Should You Shave Before or After Shower?

Should You Shave Before or After Shower?

When talking about shaving, we can do it either before or after showering because it’s okay both the ways. You will find a lot of people preferring shaving both before and after showering. So should you shave before or after a shower? It depends on what body part you’re shaving.

Ideally, when targeting just the facial hair, you can shave after a shower. But when shaving large body parts like the chest, arms, legs, pr pubic region, doing it before a shower will help us clean up the mess during the shower. In this article, we have depicted what it would be like if you shave before and after a shower and help you understand what choice would be better.

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What If I Shave Before A Shower?

What Are The Benefits?

  • When shaving before a shower, we can clean up all the mess like sliced hair and shaving cream leftovers during the shower.
  • A cold shower after shaving will calm down the skin and any irritation.

How Do I Prepare My Skin & Hair?

We need to prepare our skin when shaving before a shower. For that:

  1. If you have hair longer than 0.5 inches, you need to trim them first.
  2. Wipe off all the trimmed hair and wet the area to prepare it.
  3. If you have sensitive skin, you may apply a layer of moisturiser, coconut oil, or aloe vera gel before applying shaving cream.

How Can I Get A Comfortable Shave: Tips

  1. A layer of moisturiser, coconut oil, or aloe vera gel will give softness and moisture to the skin along with medicinal benefits.
  2. It would be better if you can wash the area with a mild soap first. This will clear all the dust, debris, and microorganisms sitting on the skin.
  3. Make sure that the skin is wet before you apply shaving cream on it.

What If I Shave After A Shower?

Why Shave After A Shower?

  1. There’s no need to waste time on preparing the skin explicitly, because a proper shower will automatically prepare your skin and hair for a shave.
  2. The aftershave lotion or cream won’t wash off and your skin will remain scented for a long time.
  3. Showering before shaving will automatically moisturise your skin.

How Does Showering Help With My Hair & Skin?

Our skin is a semi-permeable membrane, so it absorbs some moisture while showering. Shaving demands that our skin should be moist or else we’ll get razor burns and cuts. Also, using a gentle and mild soap, shampoo, and/or cream in a shower will wash all the debris on the skin and soften the hair, making it ready for a shave.

What’s The Best Way To Shave Immediately After A Shower?

  1. Once you get out of the shower, lather shaving cream on the skin with a shaving brush and lather well.
  2. Take a razor with fresh and sharp blades and start shaving.
  3. Once you finish, wipe off any cream leftovers. If your shaving cream had an in-built scent, you may or may not apply scented aftershave.

Is It Better to Shave Before or After Shower?

Understand Your Hair & Skin Type First

People with dry skin should shave after a shower because it’ll give the skin enough moisture that’s important before a shave. Those with oily skin may shave before a shower with a mild moisturisation. But if you have sensitive skin, you should shave after a shower so that your skin has all the moisture and you won’t get skin irritation. Normal skin types can shave before or after a shower because it won’t make much difference.

If we have fine hair, shaving after a shower should be okay. If the hair density is high and the hair are coarse, shaving after a shower will soften them and make them ready to be sliced without much trouble.

Balance Your Time Needed For Shaving & Showering

If we prefer shaving before a shower, we will have to invest a lot of time in preparing the skin first. We need to wash the skin before a shave and then wash it again during the shower. Also, the skin needs some time to absorb the moisture from the water and moisturiser, which will again add to the total time.

Shaving after a shower will help us save all that time but we still have to give some time to clean up all the stray hair and cream leftover.

Prioritise Your Comfort & Preference

When shaving after a shower, some people might feel discomfort because a layer of cream might still sit on the skin if we don’t wash it with water. Also, some people find it more straightforward when we shave before a shower because that way we come out of the shower completely clean and groomed, ready to be dressed. A lot of people see shaving as a pre-shower routine, which is why you need to think of what sequence you find more comfortable.

Some Tips For Shaving In Your Shower

You can wet yourself under the shower first and apply shaving cream where you want to shave. Once you shave, turn on your shower, wet yourself again, apply soap, shampoo, etc., and rinse off to finish. This is one way to shave in your shower that we can call a hybrid method of shaving before and after a shower.

  • Let your body wet in cold water so that you don’t get inflammation and irritation.
  • You can substitute shaving cream with a shampoo or your regular soap if the hair are fine and less dense.
  • You need to make sure that whatever lathering agent you use, it produces a rich foam so that the razor glides over the skin without any problems.


Is It Better to Shave in the Morning or at Night?

If you need a completely clean and smooth finish, we suggest shaving in the morning otherwise hair will regrow overnight. Shaving in the morning can be a little risky because in case you get a cut or a nick, it’ll look completely fresh and more noticeable.

Should You Wash Your Face Before or After Shaving?

People asking should you wash your body before or after shaving should think of all the microorganisms and debris sitting on the skin. There’s a high chance of infections and inflammations if we don’t wash them off before a shave.


When you want to shave a small region, doing it after a shave shouldn’t be uncomfortable. But shaving a large region means cleaning up a large mess. That’s why it depends on what body part we are shaving so as to decide whether to shave or shower first.

Sometimes we make up our mind about shaving a body part after a shower and there is nothing wrong with that. In a nutshell, we just need to think about our skin type, hair density, its thickness, area that we want to shave, and our mood.