Should I Shave My Head?

Should I Shave My Head?

There are so many reasons why we should shave our heads. For example, if we are suffering a receding hairline, if there is too much hair fall, or if our female partner likes bald men, and more. While shaving our heads has so many benefits, it also comes with regular maintenance, which is why men often stay in confusion whether or not should I shave my head.

In this article, we have given a complete guide so that you can decide if you want to shave your head or not.

Should I Shave My Head?

Benefits of Shaving Head Male

1. It Looks Sexy

A shaved head definitely looks sexy and some examples are famous celebrities in the film industry. We can take examples of Jason Statham, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and more. So many women take bald men as an experienced sex partner and a sign or a real man.

2. It’s An Economic Choice

Shaving our heads will leave us with less investment in haircare products. We only need to invest in regular shaving tools like a shaving kit and/or an electric razor. Also, we can save on salon expenses if we keep our heads shaved.

3. You Can Hide Your Hair Fall Problem

If you are troubled with hair fall or a receding hairline, shaving your head is one of the best solutions. As a result, you don’t have to worry about hair falling in your food or anywhere. One of the reasons why some celebrities keep their heads shaved is their receding hairline.

4. It’s More Hygienic Than Having Long Hair

Having long hair can house countless microorganisms growing on our scalp and can be unhygienic especially if you need to stay outdoors for most of the time. Moreover, dust and dirt buildup and sweating can make our scalp unhygienic. This won’t be a problem if we shave our heads.

5. A Bald Head Will Be More Convenient For Males

 A lot of men struggle to do daily physical tasks if they have long hair. Long hair can get in our way and cause frustration and irritation. Having no head hair will keep our vision unrestricted and help us focus more on our masculine and physical tasks.

Disadvantages of Shaving Head

1. A Shaved Head Demands Regular Maintenance

We will need to shave our head once every 2 to 3 days otherwise the little hair growth can look funny or unappealing. Also, the head will feel prickly if there are tiny hair growing after the shave.

2. You’ll Be More Vulnerable To Head Injuries

Since there won’t be any hair on the head, we will be more prone to head injuries, which our hair would have protected us from otherwise. Some potentials include easy sunburns, cuts and nicks when shaving, head injuries if we accidentally bump our head into an object, and more.

3. You Might Face Social Differences In The Public

If you are staying in a society where people don’t understand the true meaning of shaved or bald heads, they might find you funny. Some people can face a social difference and prejudice because of their shaved head which people can take as an unusual appearance.

4. There Will Be A Risk Of Ingrown Hair

Regular shaving will put your head at risk of ingrown hair, which can make your scalp itchy. If the problem of ingrown hair increases, then you might notice an unusual texture on your scalp area, which can dampen its smooth and glowing texture.

5. It Can Be Difficult To Style A Matching Beard

When we have a shaved head, it is very important to decide the right beard style as well. Some people can find it difficult to find a beard style that is compatible with their bald head, skin colour, head shape, face shape, and age.


When to Shave Your Head if Going Bald?

If you have lost hair at the sides of the forehead and crown area, then it’s the best time to start shaving your head. Some people start shaving their heads the moment they notice a receding hairline and/or if their hair is falling too much. In general, if you have lost about 50% of the hair on your head, it is a sign that you should start shaving it.

How Often to Shave Head?

You should shave your head once every 2 to 3 days. If you notice tiny hair growing in the next 24 hours and want to clean it, you may shave daily but we don’t recommend daily shaves. But we suggest that you try depilatory creams sometimes if you think shaving daily can give you cuts and nicks.

If I Shave My Head Will It Grow Back Different?

Yes, your hair should grow back differently. You will notice blunt and coarse hair during the initial stages of hair regrowth. There’s also a possibility that shaving might open up the pores for some ingrown hair, which will let new hair grow like other hair strands.

Does Shaving Your Head Make It Grow Back Thicker?

It will not grow back thicker but it will be coarse and blunt because the razor blades will cut it at an angle that the hair will appear thicker. Once your hair gains some length, you will notice that the tips have started to get thin and fine, while the hair near the scalp will be thicker.


We have clearly given you some pros and cons of shaving your head and now it’s on you whether or not to shave. However, you may be assured that shaving your head won’t make your hair thicker and denser but it can give you ingrown hair over time. Also, you will need to give time to your head for shaving, which we think can be a problem if you are a very busy man.