10 Things You Must Learn about Laser Hair Removal Beard

10 Things You Must Learn about Laser Hair Removal Beard

Laser beard removal is very popular among women for several reasons. First, we can get an aesthetic appearance on our face and get a smoother and better looking face. If you’re a woman with hormonal imbalances that’s causing visible beard growth, you may opt for laser beard removal. Some women find it irritating to have facial hair and so they get it removed through a laser treatment.

This article is a complete guide to all the things you should know if you’re interested in getting a laser beard removal whether you’re a man or a woman.

1.   Can You Get Laser Hair Removal on Your Beard?

Yes, getting laser hair removal on our beard is possible and a very safe option if we want to get rid of facial hair completely. But please remember that your beard should be dark along with a light skin tone combination. Laser treatment will not work on your beard if you have these hair colour and skin tone combinations:

  • Light Blonde Hair on Fair Skin
  • Red Hair on Fair Skin
  • White or Gray Hair on Any Skin Tone
  • Light Blonde Hair on Medium Skin
  • Red Hair on Medium Skin
  • Light Blonde Hair on Dark Skin
  • Red Hair on Dark Skin

The lasers will fail to target the hair if the hair colour is light. Also, if you have dark skin tone, it’ll absorb most lasers, failing the entire laser treatment.

2.   Is Laser Beard Removal Permanent?

No. Laser beard removal won’t give you permanent results but you can get long-lasting results. Also, it’s not necessary that the laser treatment will vanish all your beard hair. We might need an advanced treatment like electrolysis to cure our stubborn beard hair. Sometimes new hair follicles activate over time, which causes the effects of laser treatment to fade gradually.

Will My Beard Grow Back After Laser?

Your beard will grow back after the first two or three sessions of laser treatment. Once the laser beams manage to damage the hair follicles to such an extent that it cannot regrow hair properly, you will stop seeing new beard growth. This happens after the third session onwards in most ladies but if your beard is dense or coarse, then you might need some more time to see your beard growth stopped.

3.   How Long Does Laser Beard Last?

After we get the laser treatment completed, we can see the results for several months or maybe for more than 1 year. There are a lot of factors working behind how long our laser beard treatment will last:

  1. Our beard density, hair thickness, and the health of the follicles.
  2. Our skincare routine can also influence how long the laser treatment remains effective. If you happen to apply certain oils on the face regularly, it can nourish the follicles and make them healthy, allowing them to regrow healthy hair quicker.
  3. Lasers don’t kill the hair roots completely. As a result, they can revive over time and we will notice new hair gradually.

4. Does Laser Beard Hurt?

Discomfort and pain are two different terms and here in the case of beard removal through lasers, we would rather define it as uncomfortable, not painful. The lasers penetrate the skin so it can cause some heating and rubber band snapping sensations. Since so many lasers penetrate in the meantime continuously throughout the treatment, it can leave us with sensations that we can feel even after completing the session. To reduce the sensations:

  • We can apply a topical numbing cream about an hour before the treatment.
  • Don’t consume caffeine before the treatment.
  • Keep your skin away from the sun before and after the treatment.
  • Don’t exfoliate. Instead, shave before the treatment so that the lasers will mostly target the hair roots rather than hair above the skin.

5. How Many Laser Sessions Does It Take to Remove a Beard?

On average, we can start seeing the results from the second or third session onwards. The increased effects will be more visible from the sixth session onwards. In order to complete the treatment you will need at least ten or twelve sessions.

Please remember that we need to keep a time gap of 12 to 20 days between each session. But our esthetician will test our beard and skin condition and give the correct time gap and the number of sessions we will need to complete the treatment.

The treatment should be completed in 6 months if there are a total of 12 treatment sessions, each 4 weeks apart.

Here is the laser hair removal beard before and after results:

6. How Much Is Laser Hair Removal for Beard?

Beard usually grows on the cheeks, neck, upper lip, and chin area. In women, the beard may or may not grow in all the areas, though. The laser beard removal cost and price for a single session are as follows:

  • Full face: £40.00
  • Lip & Chin: £21.50
  • Forehead to nose or upper lip to chin (½ face): £30.00
  • Lip: £12.50
  • Face & neck: £49.00
  • Chin: £17.00
  • Front and back of the neck: £21.50
  • Jawline: £21.50
  • Beard sculpting: £60.00
  • Sideburns: £21.50

Reference: https://www.laserclinics.co.uk/laser-hair-removal-prices/

7. What are the Beard Laser Hair Removal Side Effects?

  1. Swelling: You may notice that your treated area will swell for some time, which should fade automatically in the next 24 hours.
  2. Redness: The treated area can get slightly red along with blisters and itching. This should resolve on its own in 2-3 days.
  3. Tingling and different sensations: You may feel tingling, burning, itching, and many different types of sensations after the treatment, especially if it’s the first time. They should be resolved in 1-3 days.
  4. Skin Crusting: The skin might crust or start peeling as it heals after the treatment.
  5. Changes in the skin colour: The skin might either get red, darken, or lighten due to the effects of laser beams.
  6. Scars: Scars are rare but you might get temporary or permanent scars on the treatment area.

8. Does Laser Hair Removal Get Rid of Beard Shadow?

Laser hair removal is not efficient enough to eliminate beard shadow completely. But it can definitely reduce the beard shadow. Your beard shadow may or may not fade completely through laser treatment based on these factors:

Hair Density

If the beard hair has a high density, then laser hair removal shall not remove the beard shadow completely. For less dense hair such as in women, they might get rid of beard shadow completely.

Hair Thickness

Coarse hair will make it almost impossible to remove beard shadow completely. Thin and fine hair means you can get rid of your beard shadow.

Your Hormones

Sometimes, some people’s hormones make it difficult for the effects of laser treatments to last for a long time, which means that even if you get rid of beard shadow to a great extent, it may still start to become visible soon due to hormones and genes.

9. Should Men Laser Their Beard?

Beard is a masculine feature and a pride for a lot of men across the world, including England. We would like to suggest that if you’re thinking of getting your beard removed through lasers, you may not be able to get back full density and hair thickness once the treatment completes. This means that the results are not completely irreversible and you might regret your decision in the future.

If you’re a femboy or trans, or if your beard bothers you a lot, then getting a laser treatment on your beard as a male shouldn’t be a problem. We suggest that you clean shave first and notice general public reactions and see if the clean shave looks to suit you or not. If not, then laser treatment on your beard is not a good idea overall.

10. Is Laser Beard Removal Worth It?

Key Benefits

  • We’ll get very long-lasting results.
  • Laser beard removal can treat almost all hair, except for a minor percentage of stubborn hair that we can get treated through electrolysis.
  • Even though the procedure can be slightly uncomfortable, we can use topical creams to tackle it.

What Are the Downsides?

  • The total cost of the treatment can be expensive, especially if your beard is very dense and coarse.
  • You will have to be present at the salon at the prescribed time or else you will lose your appointment.
  • Getting the treatment means you’ll have to invest money in topical creams as well. This can again add to our cost of treatment.

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Laser hair removal can be costly in England, especially if you’re getting the treatment from a reputed salon at a prime location in a major city. Please remember that you will have to speak to your esthetician, book an appointment, and let them test your beard and skin condition, so that they can tell you exactly how many treatment sessions you will need. Also, you may choose from several packages like full face, ½ face hair removal, etc. Sometimes there are promotional offers, where you can save some euros.