results as the company claims. There are so many reasons why and how Ulike Air 10 has become a legitimate device.

Why and How Is Ulike Legit?

1.     Multiple Operation Modes

Ulike Air 10 device for hair removal for men and women comes with several operational modes to ease user operation:

  • Fast Mode: Designed to meet quick session requirements. Ideal for touchup sessions and small regions with very fine and low-density hair.
  • Normal Mode: This mode adjusts intensity for regular sessions, which is the most commonly used mode.
  • High Mode: Those who need to cure their stubborn, coarse, or highly dense hair should use this mode, in which the intensity automatically adjusts to the highest level.
  • SHR Mode: Ulike Air 10 can treat hair on relatively darker skin tones with this method and aims to take a step forward to long-lasting hair removal with this mode.

2. Exclusive Technologies

Ulike Air 10 features a number of exclusive technologies that are absent in the competitor brands and far better than its predecessor models:

  • Next Generation Sapphire Ice Cooling: It’s a trademarked cooling technology that aims to keep the skin cool from the heat that IPL beams generate. While IPL beams are harmless to the skin, the user will feel cool on their skin after the treatment with this in-built technology.
  • SkinSensor: It’s very common for a person to have uneven skin tone in the treatment area, which is why this technology will detect the skin tone before each flash and adjust the intensity level accordingly.
  • DualLight: Instead of 1 IPL lamp, Ulike Air 10 has 2 IPL lamps that make it more powerful, robust, and quick in performance. The average treatment time is as little as 10 minutes in general.
  • SHRMode: The Super Hair Removal technique is now available in Ulike Air 10, which aims to achieve long-lasting hair removal.

3. Nearly Painless Solution

IPL devices are generally nearly painless but can give a stinging sensation similar to rubber band snapping, because of the heat. This sensation remains absent in general treatment areas, but those with sensitive skin or treating sensitive areas can feel it.

Ulike Air 10 is a nearly painless solution even on sensitive areas and sensitive skin. Ulike achieved this milestone with the help of better ice-cooling technology and dual IPL beams.

Ulike Air 10 Is Dermatologically Tested

Ulike proudly announces that their Air 10 is among the dermatologically tested and recommended products in the United Kingdom. It passed several test parameters to become the victor.

FDA-Clear Device

Everyone asks whether or not is Ulike FDA-Clear. Yes, it is. The FDA has Clear Ulike Air 10, which is why it’s legit and worth buying. Non-FDA Clear devices are not that safe and can pose health issues in the long run, making Ulike Air 10 a better choice overall.

Money-back Guarantee

Ulike Air 10 is a valuable purchase but those who want to discontinue the use of Air 10 and want to return it can do so. Ulike backs Air 10 with a 90-day money-back guarantee that assures product return and up to 100% refund.

The product shall be undamaged and all the package contents must be present to qualify for a return. Moreover, the customer care team will assist buyers who seek refunds and returns and the buyers can reach out to them through the official website.

Ulike Air 10 Before and After

Why Is My Ulike Not Working As It Should?

Improper usage, skin tone, and hair colour mismatch, and many other factors can fail an IPL device. Ulike Air 10 may fail due to the following reasons:

Hair Colour & Skin Tone Incompatibility

Every IPL device including Ulike Air 10 demands certain skin tone and hair colour combinations:

  • Light skin tone with dark hair colour.
  • Medium skin tone but even darker hair colour.

In order to overcome this issue, the person should inspect their skin tone. If they recently bleached or dyed their hair to a light colour, wait until the colour washes off and retry when the hair is back to its original dark colour.

Irregularity In The Treatment

IPL treatment needs to be regular. The user needs to create a schedule for their IPL treatment sessions over a span of the next 3 to 4 months and follow it strictly. Skipping or delaying any sessions will break the system and the treatment will go unexpectedly wrong.

Create a proper schedule:

  1. First and Second Month: 2 sessions per week for normal and fine hair. Otherwise 3 sessions per week for highly dense and coarse hair.
  2. Third Month: 1 to 2 sessions per week with an equal gap between each session.
  3. Fourth Month: 1 session per week on the same day of each week.
  4. Follow-up Sessions: Follow-up or maintenance sessions can be once every month or fortnight depending on the hair regrowth or stubborn nature.

Unclean Or Dirty Treatment Area

Using IPL devices on dirty or clogged skin pores will not give the right results. IPL devices have a simple requirement for the treatment session:

  1. The skin should be dry and moist, preferably with the help of a moisturiser.
  2. There should be no oil, dust, and dirt buildup.
  3. It’s important to remove makeup completely, wash the area, and pat dry before beginning.
  4. Clothing should not block the treatment area in any manner. Make sure to keep the clothing away from the treatment area.

Improper Treatment Technique

Even though Ulike Air 10 is very easy to use, it’s important to follow the right technique:

  1. Prepare the treatment area. Wash it well, pat it dry and apply a moisturiser if it’s too dry.
  2. Inspect the hair and select the right treatment mode accordingly.
  3. Place Ulike Air 10 on the area properly so that it touches the skin completely. There should be no gap between the device and the skin and it should stay flat on the skin.
  4. Let the flash complete before lifting up the device.
  5. Don’t treat the same region more than 2 or 3 times per session.

Too little or No Hair in the Treatment Area

Ulike Air 10 and other IPL devices work by burning the hair above the skin and disrupting the hair growth cycle of the hair from the root level. If there’s no hair or too little or fine hair on the skin, then the device may not work. IPL devices need some hair to work on, which is why clean shaves before the treatment can make the sessions ineffective.

  • Don’t shave right before the treatment.
  • Avoid using the device daily especially if there’s no hair on the treatment area.


It’s clear that Ulike Air 10 really works, is legit, and is worth buying. Investing money in devices like Air 10 is a smart decision because it’s dermatologically passed and recommended, FDA-cleared, has 90-day money-back guarantee, and comes with 2 years of warranty. Moreover, it has so many exclusive technologies that the user cannot find on other devices. All these factors make Ulike Air 10 worth giving a try.