How to Bleach Arm Hair at Home?

How to Bleach Arm Hair at Home?

The trend of bleaching arm hair is growing around the United Kingdom and other parts of the globe. It’s one excellent way to get a celebrity-like touch to the arm hair appearance. Moreover, some people consider bleached arm hair better than natural dark tones.

Bleaching arm hair is easier said than done, which is why, this article explains the right process of how to bleach arm hair at home. Furthermore, it explains a great way to remove unwanted arm hair using an IPL device if one doesn’t like their natural arm hair and bleached arm hair and would rather prefer hairless arms.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Can You Bleach Arm Hair?

Yes! It’s possible to bleach arm hair at home and give an almost invisible appearance to them. There are hair bleaching products available in the UK market that are specifically designed for use on specific body parts such as arms and legs, facial region, etc.

Some Benefits Of Bleaching Arm Hair

  1. Hair will become barely noticeable if bleached properly. This is an excellent alternative to hair removal for those who don’t want to remove hair but still get a hairless appearance.
  2. There’s no risk of ingrown hair when bleaching arm hair.
  3. Hair bleaching will give temporary results, allowing the person to continue experimenting with other cosmetic procedures on their arm hair.
  4. The process is painless and quick, making arms ready to go in just a few minutes. Furthermore, there’s no maintenance associated unlike in the case of hair removal processes.
  5. People who are not comfortable with hair removal can lighten their dark hair without much inconvenience by bleaching it.
  6. Bleached hair blends with the sunlight very naturally and gives an even more appealing appearance.
  7. It’s possible to bleach hair at home irrespective of hair colour and skin tone.

Potential Drawbacks Of Bleaching Arm Hair

  1. The skin can get irritated very easily when trying to bleach arm hair. One needs to take care of it especially if they’re new to arm hair bleaching.
  2. It’s not necessary to get an even tone after bleaching.
  3. Certain bleaching products can leave a foul odour, which will be troublesome for the person.
  4. Hair can get damaged easily in case one bleaches their arm hair too much.
  5. Those who use bleaching products regularly need to go through a maintenance routine to keep up with the appearance. Such a routine will be time-consuming and slightly expensive in the long run.
  6. There’s a high risk of skin discolouration temporarily and only experts can avoid such a situation.
  7. One can easily stain their clothing with the bleaching products and removing those stains will be difficult, potentially damaging the clothes.

Part 2: How to Bleach Your Arm Hair At Home?

How to Bleach Your Arm Hair At Home

Here’s how to bleach arm hair:

Gathering The Materials

  • Hair bleach kit: This may include an applicator brush and shampoo for neutralising the bleaching process.
  • Petroleum jelly creates a barrier on the skin
  • Gloves
  • Towels
  • Moisturiser
  • Sunscreen
  • Timer


  1. Wash the arms with soap and water. Pat dry using a terry towel.
  2. Prepare the bleach mixture as indicated on the packet.

Bleaching Process

  1. Apply petroleum jelly to create a barrier on the skin.
  2. Use a brush to apply the mixture on the arm hair while avoiding contact with the skin and covering the entire hairy region.
  3. Set a timer to the recommended time to avoid over-processing.
  • Thin or Fine Hair: 10-15 minutes
  • Medium Hair Texture: 15-20 minutes
  • Coarse or Dark Hair: 20-30 minutes
  1. After leaving the mixture for the recommended time, check if the hair is bleached to the desired shade. If not, reapply the mixture.
  2. Rinse the bleach with warm water and visually check for any redness or any other skin issues.

Wrapping Up

  1. Moisturise the skin and check for any side effects on it after a few minutes.
  2. In case one needs to go outside, consider applying sunscreen first.

Some Tips For The Best Bleaching Results

  • One must never skip a patch test especially if they’re new or using a new bleaching product for the first time.
  • Instructions on the packet are generally correct and helpful. Follow them!
  • Avoid over-processing by confining the bleaching process to the recommended time. Different hair types may require different bleaching times.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Bleaching Arm Hair

  • Never neglect aftercare such as moisturisation and sunscreen application.
  • Improper or inadequate application of bleach will give uneven lighting. Thorough and even coverage is important.
  • Using cheap products or poorly reputed bleaching products can harm the hair and skin.

Part 3: Bleach Arm Hair Before and After

Bleach Arm Hair Before and After

Part 4: FAQs

How Often Should You Bleach Arm Hair?

The recommended frequency of bleaching arm hair is once every 2-3 weeks or when the hair starts becoming visible. Furthermore, different hair bleaching products have different durations of effect, which should be printed on the product’s package.

Does Bleaching Arm Hair Bleach the Skin?

Ideally, hair bleach is meant to work on the hair, not the skin. These products will reduce hair pigmentation, leaving skin tone unharmed. However, some cheap products may leave a slight bleaching effect on the skin.

Why When I Bleach My Arm Hair It Gets Dark After a Day?

Hair can appear dark if the hair cuticles do not close after bleaching. Bleaching causes hair cuticles to open up, allowing the chemicals to penetrate. These cuticles should close after rinsing the mixture from the arms.

Furthermore, if the hair is not very porous, then the effects of bleaching may vanish the next day. Different people have hair with different porosities.

Can Bleaching Arm Hair Cause Skin Irritation?

Yes, bleaching arm hair can definitely irritate the skin if one doesn’t take precautions. Always use petroleum jelly or any other skincare cream to create a safety barrier for the skin on the arms.

How Long Does Bleached Arm Hair Last?

Bleaching stays effective on arm hair until the hair grows out. Furthermore, shaving, trimming, or cutting the hair will interrupt the bleaching effect, which will keep fading as the hair regrows.

Part 5: Alternative Hair Removal Method: Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

Ulike IPL Hair Removal Device

Bleaching can be tedious especially if one has a busy work schedule or is new to bleaching and hair removal. Ulike IPL hair removal device offers a long-lasting hair removal solution that can give a hair-free appearance, much better than bleaching results.

Ulike IPL device is a portable device that shoots intense pulse rays, which penetrate the skin to reach the hair follicles. The light energy converts into heat energy and destroys hair follicles, letting hair shed and controlling new hair regrowth while keeping the pain at bay.

There are numerous reasons to prefer Ulike IPL device over bleaching:

  1. Bleaching gives temporary results, while IPL devices offer long-lasting results (for several months).
  2. Bleaching is time-consuming while the Ulike IPL device takes just 10 minutes to treat both arms.
  3. A total of 7 to 9 sessions are needed to complete the IPL treatment. A gap of 1-2 weeks is needed between each session, which will give months of hair-free skin.
  4. Bleaching creates a visual effect of hair-free skin while keeping the hair on the arms. IPL device gives realistic hair-free skin instead of mimicking it.


Bleaching arm hair mimics a hair-free look while the Ulike IPL device allows getting hair-free arms for real. As a result, one can expect a soft, smooth, silky, and tempting touch to the arms for the long term. Bleaching requires a lot of precautions and the process can become messy if the mixture spills or doesn’t work as expected.

Furthermore, bleaching can cause damage to the skin and hair over time, which is why, Ulike IPL hair removal device becomes a viable alternative. One may try out IPL devices and bleaching to decide the best solution for them.