Ulike Air 10 vs Air 3: What Are the Differences?

Ulike Air 10 vs Air 3: What Are the Differences?

Ulike has launched Air 10 in the UK market for general consumers. What’s fascinating about this equipment is that it’s loaded with several patented and innovative features that are said to bring a revolution in the world of IPL hair removal practise.

This article connects the buyers with Ulike laser hair removal Air 10 device and elaborates on the differences between Air 10 and Air 3. What are the differences, how the devices are similar to each other, and what are the key improvements in the Air 10 version? This article explains all that in detail.

Ulike Air 10 Vs. Ulike Air 3

Ulike Air 10 Vs Ulike Air 3

Technological Differences

  1. Skin Cooling Technology: Air 3 features patented ice-cooling technology to protect the skin from heat and burns. Air 10 houses new-gen Sapphire ice cooling, Ulike’s patented skin cooling technique.
  2. Equipment Cooling Technology: Air 3 uses a dual air heat dissipation system and graphene and VC cooling liquid technology to keep the device cool, while Air 10 uses in-built fans to keep the device cool.
  3. Skin Tone Detection: Air 10 houses SmartSkin technology, a patented innovation for automatic skin tone detection before each flash.
  4. Number Of IPL pulse lamps: Air 3 uses a single lamp, while Air 10 uses DualLight, a patented innovation to flash two beams per flash.
  5. long-lasting Hair Removal: While Air 3 doesn’t guarantee long-lasting hair removal, Air 10 is a step closer to long-lasting hair removal through the SHR System.

Variations In The Treatment Modes

  1. Air 3: Ulike hair removal Air 3 model comes with 1 auto-glide mode for automatic flashes along with 3 energy modes to set 3 different intensity levels.
  2. Air 10: Air 10 comes with 4 treatment modes:
    1. Fast Mode: For quick sessions, touch-ups, and small treatment areas.
    2. Normal Mode: Meant for general and standard treatment sessions.
    3. High Mode: This is a high-intensity mode.
    4. SHR Mode: The device will automatically adjust the intensity to treat coarse hair, sensitive skin, and darker skin tones. This is also the best for treating stubborn hair such as those on male legs.

How Are Treatment Modes Better than Intensity Levels?

Air 3 comes with different intensity level adjustments, which can confuse users, especially newcomers on how to adjust the right intensity level. Incorrect selection can result in skin burns or failure to achieve hair removal results.

By implementing different modes, Ulike has made it easier for users to select the treatment mode based on the treatment area, size, and session duration.

Differences In The Results

Ulike Air 3 can show visible results from 2 weeks onwards, while Ulike Air 10 IPL hair removal device can show visible results in just half time, which is 1 week onwards. The treatment time is about 12 minutes in Air 3 and 10 minutes in Air 10.

Design Differences

While Ulike Air 3 features a simple and cute design for better grip, Ulike has taken extra steps towards the design development of Air 10. Users can expect an intelligently designed model that aids a perfect grip on the palms, a unisex design, and a cute overall appearance. Air 10 is nearly 815 grams as opposed to Air 3 that’s 271 grams. Air 3 has dimensions 7.05 x 2.29 x 1.34 [L x W x H] while Air 10 has 8.15 x 2.13 x 2.72 [L x W x H], all dimensions in inches.

Packaging Differences

Air 3 comes with the following package contents:

  • Air 3 gadget
  • Adapter with cord
  • Grey leather case
  • Protective eyewear glasses
  • Safety razor

Air 10 ships with these in-box contents:

  • Air 10 gadget
  • Power Adapter with cord
  • Protective eyewear glasses
  • Storage bag
  • Safety razor

Different Pricing Policies & Power Consumption

Ulike Air 3 is available for purchase at £239 in the UK market, while Air 10 is available for £309. The price difference is due to several advanced technologies and better user experience, which makes Air 10 one of the best IPL hair removal at-home devices in the UK market.

Ulike’s Air 3 consumes about 21 joules of power, while Air 10 consumes 26 joules of power. This is because Air 10 uses dual IPL beams and has a better heat dissipation system in-built, which requires more power.

Contrast & Similarities

Treatment Areas & Treatment Time

Both Air 3 and Air 10 enable full body treatment including certain sensitive areas. However, one should avoid using them on a few parts including the anal region and male genitals. Women can safely use both the devices on their bikini line and vagina.

Furthermore, the treatment time for Air 3 is nearly 12 minutes, while Air 10 is about 10 minutes, which doesn’t make much difference in practical life. But still, Air 10 proves to be slightly faster than Air 10.

FDA Clearance

Ulike has successfully got FDA clearance for their Air 3 and Air 10 models, which proves product quality, allowing UK citizens to develop a sense of trust in the brand.

Warranty & Money-back Guarantee

Ulike guarantees a 2-year warranty on Air 3 and Air 10 along with 90 days money-back guarantee. Users can try any model and get a full refund if they don’t find the product useful or appealing.

However, the product shouldn’t be damaged and one should return it with the original packing. Ulike’s customer support team is active 24x7 to help its valuable customers avail money-back guarantee with ease.

Professional Recommendations

It's very difficult to get recommendations from professionals and Ulike has succeeded in getting its Air 3 and Air 10 models recommended by dermatologists. On the contrary, not all the IPL device models in the market have a dermatologist recommendation. This means that Air 3 and Air 10 are not supposed to harm the skin during the IPL treatment.


Ulike has made Air 3 and Air 10 compatible with all body parts except for the male genitals and anal region. Moreover, both models work well on light skin tones with dark hair colour combinations. None of them will work properly on bleached hair or dark skin tones that have dark hair colour. One should also avoid using Air 3 or Air 10 on dyed hair as well.

Pain Levels

Air 3 and Air 10 are meant to be nearly painless. The user shouldn’t feel pain even when using Air 3 or Air 10 on their sensitive regions including the vagina. However, some people with a very low tolerance or those using an IPL device for the first time can feel a slight sting, which shouldn’t last even for 1 second, though.


Ulike Air 3 and Ulike Air 10 have a lot in common, while Air 10 has a lot of advanced features that explain its pricing policy. Since the UK audience is more inclined towards product quality and better user experience, it’s the best time for them to invest their money in Ulike Air 10 or Ulike Air 3 as their budget allows.

Both models offer fantastic results and incredible user experience. Those who are more oriented towards better user experience and newcomers should focus on Air 10 since they don’t have to adjust the intensity levels manually.