Is Ulike Worth The £239 Price?

Is Ulike Worth The £239 Price?

After being fed up with the bumps caused by wax and razor cuts given by shaving while removing the undesired hair from the body, we set our goals to find a hair removal method that will prevent redness, itching, razor burns, ingrown hair, and strawberry legs.

In addition, we wanted to introduce a hair removal method that will last much longer than the temporary techniques. Therefore, we got our hands on semi-long-lasting at-home IPL hair removal techniques. 

Furthermore, we tried to find the best IPL hair removal device in the market and concluded Ulike Air3, Silk’N Infinity, Braun Silk Expert, and Tria 4X as the top ones.

Criteria of Comparison and Rating

We tried and tested several at-home laser hair removal and then rated them according to unbiased criteria based on the following factors.


Results are the most important thing when it comes to buying an IPL device as such devices are useless if you have to repeat hair removal sessions too often. Therefore, we used these devices for some months and found out how effective their results were. Some devices showed results immediately while others took a while.


Laser hair removal costs around 2500 to 3000 pounds for achieving more than 90% hairlessness. This is too expensive and inconvenient when compared with IPL devices that provide similar results at around 200 to 400 pounds. 

Safe for At-Home Use:

IPL devices are an at-home FDA-Clear and dermatologist-recommended alternative to in-salon laser hair removal. These devices use light energy similar to laser at an intensity safe for at-home use without guidance.

Why Dermatologist-Prefered Ulike is the Best Choice for Removing Unwanted Hair with Long-Lasting Result?


Price: £319.00
Price at Discount: £239

 We all concluded that Ulike Air3 provided the best results and experience out of all the devices we tested for approximately 3 months. The device worked great for everyone with fair to medium brown skin tones and black to dark blonde hair.

It is the most affordable and effective option out of all the devices we tried. Additionally, its sapphire ice-cooling technology gave a calming sensation during the treatment session instead of the stinging pain that occurs with IPL devices. 

We gave this device a try mainly because it is globally certified and many dermatologists have reviewed it positively.

  • The most affordable device out of all we bought on this list
  • Lasts for many years to come with its 1 million flashes
  • Slim design with appropriately sized flashing window to treat face, body, and concealed areas
  • Offers 3 comfort modes for skin-friendly and hassle-free hair removal
  • Features continuous flashes and thumb-free mode for quick hair removal 
  • We noticed results only within 3 weeks and long-lasting hairless skin in less than 3 months
  • Treats the whole body in less than 12 minutes

Visit Their Site at: Ulike.Com UK 

Tria 4X Hair Removal Laser

Hair Removal Laser 4X

Price: £400.00
Price at Discount: £380.00

While IPL hair removal devices use broad-spectrum light making them different from lasers, Tria 4X hair removal laser is the device that uses coherent light flashed by professional lasers. 

This battery-operated digital device features a small round LED screen that shows intensity levels, pulse count, and lock/unlock of the device. Moreover, it has integrated skin tone sensors to unlock the device.

  • It takes 3 months to notice results with biweekly sessions and long-lasting hair results take a longer time
  • Costs more than Ulike Air3 with £400.00 price
  • Comes with limited flashes that only last for 2 to 4 years
  • It took us around an hour to treat the full body because of its small round window and our hands were tired of holding this heavy device.

Visit Their Site at Tria Beauty UK 

Silk’N Infinity Hair Removal IPL Device

Silk’N Infinity Hair Removal IPL DevicePrice: £350.00

The upgraded technology of Silk’N infinity hair removal IPL device features eHPL which is a combination of galvanic and optical energy. It provides the device with more speed and quicker results. Silk’N Infinity is a corded device with 600,000 flashes that go a long way. 

  •  It is compatible with most skin tones and hair colours making it one of the few devices suitable for dark skin tones
  • It is an FDA-cleared device
  • While Silk’N is designed to fit in the palm, it is not as slim as Ulike Air3

It costs £350.00 and offers no discount. Also, we did not feel any cooling sensation while using this hair removal device.

  • Provides more than 90% results in 3 months with 6 treatment sessions

Visit Their Site at Silk’N.Co UK 

Braun Silk Expert Mini Corded IPL Device 

Braun Silk Expert Mini Corded IPL Device

Price: £300.00

Braun is a beauty and technology brand that has a wide range of hair removal devices with popular IPL devices. Its handheld mini corded IPL hair removal IPL device costs a lot less than its full-sized devices and is equally effective.

It also takes around 3 months to show the results. Braun Silk Expert mini comes with several intensity levels that operate automatically by sensing the skin tone and area of treatment with its senso-adapt technology.

  • An affordable option when compared with Tria 4X laser and Silk’N IPL device
  • It is a clinically tested reliable at-home hair removal device
  • This device took over 60 minutes for a full body hair removal session and it disappointed us
  • Even though it is economical, it costs 61 pounds more than Ulike

Visit Their Site at Argos.Co UK 

The Final Verdict 

We searched thoroughly to find the devices that not only claim to show results within a few months but also work well to kill unwanted hair follicles. After using these devices and comparing their pros and cons, we agree that each of these devices was worth a try.

However, the story is different if we talk about the price. Ulike Air3 offers the most advanced features, the quickest hair removal sessions, and the fastest turnaround at a much less price. So, we conclude that the Ulike Air3 sapphire hair removal session is worth £239.