Is Shaving Your Face Bad? Face Shaving for Men and Women

Is Shaving Your Face Bad? Face Shaving for Men and Women

Shaving our face is the quickest way to groom our facial appearance. Shaving removes any peach fuzz, stray hair, and unwanted hair on our face, which is applicable to both men and women. Especially men can make so many beard styles that go well with their facial features.

Even though shaving is a globally popular grooming choice, there is a question- is shaving your face bad if you do it every day? In this article, we have explored whether or not is shaving face good for women and men.

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How Has Facial Shaving Evolved With Time?

Facial shaving started with a pumice stone. Later the humans created single blade razors, which later evolved into multi-blade razors. Nowadays, we can find 5-blade razors in the market. Some reasons why we shave include:

  • Women with excess facial hair can get rid of them along with peach fuzz to get a shiny, smooth, and glowing soft touch.
  • Shaving helps women enhance their feminine facial beauty.
  • We can create different eyebrow, beard line, and sideburn shapes with shaving to get an attractive look.
  • If our facial hair feels irritating, shaving them can give us a relaxed and calm feel.
  • Shaving can give us a professional and neat look, which can be very helpful in our professional setting, especially when attending interviews or important meetings.

Is Shaving Your Face Everyday Bad?

No, it is not bad to shave our face at all. In fact, shaving is such a convenient hair removal method that most men and women prefer it over other techniques. But some theories suggest that if we shave our face daily or almost daily for a long time, we might get some skin issues like ingrown hair.

Pros and Cons of Shaving Face Women & Men

Why Should We Shave Our Face?

1. Shaving Exfoliates Our Skin

When we shave, the blades scrape off top layer of the skin. As the top skin layer scrapes off, it exposes any ingrown hair and debris that was trapped under a layer of skin earlier.

2. Shaving Smoothens Our Skin Texture

When the blade removes top layer of the skin, a layer of fresh and smooth skin gets exposed to the top and we get a smooth texture to our skin.

3. Skincare Products Will Absorb Well In Our Skin

The freshly exposed new skin layer is soft and it absorbs skincare products properly. The skincare products will also absorb nicely due to absence of hair, debris, and other foreign particles.

4. We Will Notice An Immediate Aesthetic Appearance

A properly shaved face looks very aesthetically appealing and professional regardless of our skin colour and we can get such a look instantly through shaving.

Why Is It Bad to Shave Our Face Everyday?

Here are some reasons why a lot of people complain that shaving my face ruined my life:

1. We Might Get Several Skin Injuries

Some shaving cuts may not heal in 24 hours or even 48 hours. When we shave daily or on alternate days, the blade will keep worsening our pre-existing shaving cuts, which will take a very long time to heal.

2. There Is A High Risk Of Ingrown Hair

Regular shaving will give us ingrown hair, which will irritate us. We might feel itchy and our skin texture might worsen with time.

3. Sensitive Skin May Be Incompatible With Daily Shaves

Since shaving scrapes off top layer of the skin, it will make sensitive skin difficult to harden the freshly exposed skin surface. Hardening will take a long time for sensitive skin if we shave daily or on alternate days.

What’s the Right Way for Shaving Face Women & Men?

Prepare Your Skin Before Shaving

We should cleanse and exfoliate our skin before shaving so that there is no debris or particles left sitting on our skin surface to get a smooth and comfortable shave. This will get us better shaving results. To clean, we can wash our face with cold water and mild soap.

Be Wise With Your Shaving Tools Choice

We should choose our shaving tools like a wise man based on our skin type. What to use to shave your face woman or man depends on the skin sensitivity and hair thickness. If you have sensitive skin, there is a separate set of shaving tools for it. If you have thick, coarse, and dense hair, we suggest that you go for a multi-blade razor that will cut that thick hair easily.

Adopt The Right Way To Shave A Face

The right way to do a dry shave is to use an electric razor instead of a blade razor. But if you are doing a wet shave, always let your shaving gel or shaving cream sit lather well and sit on the skin for a few seconds so that it can soften the hair.

Never Skip Or Ignore Your Aftershave Routine

Once we finish shaving, we should moisturise properly. Aftershave is not compulsory, but it gives a finishing touch and aesthetic appeal and nice smell to the face whether you are a male or a female.

What Are the Substitutes of Traditional Shaving?

Ulike IPL At-home Hair Removal (highly recommended)

Since shaving can be a tedious task if we have to do it daily, here is our suggestion to use a Ulike IPL device. It means “Intense Pulse Rays” device, which is a small, portable, and handheld device.

We have to place it on our skin properly and trigger the button. It will release IPL beams that will pass through our skin to reach the hair roots. The hair roots will absorb these IPL rays, which are in the form of light energy. Shortly after the absorption, the light energy will turn into heat energy and as the heat increases, it will start damaging the hair roots. The IPL treatment is completed in a set of 10 to 13 sessions. So why should we use IPL devices instead of shaving?

  1. Ulike IPL devices are nearly painless and there is literally no chance of any cuts or nicks as opposed to shaving.
  2. There is no way that we will get ingrown hair.
  3. Once our treatment completes after 10 to 13 sessions with Ulike IPL, we are expected to get hairless skin for a very long time, maybe more than 6 months or a year.
  4. The Ulike IPL treatment keeps damaging our hair roots as we advance with the treatment. Once the hair roots damage enough, it will start getting pulled upwards and we will notice hair shedding from our body without any pain or discomfort.
  5. Even a person with sensitive skin can do Ulike IPL treatment any time, any place, and as they wish.
  6. We can treat almost any part of our body with a Ulike IPL device.


Dermaplaning is a way to remove our peach fuzz and minor hair growth on our face. We do dermaplaning dry with a single-blade razor. Mostly ladies go for dermaplaning on their cheeks, upper lip, chin, forehead, and near the eyebrows.

Depilatory Creams

Using depilatory cream is also one painless solution to remove facial hair. We have to apply and spread the depilatory cream on the facial region from where we want to remove hair. The contact between the cream and hair causes a chemical reaction, which melts down hair and removes all the hair above the skin’s top surface.

Laser Hair Removal (for long term results)

If you are looking for a long-term solution, then laser hair removal is one choice. In this, we need to book a treatment with a salon that offers laser hair removal service and go through a series of treatments. This is similar to Ulike IPL treatment and the results are also very similar but the Ulike IPL treatment is very cost-effective, while a complete laser treatment for your face will cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Waxing & Threading

Waxing and threading is usually a salon service and very popular among ladies. We can get our facial hair removed through waxing and get our eyebrows done with a threading service. It’s very cost-effective but the pain levels are the highest in these treatments.


So it is not bad to shave once in a while but daily shaves can be problematic, especially if we have sensitive skin. Also, we can try alternate hair removal methods for our facial hair sometimes. If daily shaves seem to be too time-consuming, we can try laser hair removal. But if that is too costly, then we have Ulike IPL hair removal, which overrules all the disadvantages of other hair removal methods, including shaving.