Is Clean Shave Worth It: Learn to Clean Shave Body Parts

Is Clean Shave Worth It: Learn to Clean Shave Body Parts

A clean shave can give a completely hairless, silky, smooth, fresh, and youthful look to the face, letting a person flaunt their charm in public. Clean shave has always been a matter of concern among men and women in the UK. Some women prefer clean shave to get rid of peach fuzz, while men prefer clean shaves due to professional reasons, personal preferences, etc.

However, there’s always been a matter of doubt- is clean shave worth it? If yes, then how to shave different body parts correctly? This article explores all these topics in detail.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: What Is Clean Shave?

Clean shave indicates removing all the hair from the face or any body part, exposing the skin completely. No visible hair remains on the skin after a clean shave and the skin becomes completely visible without any obstructions. Clean shaves allow people to expose their skin’s softness, glow, and texture.

One can clean shave any body part that grows hair, where the most common parts include the face, arms, and legs. Clean shaving can be done in a number of ways including wet or dry shaving, through at-home IPL devices, waxing, etc.

Part 2: Is Clean Shave Attractive?

Is Clean Shave Attractive

A clean shave look is indeed attractive, especially if one has a baby face. For women, clean shave never fails because it helps enhance their facial beauty even better. Some examples include BTS stars and celebrities. However, some people consider clean shave slightly more feminine and prefer growing facial hair to some degree to enhance their manly appearance.

Should I Clean Shave?

Here are some clean shave benefits that one should consider:

Clean Shave Helps In Professional Settings

People prefer clean shaves because it helps maintain a professional ambiance in their work culture. Most people clean shave their skin that needs to be revealed such as face, arms, and legs. A clean shaved body part looks more groomed and well-managed, while a hairy body part looks messy and unclean.

Helps Keep The Skin Cool

Clean shave removes all the hair on the body part, which means less insulation. Eliminated insulation from the body part will help a person stay slightly cooler, becoming more helpful in hot and humid climates. It also means less sweating.

Helps Show Features Better

Hair on a body part hides features like muscle cuts, bone structure, and skin glow. For example, removing facial hair can help highlight facial features even better, enhancing a person’s charisma.

Clean Shaves Give A Youthful Appearance

Shaving faces clean can help a person achieve a more youthful look, which helps them in their love lives. Moreover, people looking to achieve a younger appearance often shave their faces clean.

Eliminates Irritation

Hair on any part of the body can trigger irritation, excess sweating, unnecessary dust, dirt, and microorganisms buildup, and itching. Long hair on the body can pick, tangle, or get pulled, and can become messy. Washing hairy body parts is also more troublesome, which is why, clean shaves become a great option to eliminate all the hassle and irritation.

Part 3: How to Clean Shave?

Ideally, one can shave their body parts clean in many ways. The most famous options include wet shaving, dry shaving, and waxing.

In order to achieve long-term clean shave results, some people prefer cosmetic treatments including laser hair removal and at-home IPL device, where at-home IPL hair removal is the best option. These options are usually the best for arms, legs, back, bikini line, chest, face, and pubic regions.

Similarly, wet shaving is the most sensible option for the face due to less chance of razor burns, skin irritation, ingrown hair, and cuts.

How to Clean Shave Face?

How to Clean Shave Face
  1. Wash the face with soap and water to remove dust, dirt, oil, and makeup buildup.
  2. Part dry with a towel well.
  3. Wash the shaving brush with water and put some shaving cream or gel on it.
  4. Rub it on the face and lather well until a foamy texture is achieved all over the hairy region.
  5. Let the foam sit on the face for 1 to 2 minutes.
  6. Start razing with a fresh and sharp razor. Begin from the sideburns and raze to the upper lip region.
  7. Keep stroking once and cover the entire face.
  8. Wash the face with a splash of water, pat dry, and visually check for any stray hair. Raze them with the razor, if any.
  9. Apply aftershave and finish up.

How to Get a Clean Shave on Legs?

How to Get a Clean Shave on Legs
  1. Wash the legs with warm water and exfoliate with a scrub or acid-based exfoliant on the same day or night before.
  2. Right before shaving, wash the legs and pat dry. Apply shaving gel on the brush and lather well throughout the legs.
  3. Always use a multi-blade razor for shaving the legs. Stretch the skin and start shaving against the direction of hair growth to get the closest clean shave.
  4. Keep rinsing the blade in water after 1 to 2 strokes.
  5. Wipe legs with a towel and apply a moistruriser immediately.

How to Clean Shave Pubic Hair?

How to Clean Shave Pubic Hair
  1. If the hair are long, trim long hair with a trimmer so they’re no longer than a quarter inch.
  2. Wash the region with warm water and exfoliate.
  3. Apply shaving cream on the brush and lather well. Let the lather sit on the pubic region for a minute.
  4. Use a disposable razor, which is best for bikini region. Start shaving against the direction of hair growth, ensuring single stroke only, keeping the skin stretched, and moving from the navel region to the penis shaft or vagina.
  5. Rinse with cold water immediately, pat dry, and check for any cuts or burns. Apply a moisturiser immediately to finish up.

Part 4: How to Get a Clean Shave Without Stubble?

How to Get a Clean Shave Without Stubble Using Ulike IPL Hair Removal

Ulike IPL hair removal device is a user-friendly, portable, and handheld device that uses intense pulse rays to treat unwanted hair. It’s a cosmetic procedure that one can complete 100% safely at home without special skills.

The treatment requires a total of 6 to 10 sessions, where each session shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes. Users will notice hair shedding from the first session onwards. New hair will grow slower and finer than the last batch.

Moreover, the density of new hair regrowth will reduce, and as the user keeps proceeding with their treatment, they’ll notice no more new hair growth anytime soon. Some benefits include:

  • Ulike IPL device can give several months of hair-free skin on the face, arms, legs, back, pubic regions, etc.
  • The treamtent done through Ulike IPL device is nearly painless and long-lasting, eliminating frequent shaves.
  • The skin will be soft, smooth, glowing, silky, and pleasant to touch.
  • Users will notice results from the first session onwards.


Clean shaves indeed give an interesting, professional, youthful, and mature appearance, as required in different scenarios. It’s a myth that clean shaves are meant for men. Furthermore, there are so many ways to clean shave different body parts where wet shaving is a more economical way but gives short term results.

Professionals may find it time-consuming and irritating to shave frequently, which is why Ulike at-home IPL hair removal device becomes a fantastic solution to long-term clean shaved body parts requirements, including pubic region and face.